Design Contest: bitcoin makes the hart sing today

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

A little while ago I went long on BTC i posted about it here. I was just about to close the short below 5900, and got ready to do so yesterday and today, but was waiting for confimation.

I was in the whole quite a bit.

So the current bounce made "my heart sing" today.

As such I wonder if someone can make a nice gif that represents this notion, joy that is generated by bitcoin when the market goes up. It should include a singing heart

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Tbh these all can be better and bounty is still up for grabs


Hello my dear @knircky i hope that you're good Then this is a humble art work gift for you hope you accept it and like it.

Hello! @knircky, if that has been a league of emotions, look and I show you ..

The bounce today was nice. You asked for a chart view of the price, here is the last 7n days. Hopefully the steem price will do as well or better.
Here is Steem over the same last 7 days.

2018-06-29 (1).png
Laging bitcoin a bit, but still good to see a bounce.

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Fantastic that the bitcoin is rising again. Then I hope he'll rise even higher and take the other crypto currencies up with him.

It's a great jump from 5956 USD to 6249 USD. And shortly afterwards it went even higher from 6290 USD to 6465 USD. That's over $500 in a short time.

So I hope the weak course is finally history and things are going uphill.


Hello @knircky, my entry, That makes us all happy, win winning!

hi friend @knircky I leave the gif I did, with the expressions of the famous sheldon cooper

Mi corazón tambien canta de alegria, el steem empiece a subir, un cariñoso abrazo @knircky

Bitcoin is love
Bitcoin is life
but dont trade it
for your wife

Oh I understand you, I just started in the cryptoworld a month ago and I thought: "this was the worst moment to start investing here", but this made me understand and learn how the things don't go as we hope sometimes but we have to accept them with patient because at the end our rewards are going to wait for us.

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Duff Man enjoying the upswing !

Yeah, it’s nice to see some rare color. Green!

I don’t know whether I should feel happy, relieved, worried or if I just don’t care. Ignoring the charts for a few days or if possible weeks could be beneficial for all our minds. Thinks will go up, eventually at some point nobody knows when. So why watching the down trend?

Hello @knircky, my entry:

It's a good project. However, I think their timing is off to be ready for market and trying to be too perfect. We are still at a point in my opinion where protocols need to "move fast and break things". Right now its a race who can usher in the first killer dapps besides just "store of value" and ICO funding.

This good I must say I hope BTC grows back to its standards.

This gif shows much joy as bitcoin is rising


I created one, here is my submission.