Yesterday i wrote that BTC is going for 10k USD, We just Hit 6k and Still Go.

in bitcoin •  last year

Be aware the pumps might be due to Bitcoin Gold and Segwit2x forks/split chains which means buying BTC you will get some free money just like with Bitcoin Cash back in time.

Bitcoin at Google Currency Convertor

Now easily you can check prices from googles tool

Marketcap Crossed $100B

We have hit all time high of 6074 USD and the market went to the crazy 100 billions value. Pretty crazy.
Currently when writing the post its little below but its going back there if 6k+ is here to stick.


USD and KRW are the main buyers, interesting to still see BCC/BCH with high volumes and QTUM (ETH competitor) arising.

Leverage Trade

If you are day-trading do what you want but id rather suggest playing leverage than selling/buying actual BTC ie at BitMex (you have there also XMR, LTC, ZEC, QTUM and other currencies) SimpleFX (this is actually also forex you can buy stocks with BTC there) or BitFinex (many coins, small leverage that wont close fast one you).

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Yes I did the same! Was on my way to the gym and I kept watching it and boom 11:08am it hit the $6k. It was like watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve and everyone stared at me on the street as I watched the ticker 😂


bitcoin 10.000 dollars vote vote thanks :)... thank you for comment...LOVE YOU BTC


Great comparison!!! I liked it. The new coming forks are going to have some impact on hitting the $10,000. I think. IF you want to participate in the forks for free, check this:


No matter how high the Bitcoin goes. I can't afford to invest :) Love what you're doing kingscrown sharing informative news to all of us.

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Thank you.


What? You can buy 0.1 or 0.01 or 0.001 bitcoin.


It's ok, there are other train to catch up. I will meet you on the other side :)


I dont think the btc train has even left..its a very small market still. But its your call. I just cant understand that people dont invest 100 or 1000$ at this point. 0.2% of the world owns btc. Its mcap is smaller than mcdonalds. To be as big as the gold market btc would have to trade at 400,000$ usd per coin. But you take your decisions :) good luck!


I have my own reason.

And yes, I invest heavily behind the scene and will continue to do so support our community.

Cheers for now.


Be with Leader not followers


Hey @yehey, take into consideration that you don't need to buy a whole BTC and invest $6000...You can buy a small piece to in Australia the minimum is around AUD$ 200 in the exchanges...


But now no one here have 100% belief in bitcoins because of other internet currencies which are also growing very fast. And we all know more competition means less value.


As I agree with your opinion, it seems like there are a lot of great coins involved in ICO which then put them in a bad perception from investor and crypto fans. And that's why people will always turn back to BTC when crypto world turn into chaos :)


I think Bitcoin will always be #1.


Yeah by when do you think @soldier


I pushed your comment from $0.89 to $1.10 @soldier and congrats on making over 41 on a freaking comment! so cool! imagine when steem is $1000 and your comment will be $1000 it will happen may take us 10 years for $1000 steem but may take 5 years or 2

anyway we will see some crazy growth with steem but lets really get into SEO and marketing and make money OUTSIDE stem and investing teem with that money we make from bitcoin etc

We will be seeing a lot of people joining from twitter and youtube soon after more steemit users realize twtter and youtube are massive mainstream marketing tools that could potentially bring in billions of users to steemit!

But ya know what? We really dont need marketing... people will always come to steemit in the hopes of making money.. steem will always attract people because other social media doesnt pay but we do!
But steem price reflects what the world thinks of steem,a nd so far doesnt matter if we think its undervaleud, none of us have enough money to do anything about it, if more people were buying steem with more money we would see the price go up. but people have decided or the market has decided that $1 steem is appropriate... and i agree until the developers fix some serious issue then the price will remain low... i think the developers should acknowledge that they are kinda lagging and no one is perfect and as investors or stake holders we have a right to ask questions and even make accusations and whatever its fine.... this si what hard forks are for... we will have an update we will hardfork without fixx and steem will updater its system add new features and i have faith in steemit,

i just want it to happen faster!

once they have a way to allow users to instantly create an account then we will see steem go back up to $4 and beyond


I guess we need some kind of automated tool to take any further screenshots coz its growing too fast!!! 😂


Good comment


I really hope the value of BTC increase in a predictable and steady pattern rather than $200 increase per day.


This is history, going to be fun to prove all the naysayers wrong in a few years time



A lot of people claim the current pump is a result of the impending forks, but I would like to know if the ICO madness isn't partly responsible for the current bull market.


yes, exactly.. excess ICO, high demands of btc to buy into ICOs.. thats another factor for now


People who have known crypto and having a right mindset makes a lot of fortune


That is true sir. I am basically living of bitcoins right now.


