Another one bites the dust...

in bitcoin •  16 days ago


and another one gone, another one gone... another one bites the dust.

These great lyrics from the old classic rock tune by Queen seems to perfectly sum up the debacle currently unfolding.

It seems they have suspended withdrawals just days ahead of the #Proofofkeys, January 3rd movement. But this particular exchange I have written in in the past from my own (bad), experiences since 2017.

Can we expect to see more

Well this news story certainly doesn’t help!

Will another exchange halt withdrawals, time will tell. However if you still have funds on the exchanges, expect this type of event or worse to affect you as well.

With HitBTC suspending withdrawals yesterday, it may be having an affect. Let’s hope this self policing idea takes off, cuz the SEC is not what we need. Self reliance and policing should be our mantra again as it was in the beginning.

Good Luck To All


Good Health – Evan Pantazi #Kyusho

Image Credit: hitbtc

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yeah i have like 20-30 bucks on there and diverted mining and trading elsewhere. it's a write-off as far as i'm concerned lol.

the exchanges will feel the heat now hhaahah


As for price it may be a non event, but it sure seems to be sending a message.