[ROAD TO ONE BITCOIN] My first daily update! (Thursday, 18 October 2018)

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Bitcoin (BTC): $6,496.43

Last week I posted my story about how I am about to embark on this new journey, ROAD TO ONE BITCOIN where I told everyone how I started with crypto, where I am now after I lost everything, and where I plan on being in the future. Therefore, my journey will start with today's daily update on my holdings, and also sharing my first strategy of making Bitcoin with everyone.

So to cut to the chase, the first strategy that I will be sharing, is the easiest of them all, but also the most important. It is all about the daily compounding interest that the FreeBitco.in faucet website offers on your Bitcoin holdings. I will be explaining more in the following daily updates, as well as sharing more knowledge about what makes this strategy so important.



I am receiving daily compounding interest on my FreeBitco.in wallet balance at a rate of 0.0109589% per day or 4.08% per year. Also I am claiming the faucet for more Bitcoin every hour - that's very important, and trust me, every little bit counts!


You can also join the FreeBitco.in faucet website and start working towards increasing your Bitcoin earnings as well... just follow my referral link HERE if you'd like. Thanks!

Please keep in mind this post is still a work in progress. Everyday, I will be working to add more content and share more insights into my journey as well as more strategies that you can also use yourself. This is not the final format of this daily update. Thank you for understanding!


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