Really? What are the best websites to earn Bitcoins , I would love to know!


I'll make a post about something related to that soon, I will probably post it on the next sunday... Hope it help you somehow!


Eagerly waiting for the same. Thanks! :)


Without investment, only gambling...few of them gave a Satoshi (300-500) so You can play dice, roulette or else and pray to get a winning row...Then withdraw to wallet... :)
Of course, if You are familiar wirh statistics and probability, You can achieve over 1M Satoshi...


Email me. Dont want to talk it here


Surely they did! I think I got a bit late :P

It shall be interesting to see if Bitcoin can sustain this rally. I still do not think it has faced any real tests yet (e.g. Government regulation and oversite threats).

of course will defenitly hit 10k before he end of 2017

Maybe people are buying into Bitcoin because of the incoming forks, but the 2x fork will bring a lot of FUD too what is negative. If the 2x fork happens to be a relevant event it could be quite bearish. I think just the underlaying fundamentals now are very bullish.

Property get sold for Bitcoin, wallstreet gets interested, bitcoin is booming in Venezuela and Zimbabwe and adoption is growing.

This is true as the plan split is one of the factor driving the upward raise of bitcoin which I think afterwards there is going to be a significant drop after the split.

This is mind blowing. I hope that steem rise to this level too, very soon!


XRP and Comodo...but SONM, BAY and SHIFT can be a bingo if You look at their use case... :)

agree that


10k we are cominggggg!!

Plenty of room still for growth! bitcoin doubled in 3 months! If we double again in 3 months we will be sitting at 12k! 6 months 24k WAHHHH


Hehe Sounds Good! Hoping for the same :P

My buddy wants to short BTC because he was wearing a bitcoin t-shirt and a valet asked him about lol . I told him he was fighting the tide.
LedgerX is open now...


Wait what about teh valet? whats ledgerX? anyway dude heres 1 cents dude i see you everywhere and i should be commenting more like you! the secret to steemit is to be religious in your comments and to get enough steempower to upvote everyone in a comment section like this! Im takin over this comment section! everyones gonna know about me after this! kingscrowns posts are the best for attracting people who wanna make money with bitcoin! Soon we will all be wealthy chillin in fancy hotel like this

yeah man I hope to see you as a serious steemit whale this time next year! I know you can do it!


You should learn abut LedgerX and the implications, to help you get to your chillin' place


Awesome, steem on!!!

The bullish trend we see the past days is for me another sign that lots of newbies are jumping on BTC without fully understanding fundamentals.

Im not sayings fundamentals are bad today but a fork should never be good news. Its a quite risky episode in a coins existence.

I always hated people talking about the Bitcoin bubble but Im affraid its there :(


Its not a bubble. Its worth less than mcdonalds. Its 30 times smaller than the gold market. There are only 18 mill wallets containing 100$ worth of btc on average. 0.2% of the world populatiln owns btc. Alot of people still have not heard about btc. I just namedrooped btc to a 60 year old. She hadnt frigging heard about it. Ñot a bubble.


Mcdonalds or gold cannot be copied identically overnight :) Probably it will go up in the near future but any logic is long gone...

If it's not a bubble why is it going up when there is a hardfork happening soon ? People are acting like this is good news...


Only 30X smaller than gold? I thought 100X smaller than gold.

BTC needs to be $25K, for BTC market cap to equal 5% total world value for gold.

BTC has to increase by 4X, to be 20X as small as gold.


BTC is a freaking pip squeak and insignificant portion of current GOLD market cap


Yeah, you're right. Dunno where I got 30x from :D
80x is more like it :)

this is getting exciting as hell, and the future promises a wide like no other.

Thanks @kingscrown it really pays to read your blogs!

Keep them coming!


it really does he always delivers with wisdom on crypto because he has been in this space longer than most of us and so he can speak from experience about what it's like to get rich quick off crypto currencies and the best way to handle that crazy experience... @kingscrown represents a vangaurd of steemit posters that will lead the packsinto the future where we have groups of users getting deeper and deeper into bitcoin and using bitcoin as one f our primary methods of buying more steem and keeping steem price up! Imagine that! Anmyway we could all pitch in on building a bitcoin mining farm and then use the profits to buy steempower for our investors? imagine that! i know @steemfactory is doing something like that but a massive scale bitcoin farm might be all steemit needs to provide even extra source of money to buy steem with, to then keep the price up!

