The crypto market crash - is another face punch due?

in bitcoin •  15 days ago

I spent some time researching and looking at what traders are up to etc. and we all know people are taking 'shorts' on the way down. The question being on everyone's mind - where is the bottom? did we hit it and now its time to go up?

Some of my previous posts I alluded to the bottom being around $3200 for bitcoin, which puts Steem around the $.22 cent range. And by luck of a unicorn and a rare blood moon I called it right. 

...Still a couple of people are asking me, well what's next? 

Well, who knows...but if you look at the graph is it not now the start of bull market?

The truth is I don't know, but I will consult the voodoo chicken magic and see.

I'm afraid the future isn't certain, but I did see a unicorn today meaning we could be looking at a return to the bottom sadly....just for a bit. So get ready to buy up some more Steem! 

Take care out there.

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Will it be a jiggly rainbow bottom?
I remember 7c Steem; so if 21c is our bottom this time and we bounce back, we can expect a 60c bottom next time we tank, and a $1.80 bottom the time after that?


I don't think it can go lower then 22c (back when it was 7c it didn't have the initiatives and take up it has today) but who knows??? there are so many piece of work in progress around Steem; but equally there is allot of greed and in community fighting - I just don't get it. I mean mallsballers don't attack each other!

Seriously some of these other groups need to take a page out the mallers book and just 'get along' and 'work together' for something more then individual greed. Don't get me wrong, you risk you need reward, but hecks find a way to share.

Imagine if more of these initiatives made the impact Steemmonsters did! I think those involved in success like this might have to expand out a bit and help some of these other initiatives to find win/wins - for the betterment of Steem.

-yep agree with the rising bottom you mention, as long as the initiates make it to the public.



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