Toddfather bitcoin and altcoin technical analysis Dec 20, 2017

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My personal notes taken while watching the above video of Todd Butterfield on CryptoNews youtube channel to capture what he is saying.

------- What the Toddfather is saying ---------

coins are looking heavy now
On bitcoin:
9500 bitcoin is possible
i would rather see 12.8K and rally to 18k
the rally we had earlier didn't have volume - so we are sideways

bch - had trouble getting buys in for private client group, but probably still goes higher.

vertcoin - not acting well, back to 740 - excitement over
dash ran to 1600 back to 1350, still a good chart
etc - support is 20 which is a 50% sell off for support - so worry about that!
eth 772 holding well, but looks heavy
iota 380 to 580 and retraced
296 - ltc - not looking good short term, 20% off highs quickly
neo hit 78 to 68 - volatility - would like it to move lower
omg 22 to 15 - need more
ripple want to see below 61
zcash 642 - ran to 700 keeps trending higher
decred - sold at 88, was expecting more weakness last night
lisk 14.5 - missed trade for private client group
quantum 74 down to 50! pretty big sell off after the huge run. support is 48, 47.60 - i will buy on next break if we get one.
strat/btc - didn't have huge run
XLM/USD 30 to 20 quickly!
Monero hit 500, back to 430, 400 would be nice
XVG keeps moving -- good chart
RDD --- big blowoff and big volume - normally go sideways
powr/btc - porkblaster it broke out and feel now trying highs again.
ubq - down 20% today -- doesn't look like a sell off

------------------ end of notes -----------------------------------
Toddfather - a nickname for Todd Butterfield
porkblaster - a coin that took off and had a big gain. This is an inside joke on the channel related to a sandwich at a restaurant called a porkblaster sandwich.

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal notes taken when watching the youtube video. Be sure to go watch the video to see how you interpret what Todd Butterfield, aka, "The Toddfather" is saying, and do not rely on my notes. I am not a financial adviser, and in fact, quite lousy at trading. Nothing in this post should be construed as financial advice.

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