The price is hyped up because of the fork starting Oct. 25th...since it's splitting up holders will end up with double the amount. I'll copy a couple of links of interesting videos about the blockchain splitting up. If you fast foward to the 17th minute, it talks about bitcoin gold..

This other video has great info as well :)))

Nice post :D

Past does not predict future. If this uprising (looks like it is) due to upcoming two more forks and two free lunch, it will go unpredictable and crazy. My best guest is that three forks will cannibalize each other and BTC will see little bit setback like earlier $5K to $3.1K, then rise organically. Alts may see another uprising beginning of next year.


oh hell yes! frosk will canibalize each other and segwit MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE only and ONLY if they pull off lower fees and faster trasnsctions times like bitcoin cash could not... i have a feeling segwit2x will be afailure and wont work and will have hgher fees than bitcoin :D haha and then we will see the bitcoin core peopel doa SOFTfork and BOOm we have faster transaction times and lower fees, and honeslt we will see people husing bitcoin to buy coffee and food again , and all will be well, balance will be restored to the force!

OH and HELL YES retyurn of the Altcoins in 2018 just like early this year! your emaking em ecited to earn my fortune this year! oh my new years resolutin is gona nbe epic! new years is gonna be a time of new promise and fullfillment and delivery! If i could re do this year id kno exactly where to put my money, and this year EOS will perform and be like Ethereum, peopel who bought ethereum at $1 or below made a fortune with ethereum now at over $330 but all of us buying EOS at 50 cents or under $1 will be very well rewarded when EOS is at $300 or beyond , it will rival ethereuma nd surpass it ....we willa lso see the altcoins we knwo and love makinga come backj once Bitcoin is fixed and has lower fees high speed transactiuoins... this will give peopel confidence in the hole crypto currency space and we will see altcoins outperform bitcoin again and it wil be a fun time for all! FIat wil sffer and we wil have parties on the broken back of the dollar and fiat! all this value will simply come from all the people hoarding dollars and fiat HAHAHA its going to be glorious!

It will be very interesting to see what happens after bitcoin gold and segwit2x. I also think that a portion of the pump is new traders coming in - which could be dangerous when the dump happens and the panic surfaces. However, definitely 10K+ in 2018!


yes im tempted to sell by BTC on poloniex and Bittrex for USDT just to keep this Value in dollars before a possible correction back into the $5000's which is probably inevitable, might as well just sell our bitcoin for USDT right now and buy it back when its down to somewhere in the 5000s and then buy it back on the dip! Just hard to predict.. and if i sell now at $6000 it might actually keep going up to $7000 tomorrow who knows! it could very well happen! we went from $5000 to $6000 in days! $7000 and then $8000 could happen in a week!

I guess it will go around 8k USD and then comeback to 4k or 5k , then again it reaches 10k. There will be pump and dump in between but btc will reach 10k USD for sure in 2018.


oh hell yes $10,000 before the end of THIS year man! 2018 we will actually get close to $100,000 btc or at least 50,000 BTC ....and 2019 we will get to $100,000 to $500,000 and by 2020 we will get to 1 million to 5 million dollar btc and see BTC market-cap up into the hundreds of trillions probably in the quadrillions

Look we are already at 100 Billion dollar market-cap at $6000 so bitcoin only needs to get to $60,000 to get to $1 Trillion dollar market-cap, so look we will have 1 Quadrillion dollar marketcap when Bitcoin is worth $60 million (of course by then we may have a larger supply of bitcoin by a few million coins but wont change the numbers too much)
So yeah think about that... as ales jones would say, THINK ABOUT THAT HUH? hah :D seriously man $60 million dollar bitcoin is not crazy , the people who own 1 bitcoin are few and far between only about half a million people even own 1 bitcoin! so all those people will be millionaires and its not that hard to believe! Bitcoin is simply a great money system and people who have it will be rich! most people wil be using satoshis for everyday purchases etc lol its amazing man when people hear of 1 bitcoin their minds wil be blown! a whole bitcoin will be HUGE and people will have time locked blockchains where they have their bitcoin paying them a little bit a t a time so no one can even force you to hand over your bitcoin, its just locked away giving you a small payment every once in a while, thats the future, kind of like a steem power down ;)

