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From day to day, the Bitcoin is gaining popularity thanks to its image of a goose that lays golden eggs.
Who has not heard this before by talking about Bitcoin to someone:

"Ah Bitcoin, you must be rich !" 😸

Bitcoin has this simplistic reputation for creating fortunes, but in reality its greatest asset is surely its ability to highlight blockchain technology. The latter is now on the way to massive use by institutions, companies and individuals.

"Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly."

― Vitalik Buterin

Indeed, a daring technology allowing an infinity of application hides behind Bitcoin and we have not finished hearing about it ! 😊

In addition, cryptocurrencies seem to fit perfectly with the digitalization of our society, especially by familiarizing ourselves with a digital store of value. We would therefore go to less and less cash in circulation, the future will tell if this is for better or worse ...

De jour en jour, le bitcoin gagne en popularité grâce à son image de poule aux œufs d'or.
Qui n'a pas déjà entendu cela en parlant du bitcoin à quelqu'un :

"Ah le bitcoin, tu dois être riche !" 😸

Le Bitcoin a cette réputation simpliste de créer des fortunes, mais en réalité, son plus grand atout est sûrement sa capacité à mettre en lumière la technologie blockchain. Cette dernière est désormais en chemin vers une utilisation massive par les institutions, entreprises et particuliers.

"Alors que la plupart des technologies tendent à automatiser les travailleurs à la périphérie en faisant des tâches subalternes, les bloc automatisent le centre. Au lieu de mettre le chauffeur de taxi au chômage, Blockchain met Uber au chômage et permet aux chauffeurs de taxi de travailler directement avec le client."

― Vitalik Buterin

Effectivement, une technologie audacieuse permettant une infinité d'application se cache derrière le Bitcoin et nous avons pas fini d'en entendre parler ! 😊

De plus, les crypto-monnaies semblent aller parfaitement avec la digitalisation de notre société, notamment en nous familiarisant avec une réserve de valeur digitale. On se dirigerait donc vers moins en moins de cash en circulation, l'avenir nous dira si cela est pour le mieux ou le pire...


really nice writing wish u best of luck

Thank you very much @alex-linda ;)

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@lastminuteman you are the master!
Just woke up and saw this post, Wow the price is flying now!
2018 is gonna be huge for Steem and BTC..Hopefully steemit.

Thank you !
Haha, yes cryptocurrencies are flying ! Crazy stuff 😎

hahaha @lastminuteman you are a genius crypto reporter. loving to your creativity and your thoughts.thanks

Thanks for those kind words !

oh many many thanks my dear friend @lastminuteman
i am very glad, because you support my comments. i wait for next post. may god bless you and your family.
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Dude, seriously this is the same thing that happened with me, I told my dad to invest in the bitcoin when it was around $1200, and I knew that it will go minimum $18000. Bit he did not listen and invested in some fu**ing mutual funds.

I don't know if he regrets that or not because the funds gave him a meagre 0.5% of his money till now.

Great post, I like your post
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such a wonderful post...
I really like your ideas...
Wel done and perfect work...

Thanks @michelhenry , it's a pleasure :)

you are also welcome sir

since last 4 years, every time i hear about its rise, i regret not buying it....
nice stuffs, thanks for sharing......

Haha, if only we could go back in time, people would buy Bitcoin instead of saving the world 😂 The gold fever 2.0 !

sir Such a wonderful and thankful work my dear friend... Actualy....I'm always respect to your works
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Thanks for sharing this high quality content with us !
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It's always a pleasure 👍

STEEM & BTC to the Moon and Beyond.great news.
BTC is the best treading is very good for us.

You said it, STEEM to the Moon ! 🚀 🌕

absolutely you are right STEEM to the Moon ! hopefully steemit.

Excellent analytic post dear ! Thanks for share the post about bitcoin I mean cryptocurrency .

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bitcoin and the revolutionary blockchain is revolutionizing the world

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Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post...

Thank you sir for sharing
You always upload nice and helpful post. and your website also so much helpful sir....
Resteem done....

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Thanks for sharing with us a nice analysis of the Cryptocurrency market.

i think christmas does the magic haha bitcoin and christmas some some kind of jesus connection in between :)

bitcoin will change life in 2018 its the year that will make huge

bitcoin the golden boy of the world now :D

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Thank you sir for sharing
You always upload nice and helpful post. and your website also so much helpful sir....
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Great post, I like your post..really nice writing wish u best of luck..
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Nice this is excellent post and very true :)

just if other countries start regulation them this could go way beyond my imagination in many countries after banning it ...this has became a problem too hope whole world will start excepting it

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Quand je pense qu'il a fait fois vingt en un an, j'aurais du t'écouter :'(
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sir Such a wonderful and thankful work ... Actualy....I'm always respect to your works
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Musicoin all the way:)

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