Bitcoin and Lightening

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Transversing the globe at lightening speed

Bitcoin is a “Trustless” transaction, verified b a global community. What better way to illustrate this than the #lighteningtorch movement, initiated by a Twitter Bitcoin Maximillist Enthusiast... @Hodlonaut.


Tweeters, tweet an invoice to a trusted Bitcoiner, via the lightening network, who in turn add Bitcoin and pass in another invoice to another trusted Bitcoiner.

So far 2.8 million satoshis have changed hands nearly 150 times across 39 countries. With such notable torch bearers like Andreas Antonopoulos and Jack Dorsey... on it goes.

Eventually the proceeds will be donated to BTC Venezuela (a cryptocurrency charity)... peer to peer, trustless, banked, governmentless, so who needs institutional money or controls... people are proving they can do it themselves.

The Hodlonaut’s total transaction capacity is set at a 2.2 bitcoin limit before the experiment terminates.

How cool is that!

Read a more comprehensive account at:


Good Health – Evan Pantazi #Kyusho

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Cool and what it is your personal experience with it?

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I'm still trying to figure it out as it is not as "friendly" and requires many steps so far... that gives me greater risk I'm not willing to make.

I buy a bitcoin magnet last year on the lightning network and I learned a lot on the process to open a channel on my smartphone.

You should post a tutorial on it.

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