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Hello, so last months and bitcoin was crazy right?
I decided to take a part of that!

So, first who am i connected to crypto, mining and bitcoin ?

for the last 5 years i've been making content on steemit, hive and other "steem-token-based alternatives" to make a little bit of money and give my information to the world, i'll not lie it was amazing opportnity for me to make money, but at the same time i met a lot of new friends, a lot of people that i helped and a lot of amaing people helped me.
so i wanna thanks steemit and hive for giving me that opportunity.

so what's my plans with bitcoin you may ask?

so pretty easy answer, I wanna jump on it and make money, as everybody else on their job.
last couple years i worked from my pc to live my life and it's a part of my job, crypto currency

so what happens now and my plans for the future?

first of all i'm running my old GPU card as "mining rig" making me a little bit of money (between 30 to 50$ a month)
i'm running a laptop with Cryptotab at 15x(boost) making about 120$ a month
so basically around 150$ of revenue a month, net profit around 80$+-

yeap this is little amount but look at my future plans:

I'm going to build a mining rig of 5600xt / 5500xt / rx 580 8gb | gpu cards, starting with 2 if everything goes right upgrading to 4 cards
the revenues should be around 500-800$ a month depends on gpu card and costs.

if everything will go well i'll probably build another rig.

well why am i giving you all that information you ask right?
well, first of all why not? it's a blog after all :)
but i want to open the eyes to other people about bitcoin/eth/alt coins mining to make money and help the crypto community grow,
cause yes every miner counts! you help this community grow!

currently using Nicehash software and Cryptotab browser as miners, we'll see how future plans go :)

Hope i helped some of you or just gave you some information, The Real Wolf!

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