Toddfather bitcoin and altcoin technical analysis Dec 21, 2017

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My personal notes taken while watching the above video of Todd Butterfield on CryptoNews youtube channel to capture what he is saying.

------- What the Toddfather is saying ---------

bitcoin has been pretty hard to trade
i think we will get some back and forth and then spurts higher
futures provide opportunity to short

bcc -- long , it acted good when btc turned down so surprised by 3200 down to 28, but it looks strong, gong to hold
dash 1600 down to 1300 support is 1200
i don't think this is the start of a massive selloff
etc -
ethereum could still pull back more
iota - not as strong - sideways pattern
ltc looks good at 290/295
neo - high level volatility - looks good

I think we are just taking the fluff off, having a pullback.
ripple holding at $1.04
zcash quick 740 to 600 -uptrend line still in tact
ADA - still really strong
lisk -- hoding in unbelieable after making 27 - i am trying to buy a dip - sold it too early
mco - sideways
powr - some people on it at 5.5/6 - working higher
quantum looks good 74 down to 51 - big pullack
strat up 22% back near highs
ubq holding highs
xvg/btc - lots still holding
rumblings about zrx - buy a dip if we get one
rdd - too much risk
decred ran up to 112 from 77! now back at 91

bitcoin could ride to 17.5/18 and then pull back again. it shoudl try to work higher now

ven/btc - chart looks good
xvg/btc - hourly still doing nicely, 6-7 hours ago was a sell off and looks good
dgb/usd - was looking good - had big sell off from high - be careful buying - be prepared when buying at highs because there can be 30-40% sell offs
cloak/usd - big uptrend - quick sell off
waves - we've been watching, conference today
sub/btc broke to new highs -- good day for that coin looks like it should go higher
NEO - a favorite of ours. at 68, i might buy a dip, this could be high level triangle, c wave. if it doesn't break in next 10-12 hours, it might be going higher
btg/usd - pcg clients have it. i missed an earlier sell at $390.
icx - hearing good things about this - u might want to buy on a pullback
bitcoin - "bear flag"? i don't see a bear flag, but can't really comment. looks more like an abc x ab and we could have one more sell off that could be nasty down to 12.8K, but i don't really see a bear flag.
kmd - scares me a bit. can't trade in pcg any coin liable to drop 60%
is bitcoin crashing? no, don't think so
bqx - coming alive
------------------ end of notes -----------------------------------
Toddfather - a nickname for Todd Butterfield
porkblaster - a coin that took off and had a big gain. This is an inside joke on the channel related to a sandwich at a restaurant called a porkblaster sandwich.

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal notes taken when watching the youtube video. Be sure to go watch the video to see how you interpret what Todd Butterfield, aka, "The Toddfather" is saying, and do not rely on my notes. I am not a financial adviser, and in fact, quite lousy at trading. Nothing in this post should be construed as financial advice.

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