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As you all guys aware of G20 global summit where they said crypto is NOT a threat to global economy.
here I am giving you the list of the nations.
First conclusions of the G20 meeting for the purposes of the Cryptocurrency scenario, in case you are interested in:

Argentina = Neutral

Australia = Legal

Brazil = Legal

Canada = Legal

China = Temporarily prohibited (illegal)

France = Legal

Germany = Legal

India = Neutral

Indonesia = Neutral

Italy = Legal

Japan = Legal

Mexico = Restricted

Russia = Restricted (previously illegal until the recent unlocking of 40 encryption sites)

Saudi Arabia = Restricted

South Africa = Legal

South Korea = Restricted (Regulatory action previously legal but pending)

Turkey = Legal

UK = Legal

US = Legal

Countries invited for the 2018 G20 meeting

Chile = Legal

Jamaica = Neutral

The Netherlands = Legal

Rwanda = Neutral

Senegal = Neutral

Singapore = Legal

Spain = Legal

15 legal, 7 neutral, 4 Restricted, 1 illegal

This is the educational post. please resteem to the maximum people and share the news .
follow me for more updates.

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