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Now there is a place you can go to find abstracts of the “best” posts, other discussion documents, and videos that focus on the ways in which futures trading is likely to affect the future price pattern of bitcoin.

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Here the phrase "price pattern" is meant to include trends over different time horizons, volatility, and average price level within a specific time window. The effort behind this text has been designed to produce a response to the following question: "I'm holding a bitcoin position, where should I go to find the most helpful discussions about possible influences of futures trading on the price range within which I might be able to sell my bitcoin at some future date?"

You will get a bird’s eye-view of the contents of the articles and videos by simply scanning their specially prepared abstracts. At the start of each abstract, a link takes you to the original source document.

Document titles are classified under the following subject headings.

  1. Basic education about bitcoin futures contracts at the CME
  2. The relative frequency of selling versus buying futures contracts
  3. How can the actions of futures traders affect the spot price of bitcoin?
  4. Impact of futures trading on bitcoin’s price volatility.

Over many weeks, you will be able to come back to this collection to see the abstracts of the latest “best” posts. If space shortage causes an old abstract to be removed, you will still have the titles and links to allow you to revisit the original documents. Thus, you have all these closely related documents nicely “curated and collected” at the same Internet URL.

In short, this URL will be a “go to” place for those who wish to find a helpful assembly of abstracts and links to the most useful published thinking about key aspects of the impacts of bitcoin futures trading on the price pattern of the underlying bitcoin asset (this is also called “the pattern of the spot price”).

“Where is that place”, you ask? If you are anxious to go there right now, click here. However, read on and you will get a neat introduction to the collection of “best articles and videos” .

It is worth noting that the word “best” has a special meaning here. A human rater has selected what he believes are the most useful articles for persons who feel that are mostly Newbies to futures contracts in currencies, and the trading of same. (Futures contracts in currencies (both the Forex and cryptocurrency markets) tend to have the property of being cash settled, which means that at contract expiration no one has the obligation to deliver any amount of the underlying asset.)

Here are the titles of the best articles and videos that I have found published in Steemit and elsewhere. I heartily invite you to suggest items that you feel deserve to be abstracted and held within the collection just cited.

  • “Bitcoin futures – how they actually work” a video by one of the TenX founders.
  • “Bitcoin Futures: How they work and what it means for you” by @cybermechanic
  • “Bitcoin futures: CME contract specs …” a video by tastytrade
  • “On the Record w/Richard Heart - Bitcoin Futures ... “, a video by Tone Vays
  • “Gregory Mannarino - Bitcoin Futures …”, a video by Greg Hunter
  • “What do the introduction of Futures Products really mean for the price of Bitcoin?” by @jrcornel
  • “Webinar: big coin futures – a game changer" by dailyFX.

So, to get a bird’s eye-view of the key ideas in these contributions click here .

Prepared by Le Statisticien (your friendly “knowledge curator”), Adjunct Prof. University of Montreal and Scholar in Residence, University of Toronto.

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