WTF!- JP Morgan Chase Buys 9000+ Bitcoins after Jamie Dimon threatens to fire any employee that owns it.

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Well talk about price fixing!
What was just disclosed is PURE EVIL!

Looks like Lucifer's son, Jamie Dimon has created a dramatic plunge in the price of Bitcoin just so he could take advantage of the sell off and buy it up.

Last Week CEO of JP Morgan Chase bank decried Bitcoin as a "Fraud" and threatened to fire any employee that bought or owned bitcoin with immediate termination. He stated this at two different meetings that he was a keynote speaker at.

Then what does this dishonest sack of shit do? He purchases what appears to be a huge amount of Bitcoin on a German Exchange, likely to hide the purchase from the American market.

The purchase was brought to light by a Twitter user called "I am Nomad". Here is his tweet where he busted Dimon.


This is IN YOUR FACE MARKET MANIPULATION and it likely completely destroyed the portfolios and actual lives of many bitcoin investors and miners as well as other coin owners. I know my portfolio lost over 1/3rd of its value and created great anxiety for my wife.

This is the exact behavior that will invite the United States Gov'ts Securities and Exchange Commission into regulate Crypto Currency Exchanges in America. Dimon must be held to account for this action.

If you are a JP Morgan Securities client or the average customer with Chase bank you just got Ripped off in a very personal manner by Jamie Dimon. You along with millions of others should be calling for Jamie Dimon's head on a fucking pike.

I closed two of my business accounts the day Dimon made his claim and it was made public. I have no other protest I can make myself. But the rest of you out there can still act.


Kick Jamie Dimon in the wallet. Let him and the JP Morgan Chase stockholders know that Dimon is in fact the fraud and he in fact manipulated the markets in order to profit from it. This my friends is why banksters must be brought down! This is why the federal reserve must be abolished.


Just my two STEEMS Worth.

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Jamie Dimon IS A FRAUD !! He is manupilating the market to get cheap Bitcoin.
Whenever Jamie told you to Sell that a signal to Buy.
That's how it works.

Great post! Upvoted and Followed. Here's the REAL reason he specifically called Bitcoin a "Fraud" (NOT just wanting to drop the price and NOT reported elsewhere) a 30-second read:

At this point anytime a Bankster says anything derogatory about crypto it means watch and buy.

WOW. That's fuckin nuts! I heard rumblings about this but to see it develop, wow.

Remember everyone: Don't invest more than you are willing to lose (no anxiety then) and don't sell so you don't lock in losses (if you believe in the investment)! Everyone I know who saw this dive, didn't look at their portfolio, only at how much cash they had to buy a bit more at cheaper prices.

I did buy a bunch more lite coin. But I sold most of my Ethereum for NEO, So far I am not sorry for that particular trade. I did not convert any of my holdings into fiat. But your advice is well heeded.

same here :-)

The SEC won't lift a finger. They will probably get a percentage cut of the goods. Although they have been in the news for all sort of things and fined they consider it a cost of doing business. Earn 10 Billion and pay a 50 Million slap on the wrist fine. the cost of doing business his way is worth it!

Time to have jail time accompany fines.
Let Jamie Dimon serve a day in jail for ever dollar he is fined.

Agree with you whole-heartedly. I followed you before I read the post, based on your username alone. :)

I like the rest of what you're writing about as well -- I certainly remember clouds being different in my youth, and especially that they didn't tend to come out of the backs of planes...

Thank you. I am a bit of a conspiracy analyst.
Interesting thing....
If you work for Law Enforcement they call you a Detective.
If you work for Liberty and Freedom they call you a Conspiracy Theorist.

they've bumped it up to "domestic terrorist" now.

Then I am no longer domestic. I live in the Gas of Ethereum on the Blockchain.
I am Skynet!

right on

Nice. Like the distinction between freedom fighter and terrorist, it's whether they're fighting for your side, or not.

Maybe this means chase wont freak out on me for making money on steemit.

Here let me help you out. Upvoted. : )

JP Morgan sucks

Almost as much a gravity!

I would argue more! 🙃

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good article! followed, upvoted and resteemed. :)

thank you.
I've got your back. No go get yourself a cool avatar.
That ghostly silhouette is scary. :- )

lol...yeah, I'm looking for the correct settings to do that.

Well this seals it, Bitcoin is here to stay... this could be fun!

According to Canadian fraud law THAT CEO woud be in jail

The Sunday Media shows will be describing this in detail --- just like how JP Morgan "keeps the price of Silver down" so they can accumulate over 500 Million ounces of Silver.

Not only a slimy crook, but also a big fat juicy hypocrite.

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This Evil man needs to be hung by his Balls upside down .

That works for me as long as they never cut him down.

well said.. he's a dick !

I have been waiting for this since I first properly learned about how much of an open market Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally are if this is actually true and not just some troll account designed to trigger more sell offs and make people panic.

Let them play their manipulation games with cryptocurrency, J.P Morgan will be making a huge mistake picking a fight with Anarchists and Libertarians on their home turf.

He's as bad as Soros


Evil, just evil. The technique is as old as open air market haggling, though. Trash talk what you want to buy until the price goes down, buy it up, dump it. I wish we could exclude anyone in the banking billionaires club from owning BTC. They've been manipulating the metals market for decades.

Loved the "my two steems worth." HaHaHa upvoted, resteemed, followed! The Banksters can't stop Crypto it is out of the bag. They can only try to adapt and or accept it. Or they can facilitate their down fall by becoming more and more hostile to it.

Great post! Upvoted and Followed. Here's the REAL reason he specifically called Bitcoin a "Fraud" (NOT just wanting to drop the price and NOT reported elsewhere) a 30-second read:

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This is WAY beyond the pale of the pot calling the kettle black.