Cryptopocalypse : Will Bitcoin Crash Below $2000 in July, 2017?

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What is going on with Bitcoin today?

It appears Bitcoin took another turn for the worse as it has now gotten extremely close to falling below the $2000 mark. I think its important to state that the $2000 mark is a very important one as it could trigger a very psychological and emotional effect in investors on the fence. They may have stop-loss orders at this price as well so if it does break (which it could any minute now) expect to see it trace down to it's last support lines at $1900 and $1750.

How far could Bitcoin drop?

I've heard it could go all the way down to the $1500's in a worst case scenario but I don't expect it to go any lower than $1750 as this is a level that several analysts and mega investors have publicly come out and stated would be a solid level to buy and hold.

Keep your eyes on those tickers!

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Each time it drops $100 I'm there to buy some more BTC.

Good strategy! Dollar cost averaging is going to be paying off when it hits $5000 later this year.

I would say is going to break support. Only $14 away from it atm.

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