Blockstream Running Hit Pieces in Fortune against Bitcoin(cash)

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Acting as if they don't have a bias while spreading misinformation and calling it a Dangerous Trick!


To be fair it's flagged as commentary. Fortune really should have included something that states Samson Mow stands to benefit financially by killing off BCH. That guy and the entire Blockstream team are sleazy. I wan't nothing to do with anything they are involved in.

It's convenient that @lily-da-vine gives us the scoop that the article is from Blockstream... The article had the decency to mention at the bottom that the author is an officer at Blockstream, but some valuable context is that Blockstream are the makers of segwit, which is the fork Bitcoin Cash was created to rescue Bitcoin from. So yeah, no potential bias there.

I say "rescue" here because segwit isn't Bitcoin. The purpose and effect of segwit is to hollow out Bitcoin leaving an empty but recognizable husk. It's like one of those parasites that takes control of its host's brain: it'll keep acting like Bitcoin for a little while, but the way is paved to get rid of everything that made Bitcoin interesting.

Icymi, I wrote about that here.

Dunno if you've seen this yet but also worth checking Professor X's recent video blogs on his thoughts on what the consequences will be if we don't HF to bigger blocks.

Those blockstream / SegWitcoin guys obviously lack courage - they can't handle dissent. See, it's only currency competition if they do it - if someone else competes with them it's not fair.

Bitcoin Cash is here to stay!

Nope not really. It's just here to kill off the Buttcoin and later get crushed by Dash and maybe NEM(XEM) and maybe another yet to be invented coin. I'm bullish on BCH for the short term. I have about half my money on Bitcoin Cash. I will get out under 1 year and forget it existed at all.

I left ETH, NEO, EOS, Waves because they are a different best and not Cash alternatives.

Wow you are not kidding! What a terrible article. This bitcoin fork is so laced with politics it's ridiculous. Even investors with no clue as to the technicals of btc are choosing sides. I am on the side of whatever is the most successful. Bitcoin cash already has considerable integration and support in the real world, thank you. FUD article!

It could be more than what meets the eyes. Bitcoin Cash looks more the winner here.

I mean, this article does state several facts, among the blatantly hateful opinion of BCH. It's a serious amount of Opinion being portrayed as fact though, and that is utterly annoying.

NICE saying.....
We completely didnt manage to understand this coin, A shit coin or Great project???
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