Whats Up Today ? [4/05/2018]

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

Our (almost) weekly series where you can shill your coins in comments.
Lets check markets first though.

Up on Top100 Caps

KCS which is a native coin for KuCoin gets high, missed boat on BNB of Binance? This is the chance id say. Only good coins here, so choose.

Smaller Caps

Almost nothing here i trade other than EXCL and i heard good stuff of ZER but hold nothing.

Other than this, most coins/tokens are red and hard to define as UP for our section.

Care about STEEM?

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Crypto movements nowadays were so slow, unlike before its too volatile - its like riding a roller coaster that suddenly rise and drop.

STEEM is my favorite, but just found BEE Token, looks very cool, Air Bnb for blockchain!!

I think EOS is still a good bet. The hype leading up to the launch should see the price sky rocket!

Very interesting. Great job!

SO many scam coins now to its getting difficult to see which are good, bad or even legit.

thanks for this post, i think it would be a nice weekend

TRX, RDD, THC...........shilling accomplished :-)
Bytecoin and RDD came out of nowhere today. Frankly I hadn't checked on them for a few days but it was pleasant surprise for me.

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excellent information man very useful!!

This is a nice breakdown of the coins chart.
Thanks alot for sharing

I saw the LOOM pump in real time on binance, it was incredible!

PS: go ethereum, go!!! :D

Sure, good post

SIA continues to build on consolidation while quietly posting higher highs and lower lows. With an ACTUAL working project where you can store files on someone else hard drive for fractions of what it costs to store on Google or iCloud...

SIA intends to target the underlying structure for the big fish like NETFLIX or major companies, not necessarily make pretty fairy dust for us to visually be stimulated by.

Not being traded on Binance may be one of the major hurdles in increasing the marketcap of this coin into solid Top20... but when that day comes, I'll have been in since .01. One of the most dedicated and transparent teams operate this platform and you can always find whats happening in the Discord channel. Slow and steady wins the race - and they've consistently remained a Top 30 coin for some time.

I wish Electroneum will be the top 5 Crypto and the more expensive the price, I have long held ETN waiting for high prices.

Interesting to see. amazing.