What are the prospects for Bitcoin coins?

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Bitcoin is one of the oldest and first coins on the entertainment market. Bitcoin is the most popular and most traded of all created coins. Let's look at the history of the price of a bitcoin coin over the past few years.
To begin with, I will clarify that at the moment the price of a coin, which began almost a year ago on December 17, 2017, fell about 77%. If it was your real money, you can say that it is a lot. But since these are coins from the entertainment industry, you will not lose anything. Since the main product that you will be sold with these coins is entertainment, emotions and moods. And how you use them is your own business. You can earn on entertainment.
And so look at our diagram of Japanese candles.
Bitcoin first grew and grew very long, and peaked in December last year. The price per coin was about $ 20,000. Not bad for a coin. Even great!
But then everything changed. And the coin suddenly became useless. The price has rapidly begun to fall. And in just a few weeks I returned to the level of $ 6,000 per coin. Then he grew up again and fell again, and so it continued for almost a year. Until the price reached a new low, around $ 4,000 per coin.
All who bought at the top, of course lost their money. All their money moved to the wallets of those who drove the price up and told you that $ 20,000 is not the limit. The same thing is happening now. Once again heard allegations that the price will go up. Of course she will. But can you get on this train? Most likely no. And if it gets too late. They say buy on rumors. Sell ​​on data. Of course, this variant of events is difficult to apply to the coins, but there is still a reason.
All successful investments and earnings.

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