Parody-Bolic Trav

in bitcoin •  last year  (edited)

Over the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin has gone anything but parabolic. After numerous FUD attacks from the big banks, the lamestream media, and the South Korean government (that many believe was an insider trading scheme:, Big Momma has seen a steep drop of nearly 50% off its all-time high of around $20k. As Crypto Bull lets us know, our friend can't be doing too well as he sees the resistance trend lines broken:


But don't worry, because there is SOMETHING that is going up online. Unfortunately for Parabolic Trav, the only thing going parabolic is the number of parody accounts on Twitter that are making light of his fanatical idolization of resistance lines and candles.

Take Parabolic Trans, for instance. Our friend here wants to let us know that the GenderNeutrlers are the REAL HODLers:


Don't worry, this upward trend is just starting. Here's Melancholic Trav to set the floor for this bull market:


Even Constipated Trav is getting in on the fun during this bull run:


                  Full Parabolic status achieved?


Nevertheless, it's good to see the community embracing the upward trend:


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