We are set for a massively profitable future and I almost dont acre about all the fools who I have tried to warn... i try to tell them hey get just 1 bitcoin, tried to tell them all earlier this year when they were not ven $1000 now theyre $600 and these peopel dont realize that yes it ould have been that easy to make $5000 from a $1000 investment... and if you would have put in $10,000 youd have $60,000 ...or if you would have just put in $17,000 youd have over $100,000 by now! Or if someone only had 4166,000 at the beginning of this year iun Bitcoin when btc was 41000 by now theyd have $1 million dollars... i wonder how they feel, probably pretty smart, and they should! Anyone with $1 million worth of bitcoin now, or 166 Bitcoins is going to have a GREAT time

I think we should all focus on just getting at least ONE bitcoin.. it takes sacrifice and hard work but $6000 is something you can make for yourself in a couple of weeks if you try hard enough! and not by trading no dont get caught in that trap, and dont gamble, just invest ANY fiat you may have into bitcoin! Sell things if you dont need them to buy bitcoin, youll be able to buy the stuf back, like if you can sell some video games or jewlery or watches or gold or silvr, you should because after you buy bitcoin that bitcoin will go up in value and youl be able to just buy as much godl and silver as you want and gold and islver will still be cheap far into the future! its not a good investment! OMG sorry for my long resonse i am really talking to myself because I am just so angry at myself for not qworking harder and psoting mroe and organizing more ways to make money online... but I belive in myself and i am gratefukl for whta i he here, I beliueve in teh ability for ANYONE to rise up and get paid online! I have helped motovate a lot of people here and I KNOW that its possible to make $1000 in just a single post without expecting it! the right whale can come along at ANYTIME and upvote your post! its all a matter of having faith in yourself and having that positive mental attitude that PMA hahaha just kidding its all about finding cool content or valuable information and bringing itto the table! now i must sleep and dream about ways to make myself more efficient!


1 Quadrillion dollar marketcap

Dude... no. That's not how this works. The marketcap isn't going to be bigger than the entire world's economy. It will plateau but no one is sure at what point.


This is my guess as well. I'm buying now for the BTCg, however I'll be buying more after the dip, so that when it recovers, I'll have way more than before

I'm loving the rise but even as much as I follow it I do not really believe the growth we've seen. I keep making the same mistake and selling some on the big profits in case of dips. I have to remind myself that you don't go broke making a profit.

upvoted and following. good job.

upvoted and following. good job.

which implies that its profoundly likely if the fork is the reason that a gigantic auction will happen directly after, to ensure the venture return in a protected place, after which , relying upon general estimation it can climb, or stick, I question it will fall far beneath a couple of thousand a while later at any rate ... in any case, since the cryptomarket has nothing to do with standard FX-exchanging its much further past the omega purpose of examination , I think the will is the thing that drives it for the most part here. Where you get the EUR versus the USD relying upon about how more than 4 billion individuals have been spending that specific day, or hour or moment this is not at all like it, its simply determined by the trade alone, and as with all cash. Stale Stash has no unequivocal esteem, much the same as when the FED prints a distribution center of additional dollars, they have zero included an incentive until the point when they are spent ... for products, administrations , whatever, same thing with a BTC stash, the first mineworkers may have thousands some place, some may even have some they overlooked, a great deal will have been lost, the first sum I ponder $2000 esteem on the last satoshi to rise to the aggregate sum/estimation of dollar on the planet (around then). Since all frameworks (shut frameworks) experience the ill effects of entropy after some time (measurably) there would be zero BTC left (in principle) since they couldnt be re-printed, a lost wallet is lost, lose your key, its lost, somebody who mined I don't know 250.000 BTC before they hit one dollar and had a hard drive crash ... that is 250k BTC that are gone FOREVER ... its not the same as you losing your wallet when you just pulled back $5k to purchase whatever the iphone XX or something on hard money from a shady road merchant (lol sorry for the adage reference) , in light of the fact that the coins would be LOST, on the off chance that you lose $5k you lost $5k however to the state theres nothing gone, for this situation the information is in the blockchain yet it has a place with nobody, so its very OUT of the economy (excessively languid, making it impossible to utilize intense labels exonerate the tops) ... incredible contrast

This fork thing changes all that (yea i'm around since when it was cpu mined and I can hit myself for not doing it since, as most I was persuaded it was a take the cash and run trick) ... no utilization crying over coins not mined ... at that point mtGox took the cash and ran as well, at that point I kinda quit and afterward I kinda got fucked by life too so there's no "getting into it" at costs $5k and up BUT

my general assessment is for this situation, IF surge in value originates from theory on the fork, at that point its almost unavoidable that there will be a selloff after, after all the principal thing is to get back the first venture, isn't that so?

