BITCOIN: Perfect Storm for Price Rise

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Price of bitcoin is rising again. After a week of stabilization at $920 level, we are looking at the new surge. Where will it stop?

[Feb. 3rd 2017, 12:00]
It looks like there's a perfect storm for a new surge of the Bitcoin price. There are several clear signals which can influence rise. The most important is, of course, a looming trade war between US and China. That would not be good for both economic giants, but quick tempo in which POTUS Donald Trump is fulfilling his pre-election promises does not leave a shadow of doubt that he could try to economically challenge China:

Iran is trying to completely dump US dollar, and it's foreign exchange is about $41 billion:

India is imposing fines for the use of cash!

And with catastrophic economic situation in Venecuela, divide in US society, coming elections in EU… at least, future of decentralized cryptocurrencies looks bright!

Credits to Cointelegraph

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