In Russia, Burger King To Start Accepting Bitcoins!? 🍔🤴

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Well well well, you heard it right. Burger King is working on accepting bitcoins in Russia this summer!

As of right now, the General Director of Burger King Russia is running a contest and will select a winner by August 10 to develop a software that will let Burger King accept bitcoin through their website, iOS, Android apps, and cash registers.

Yet, they'll still have to figure out the tax issues though, where Russia haven't put up a framework for cryptocurrencies yet. But with pressure from businesses and public demand, the government will eventually speed up their process of legalizing Bitcoin, which they are already considering.

PARTY is not over yet?💃

The bull run of Bitcoin might continue if Russia legalizes it soon, so the party might not be over yet. 😎


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in Soviet Russia, the burger eats you! hahah love it!

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The party is no where being over my friend. Just keep on rockin in the free world (of crypto that is)!

The Last Sage

Party like a KING! haha

time to plan a holiday to Russia :)

yeah, found at least one reason to visit Russia lol

Come to live in Russia )))

Hmmm that's a good question, it's a great country!

wow that is so cool! they are hippy

who Russia? hahah

haha I just think its so cool they are accepting bitcoin. That was supposed to say HIP not hippy hahaha

lol oh yeah they are HIP!

it's a great news , also nice gif LOL

oh yeah, the gif completes it 😎 lolol

can I know what's the name of that rapper ( I think ) in that gif ? or the song name

it's funny man , like they did this for people like Nicky Minaj ( those box butts LOL)

eyyy don't disss on ma girl Nicki dawggg! hahah jk

Burger King hacked McDonalds, because...Russia!

anything can happen in Russia! haha