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RE: XVG Verge - Very promising, it is: Mid-term target: $0.70

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Hey guys. Thanks for this post and your discussion on the comment section, have been trying to map Verge myself but had problems! This really helped :)
I think that it is nice that we are creating a crypto-culture on Steemit where we are not afraid of sharing our charts, even when they are not completely perfect!
What do you guys think of REP and SALT. Feeling unsure of my counts.





hey there! I agree with you, sharing is key. Here's for RCN/BTC:


Long story short: Cup & handle / handle probably in an ABCDE formation, but may be already done (ABC only), even though wave (iv) would fit Fib 0.618 retracement of wave (iii). Target the same whatsoever: 4640 satoshis

EDIT: forgot about SALT/BTC: it should go deeper than your current (2), between 90000-84000 satoshis.

Thanks for your fast and positive feedback, it was really helpful, even if I was way off! LOL
Just ordered the books that @haejin recommends, hoping that my skills will improve from more practice, only started TA 3 or 4 weeks ago and it is already helping me increase my profits!