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The narrative these days are full of the word "crypto-winter", but what of the other 3 seasons?

Some say the price have bottomed, and if that is true we should be in the optimal period for buying more cryptocurrency.
I like to call this period "Crypto-Spring", as it is the best period for "planting your seeds".
The last such period lasted 10 months from January 2015 to November 2015, at a price range spectrum from approx. 160 USD/BTC to 275 USD/BTC.

Given that we have bottomed (probably) this crypto-winter (11 months) was shorter than the last Crypto-Winter (14 months).
That should theoretically mean that the seasons are speeding up, giving us crypto spring of 7-8 months. This means that the price of bitcoin should be back to 5800 USD/BTC sometime this July, leading us into the next season of bitcoin.

This period should be defined as the time growing towards the previous high(20.000 USD/BTC).
The last such period lasted 16 months, and if the next period is similar or shorter we should see 20.000 USD/BTC again sometime during the 3rd quarter of 2020, ushering us into the next season of bitcoin.

This period should be defined as a period when all seeds can be harvested with profit (no-matter when they where planted). Some say the next target for Bitcoin is around 100.000 USD/BTC, but if we have the same the same 18-20x growth from the last high we should see Bitcoin at up to 400.000 USD/BTC, then time for a new crypto-winter (bear marked).

Bitcoin trend dip.png

p.s: This is not financial advice.


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