Bitcoin and the coming “Infrastructure Inversion”

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos has unique capability to explain new technologies to the laymen. He also has a deep insight into historical events that preceded to implementation of new technologies, and how new technologies are initially built on old infrastructures until an "infrastructure inversion" happens and they replace the old infrastructure. Comparisons to the automobile, electricity and internet explain the concept and predict a similar future for bitcoin and financial infrastructure.

This is an extremely interesting lecture held in March 2016. in Zurich, on the future of decentralized cryptocurrencies as a new technology and imminent infrastructure inversion which will change the World.

00:00 Infrastructure Inversion — Car vs. Horse
07:37 Infrastructure Inversion — Electrification vs. Gas
12:20 Infrastructure Inversion — Internet vs. Telephony
21:15 Infrastructure Inversion — Bitcoin vs. Banking
26:30 Q: Red Flag Act, criminals run the Banks, Governments, use cars, and shoes!
33:20 Q: What infrastructure will be needed for Bitcoin to become mainstream?
36:08 Q: Domination over Bitcoin and the unknown new environment
38:44 Q: Blockchain without decentralisation? Impossible. That would not be a Blockchain
43:12 Q: Foreseeing future – Star Trek and social platforms, skeuomorphic design
47:00 Personhood, autonomous system of charity, self-owning taxi
49:30 Autonomus house, nanopayments
51:10 Q: Cryptocurrencies and languages, Ben Franklin printed private currencies
57:04 User Experience Design

Here you can find two excellent books on Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and a few more of his lectures.

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