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Hello here I am sharing a part time income for my followers .
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.23.50 AM.png
Many of you aware of amp coins.
they are listed in top exchanges like
here is a trick how to earn 10 AMP coins on each referral.
follow the above link.
sign up and link your fb.
then the IMPRTANT THING " amplify click on yellow button by keeping 0.1amp " you and the guy who referred you will get 10 coins each.
note- it is from their official website and sharing information after trying it.
all the best and cheers.
follow me for more updates and please resteem it to the maximum people.

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I have also earned AMP coin by joining the platform. This platform can compete with other decentralized platform of its kind but it needs time.


yeah exactly bro . if it gets updated a lot it could give competition to steemit but takes much time I guess