The Reason Behind VANTA's hype

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There is a huge level of hype about VANTA. The good thing is that I'm not the only one giving this project so much attention — the whole internet is. And the reason is quite obvious, VANTA is perhaps the first effective blockchain offering a composite enterprise-grade solution. VANTA is way beyond a typical 3rd generation blockchain goal of high transaction per second (tps): it is aiming for a streamlined usage of its network and an increased security.

What's the reason behind VANTA's hype?

Blockchain is the most revolutionary innovation of 21st century as it carries the modern internet to a new level. The technology posses the potential to transform the internet of information into the internet of enterprise and value; VANTA understands this, and thus aims to create a blockchain platform that attaches real value to anything. But of course, VANTA's propositions puts to test the limits of blockchain technology. And the major underlying idea to attach a value to anything means transactions will be involved—massive transactions. While blockchain has attracted significant attention from the masses, the current feasibility of the technology being adopted for real world utility is limited. This is due to the fact that the current networks are slow and insufficient to satisfy the required transactional throughput demands. Different from traditional networks and enterprise solutions that have taken long years to evolve, blockchain is new, but the technology has attracted the interest of some of the world's most innovative and talented entrepreneurs. VANTA is cored on providing real enterprise-grade solutions to businesses.

VANTA aims to empower the Blockchain Community

Currently, Ethereum's inability to satisfy mass demand is really slowing down the market for blockchain technology. Impressive innovative ideas are unable to attain realisation because Ethereum cannot sustain the transactional throughput level required to successfully implement these ideas. VANTA aims to correct this because it is developing a modern blockchain that target scalability. VANTA understands that massive data is produced that needs to be processed daily by enterprises in order to provide products for the market. Hence the project is cored on creating a third generation blockchain that offer super fast real-time data processing per second. Below are the use cases that VANTA aims to anchor and support with its core architecture.


Major Communication services like WhatsApp and Uber are using centralized API services like Twilio to integrate communication capabilities into their services. Currently, Twilio has above 57,000 corporate clients that provide this service for in 2018 which is a big increase (32%) in comparison to 2017. The demand in this market is increasing steadily — Twilio recorded a growth in sales of $585M in 2018. Hence, VANTA aims to provide decentralized communication APIs for almost free. This will be a big change in the market and an increase in use cases.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The VANTA network is designed such that each peer is connected organically, the architecture allow the peer to connect directly and process data depending on the environment and performance of each peer. VANTA is well suited for connecting many IoT devices to a single network so they can transfer data seamlessly. In addition, IoT devices such as smart refrigerators, smart TVs, and smart cars will participate in the VANTA network as work nodes, which will greatly improve the processing performance of the VANTA network. Processing of CCTV data, data from air pollution or vehicle density measurement sensors, data from sensors of various devices in industry which are distributed in each area, or IoT-related services that can automatically transmit data required between devices can be developed based on VANTA.


Blockchain community shares a significant number of participants with the gaming community. This is the reason why many products are sure that they can deliver a revolutionary service in the gaming market. Unfortunately, these ambitions are hampered by the deficiencies of the networks that these projects are built on.

Gaming has a very huge market — and complex designs need to process a large amount of data to operate. Currently the Ethereum blockchain can proceed only few transaction per second and a single game can overload the network, let alone many new products being launched on the network daily. The framework of VANTA offer the scale of tps that is required to run these games. VANTA as a third generation blockchain will not only sustain the games anchored launched, but will also simultaneously support the network needs of video streaming and IoT products.

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From what I understood, VANTA does covers two the most important aspects of a promising blockchain which are transaction speed and scalability.

I may be then interested to know if it can support token creation, other platforms and projects as well as other technologies like smart contract, smart Tokens, lightening network or even creating its own.

I am not sure you have all the answers to my questions but nevertheless, I will check out the project.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Thank you for your comment @akomoajong. VANTA has so many benefits, the project has designed framework and infrastructure that will enable business to commercialise their services at a low cost, also the project can support heavy real-time data networking solutions such as communication, video streaming and games. The network doesnt propose to offer a medium for token creation

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Bueno @kryptarion la razón del bombo vanta es un tema muy importante en el ámbito tecnológico donde propone mayor velocidad de transacción utilizando la tecnología blockchain que hasta ahora tanta satisfacción a traído. Gracias a este detallado post y mi visita a me hace comprender que la cadena de bloques de tercera generación "VANTA" ofrece mejoras en muchos sistemas desde redes sociales hasta electrodomésticos inteligentes e incluso juegos de azar que sin duda revolucionara la tecnología del siglo XXI... Muy educativo e informativo tu post...

vanta excellent blockchain work. superb work

Thank you for the information about this project. Lets see, what the future will bring!
Greets from LowerAustria, Robert

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