crypto-private enterprise, not crypto disorder

I despise it when marketeers call themselves agitators to get a like on facebook .. rubbish of the earth

anybody tails me i'll take after back inside a couple of days however to the extent i'm concerned steemit is as of now dead ... given the idea of the diversion in the event that it removes just two individuals from 400.000 with two or three votes to split your rep then its more like a trap than an open door imo, good fortunes in any case


steemit is not dead, go ahead and sell your steem and miss out, Steem will be $10 soon just wait for the steemit app and next hard fork we will spend millions on marketing and get millions tens of millions of new users. Steemit will only keep growing! You can make so muich money in author rewards and the price of steem is stable at $1 and as long as we have support at $1 we will keep growing in size and developers will be paid and new features like and and wil be released! also @zappl is almost out in 72 hours will be released so just wait for the new features and apps and all the new user aand investors!

environmentalists are being on boarded and we will be seeing a massive amount of new investment from all over the world as son as people start realizing that steem blockchain is the future of the entire internet!


I appreciate it that is very important information 👍

I have upvoted and resteemed this post. You made a wonderful prediction @kingscrown. Keep up!

This is crazy! Bitcoing is overcoming the whole world.


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21-10-2017 09:58 AM Indian Standard time
1 Bitcoin equals 6120.00 US Dollar

In Bitcoin we trust.

It is not crazy!

Now the Market is not affraid, Bitcoin is trustly and the international agents (banks and governs) change their opinion.

It is a chance to improve the world wide economic system for a new order.

Thanks for your post

Post yang sangat bagus. Thank @kingscrown

Up vote aku dan follow ya kawan, biar rame.

You are so popular that you make bitcoin trend to go up when writing about it :))

Bitcoin breaks above $6,000, and $100 billion in value for the first time in its history, but i read in site when bitcoin price reach to 7500$ the price will crash and comes down what you think it will happen or not


10k is definitely possible in the medium term,however,we have to understand that the huge pump right now is due to people wanting to get free Bitcoin Gold.Hence,the main question is,whether people will sell their bitcoins after getting the gold or continue investing their money in it.But nevertheless,Bitcoin's potential is limitless as it has the capability to replace daily transactions globally.Therefore,it wouldnt be crazy to say that Bitcoin will reach 6 digits in the future.

I expect you're right-- $10K (and beyond) is not far away.

It all has me wondering how (if) Bitcoin will even be able to establish itself as a "spending" currency. Why would someone buy loaves of bread with a "currency" that could double in value in the next 90 days? I wonder, sometimes, if that's one of the challenges faced by all cryptos, in terms if being publicly embraced on a large scale.


I'm not sure BTC will ever be a spending currency, there are many others that are better suited to coming into that role. As to the volatility in all of these, much is due to it still being a very small market. As the market heads to mass adoption much of that should smooth out.

There is also a negative side as well. The forks might not go well. F2Pool has stopped Signaling for SegWit2x, JUST to be noted.

Its growing so fast at the moment!! Waiting for that next significant correction in price to jump in. Then ride it up again!!

exciting stuff, I am just waiting for people to dump BTC after the fork and load up on super cheap alt coins...DASH and ETH at around 0.05BTC? Ridiculous!


This. Much of the current gains are coming from some solid (but slow growth right now) alt coins getting traded off along with the FOMO from that guy's valet and others who can't HODL long term. It should hit 10k after the ETF's have run their course in 2018 but I no longer think this will be a $15k+ coin before it's knocked off for more versatile and specific technologies. Just think of what happened to Standard Oil, the auto, the light bulb, TV's, calculator, ISP and so on. Be careful guys. New explosions in the marketplace end up in bits and pieces more often than they end up as moon landings.

There are so many interesting posts in steemit. Read well.

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Bitcoin love..

10000 is coming by Dec 31. Happy Investing !!!

Certainly a historic day! The forks may have played a role in the increase but the overall crypto market cap has also been climbing this month which to me is even better news. This much new money coming into crypto to me signals the beginning of mass adoption. Sights are set on 10k!


Free coins will push the price much higher !!!

wow! Billion dollars is an enormous amount. I've further noticed lowering the value of our earning now but I know it will again increase soon as you said.

yea that's crazy! but it's probably going to go down after the fork. i think it's a pump and dump but i do agree that it will eventually hit that 10k mark. i've read others that say its going to be even higher than that next year.

