A startup proposes to store your Bitcoin private key in DNA

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

Carverr offers crypto-investors to store their cryptocurrency passwords in synthetic DNA. A rather unusual solution sold as ultra secure.

The hodlers or long-term investors now have a way to store their Bitcoin private keys or those of other virtual currencies in DNA to protect them from potential piracy.

Carverr converts cryptocurrency private keys into binary code (0 and 1), then the Swiss startup sequences this code in DNA format (A = 00, T = 01, G = 10, C = 11) using biology techniques to create synthetic DNA strands representing all the desired data.

Thus, passwords are no more than a drop of DNA placed in a micro-tube stored in the laboratory of the company or sent in 5 copies to its owner. It takes about 48 hours for the startup to analyze the DNA and find the private key (s).

"It's the ultimate insurance policy and the last line of defense if other backup solutions fail," said a Carverr customer.

The Carverr company also explains that DNA sequencing can still be decoded in several generations, unlike other storage methods affected by obsolescence.

The price ? $ 1000 is about 850 €. Unless you're multi-millionaire in Bitcoin or just paranoid, a simple and highly effective Ledger Nano S will do the trick.

More and more organizations are looking at data retention in biological molecules such as DNA. According to ScienceEtAvenir, this is a track taken very seriously for the storage of our data more and more voluminous.

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wow amazing idea!!!!!