How to invest in cryptography the right way?

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Many people say that cryptography is the money of the future, however, for me, this possibility is still far removed from reality since we all like to have, especially our money, in a physical and visible way, while that with the cryptomonad only you possess it off a virtual way. However, today it is widely used to perform different types of transactions.

If you are one of those people who want to start investing in this kind of virtual currency, I will tell you below the steps you must take to start your new portfolio full of Bitcoins, which you can obviously change to the currency that you You wish.

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These "Bitcoins" had its origin in 2009 when "Satoshi Nakamoto" decides to launch a type of electronic money to the network and therefore, only has use within the network.

The good thing about this kind of virtual currency is that only you know exactly what your amounts are, no one else is able to see the amount of "Bitcoins" you handle, and transactions are always anonymous, no one knows who transfers to whom, unless you have a direct business and know that a person will pay you "Bitcoins".

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Then there will be a "virtual bank", that's where our coins will go, and like any normal bank account, they will go up or down according to the use we give, to pay or to receive. The only thing different from a normal bank is that you can not go to a cashier to withdraw that money, however, the advantage is that this money is not controlled by the government, let alone a bank.

Here you only control your money, you do not need anyone else for it, and that is another advantage since no one else, oblivious to you and your accounts, will not be able to manipulate the currency or change the value at will.

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How can we start investing in this kind of virtual currency?

As it is simpler than it seems, just follow a series of steps that I will give you next.

• First of all, you have to create a new "wallet", and with this step, you will go general "Bitcoin direction".

• Thanks to this "Bitcoin address" we will be able to carry out the different transactions that we have in mind. More than 1 address can be created.

• Each of the addresses we have will have a unique key, and in turn, a "cryptographic signature".

• When we make a transaction, it will be confirmed by something called "mining".

• When we have a series of transactions already confirmed, they will form a "block".

• That "block" we have is going to enter a "block chain" and will complete the transaction.

The value of the currency is controlled by its supply and demand, the currency had a time where only cost 16 euros, but also has reached more than 1000 euros. 



I think crypto is only an step in right direction. An big Step is missing: combine (coins) with real money. The Power of both in "one" my ideas to it i post in my profile.

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