ZCash Windows GUI Wallet Finally Released!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

As we know most of new coins dont come with Windows wallets on launch or even long after it (look at ie Ethereum).

Zcash launched with lots of trouble for miners and of course no Windows wallet.

But the day has come, since yesterday we can use it natively on windows with the beta release.

Installation steps:

Download from https://zcash4win.com/

sha256 hash of the installer file, zcash4win-1.0.5.msi is:

Navigate to %ProgramFiles%\zcash4win\zcash4win.exe

It doesnt self create the shortcut so you need to go to the folder manually after installation.

Run it and Wait

Now on the first run its downloading an really big file. Since alot of people are on it now - you may just go and browse Steemit while waiting.

Start Using It

Now you are all set, copy all keys and use this nice GUI wallet!

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Thanks guys!

Definite Resteem! Your Gd! Glad you brought this to my(0ur) attention reason being, seeing my 'Nicehash' payment reduced thx to the "PeoplesBank0fChina"(PBOC). So now I am more motivated than ever to start mining Zca$h. I like the l0go, there is just something about this c0in that attracts me to it!

So yes, I will start to mine Zca$h after my last 'Nicehash' payout this wknd. And we have a wallet! Great feed


Who does your artwork by the way?


thats my little secret but @klye may be the guy ;))

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does this post involve mining zcash in any way or is it just about getting a wallet?

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