Attention!!!, 25.01.2017 was attacked by hackers!

3 months ago
53 in bitcoin

Today, 25.01.2017 year was made a powerful attack on the The attack lasted for several hours. After that, it was relatively calm, and attempt to attack again.
When you sign in, the user "system" gave a message that was required to pass additional authorization. At the same time, the system gave a false link. That is, users were asked to log-in to the clone service. This has led to the theft of many passwords.
At the moment there has been some stabilization. But, representatives of and other experts recommend that all urgently change their passwords and other access codes.
Thus, this first serious attack on the services of cryptocurrency in 2017. Bitcoin was not chosen randomly. Attackers are well aware that the rising cost of Bitcoin planned is quite impressive. Therefore, they decided to quickly "cut" as much as possible.

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  ·  3 months ago

I called this happening years ago! I just knew something would happen to smh:(