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Post yang sangat bagus. Thank @kingscrown

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Good Post, BTC to touch 10k in three months

what will happen after the hard fork..? Will the price drop ?

Really want to step in but I always found no safe option to buy a Bitcoin in East Asia. The fee involved in every transaction ranges from 5% to 10% . The price now is quite ridiculous.
Just wonder why some safety payment measure could not be used directly to bu Bitcoin in some exchange. Visa, master and PayPal is well developed to fulfil the most secured transaction. Could anyone advise me in buying Bitcoin though such payment method?

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Thanks for the update. What do you project BTC's price by April 2018?

Following!!! :)

Thank for information

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I also think is going to 10k, but next year, in november it could go down up to maybe 3k. But I am not a prophet.

Totally agree it is the fork's hype that is getting everyone set bitcoin aside.
How far will it get, only the future can tell.

It could be due to the Bitcoin Gold next week but my personal feeling is that it is not.
Anyone knowing about the fork didn't have to wait last days to buy. Especially because we are in a bullish trend and buying later usually means paying more.
There are many people who know about the fork, but there is also many people who doen't even know or doesn't care.
My personal feeling is that we are starting to experience the beginning of mass adoption.

I just signed up and transferred my first $$$ tonight. Excited to get in and start playing. And I appreciate the updates and knowledge.

Bitcoin value going great guns. Finding lot of good information through you posts. Thanks for keep informing about great news.

Hello @kingscrown

This is a great news for the bitcoin family and all users.

Just remember: a fork can make Bitcoin better or worse, and cryptocurrencies are volatile. The future looks bright now, but just remember the volatility of these currencies...

I think that the price is going to drop quite a lot after the hard fork :)

So its good idea to buy bitcoin now?... it really feels like it will hit 10k sooner than we think... and then will correct big...

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Cant wait to see what the moon looks like. Imagine what BTC will be worth next year.

I don't think we are going to hit the 10k this year but likely we hit it early next year, say January just like this year. History may repeat itself. Well good investment meets real money.

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

This is a great news for the Bitcoin users.

Can bitcoin reach 10k before new year?

10k by dec watch. Following you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Yes we will definitely see chance of $210,000 before the end of the year! It happens FAST! And so to not go all into bitcoin would be foolish right now if youre holding fiat! At LEAST get some BtC! dont realize that holding BTC lets you have wealth in this SYSTEM that is the best money system on earth you can send your money to anyone anywhere and it is a decentralized network where people can never be rejected and so its as goo as having an unbreakable Swiss bank account that no one can ever shut down! THAT is why its value and people still dont get that!

The value COMES from people Putting Fiat INTO it! Fiat is liek a big leaking bag of water with holes in it and bitcoin and altcoins are buckets being held under this leaking bag just collecting all of the value!

Hey look on the forusm I found you are a moderator of the Altcoin subforum!!! I was just browseing and I notcied your name here!

man youre smrt youve been in Bitcoins for longer than most people here! hopefully in a few years we will be like how You aree now compared to everyuone else and peoep will be wanting steem teh way peope now want bitcoin!

Current bitcoin capitalization is 100 billion USD Dollars.
Tell me from which direction will come another 100 billion USD Dollars to double the price?

It looks like the major part of USA economy is based on bitcoin.
But it isn't.

Everyone wants the free BTG. And some expect correction after 25th. But BTC registered almost 90% growth to post its previous ATH near $5000 before its correction of around 40% till $2980. I expect the uptrend to continue for sometime even after 25th before a 30-40% correction comes in from November end. I'm confident it'll reach $10,000 eventually, but it seems unlikely before the next correction.

why bitcoin goes so high?
is there any special reason.
News always gives us info about anti bitcoin.

it will not fall below 4k again

wow hope i can have some bitcoin before it reaches to $10,000 thank u @kingscrown

10k - easy hit :-D. Resteemed & upvoted

Its Propably because people are buying due To the Hard fork expected to Happen esröy November... Everyome wants free

It's so surprising how fast bitcoin price moves up, now it's clear to me that China banning btc won't stop it from going to $ 30k before end of 2019

Thank you for the information you have provided sir @kingscrown :)

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I feel sorry for the people who are holding their bitcoins for the upcomming fork and hoping to get free cash in the form of bitcoin gold . Bitcoin cash was the honeypot and they all get suckered in. The panic will set in when bitcoin loses its value fast. Better invest in altcoins right now.


Thanks for the valuable advice @kingscrown

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Nice post

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hard to believe is gonna be 10k this year, next year for sure


Sure why not?