ZEN to Start Trading on Binance Today

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You can deposit now but trading is not online yet.

ZEN is a split chain of ZCL which is a fork of ZEC.

Bittrex already got a green candle, since Binance always pumps coins.


Notice that before listening there is still plenty of arbitrage options ie Cryptopia or OpenLedger. Keep in mind the trap of arbitrage is always wallets going down but get ready to trade on Binance.

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Woohoo! Big pump coming!!

That's a heck of a candle for Zen. I am eager to see some of these currencies getting adoption on some sort of scale so that the speculation gets borne out into application.

$ZEN is one of my core holdings. I think it legitimately has a chance to be a 100 bagger in the coming years. It has a very smart team of developers and already have a tremendous number of nodes in operation.

Has Zen rolled out master nodes yet? I sold mine at a handy profit, but it appears that it will continue to fly. I'm concerned that we're are getting to the point where the number of nodes are as important as the customer facing applications. We need to get to the point where commerce is being conducted and the value of the network is getting realized.

Over 9K secure nodes are in place. Are you referring to Super Nodes?

Great news! Another great investment potential.

Just love this post.

Darn it. Zen is not in my bag 😢

thats why i want to speak with u ;)

Checked the site and could find a telegram or discord link. Also can’t messsge you on Twitter.

Zen will fly i think you have given nice way to catch this master nodes its look like a core holding gem its an outstanding approaches which have great potential of investment on right path with right way

I wonder how much Binance charged them for listing...

Hello. Very informative.. I like the way you present the info.

but i heard that this was later cancelled ,right?

@kingscrown It is my gift for you :)

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