Whats Up ? [12.02.2018]

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Seems this will be my series. Reminds me kind of Fido Dido of 7UP.

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UCASH is a joke from MarketCap like ive shown before.

And what are you buying or selling today ?

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I love Fido Dido!


Consider this scenario:

  1. One big guy is buying A LOT of some not-so-popular coin
  2. He immediately sends to his list a newsletter telling this coin is going up (and should be, because he just bought a lot)
  3. People are jumping in, the coin goes to the moon
  4. He cashes out 10x or 100x his investment
  5. Coin tanks because its not having actual value and this dump kills it
  6. The big guru blames CRYPTO volatility for the loss and moves on to the next "opportunity"

Your thought on this?



it could work, but only if he has massive newsletter of people willing to buy nad they would buy in big numbers.
this is what pump and dump groups on telegram are trying to do - doesnt work that great for regular users, mostly because time window when thing are going into right direction are very small - you miss it and you lose.


Agree - telegram groups are even more effective because they reach the users (followers) instantly


lets hope for the best and crypto will rock


In math we trust. Even the AI robots in YouTube videos already laugh at us humans how goofy we are! Math is more predictable. We humans like and need more reliable systems. Humans printing money in a bank no thanks! We have already tried that for too long. And it's not making people happy! Crypto will still require us to work hard but it will be extremely nice for us early adopters. We will be rewarded with higher value returns since we invested faster into the future!


Aha I used to love Fido Dido! He was a cool character!


Ya i used to love to watch that add.....childhood memories......

I am still sticked to electroneum


Thanks for letting me know about that cool coin. Sounded like some Nikola Tesla stuff first haha. They had a real interesting website and project. Cool when they are targeting mobile phone users! Something that I want to see more of! Since phone adoption will only increase and people are being empowered by better devices all the time.

These days you can get a quad-core Android for as low as 50 euro! Because of Chinese phone brands wanting to position themselves as mega competitive. Starting to get tired of Dogecoin on my phone want something more exciting haha. You should check out IQeon. They are doing some phone focused stuff too but in the gaming niche!

Mobile mining will be extremely exciting with Electroneum especially since phone processors are becoming more powerful. Not sure if Apple would allow an app like that. But at least we would get it on our Android phones! Sounds good that they are aiming for the moon in 2019! 🚀


i like it


fido dildo :p

I am happy that once again the market is moving up. This seems like it will be a banner year for cryptocurrency again.


a banner year?

I just keeping maybe more increasing

Haha great stuff! 🚀 Fido Dido was a stud!

wow very good best of luck

The market trajectory is on the upward review. Appears normal service is resuming fully

Well post. if have some seconds please review my post


upvote my account thnaks

Fido man I couldnt turn up like you but I swear I gotta hairstyle like you 😎

Definitely buying Eos and Bitshares...loads and loads of it.


How you figure, buying Eos and Bitshares?

This U cash is raising a lot of questions - came out of the blue

Whats yiyr view about rchain coin??

very good I liked it tenks

Thanks for this vital information, how i really wish am holding any of the coin @kingscrown

fidofido 😂

UCash is a pump and dump.... Careful!


It's remind my childhood. It was my one of favourite add....

I really miss it badly😢😢😢

Surprising that Ucash went up 800% plus....should have bought Ucash....Do you own Ucash?

I have BTC only for now....Had couple ICO's but fell in price.


Yeyeyeyesssss. Good job

Mr. Fido is a fucking whale and owns half a billion in crypto. Sprite was just the beginning of his empire.

very good post, i like that like this ,,

Look at this..its fido dido... i love that.... and i love when crypto goes up..7up.

informative post.. thanks for sharing...

Shit what a blast from the past that was. YOu're making me feel my age. I'd be ok if it just moves sideways for a bit so I have time to fill my bags a little more :)

@kingscrown very good post, i like that like this ,,

interesante su publicación

Thanks for your valuable and informative post.We can gather a lot of information by your post.By dint of we can increase our skill that is beneficial for all steemians.
I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
Thanks @kingscrown
@Resteem & follow has done.


hey that is the 7 up character ...i used to love this dude

valued this information thanks

Wow just impressive post sir :) that video is very very nice. Thanks for sharing us :)
I fell Up 7up Hehe


special posts @kingscrown

when we were young!

I hope all of your choices are good, I am not into any single one of them.

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O good post brother, vote my account @batman31

Very good post ...
Thank you very much for this information. Very few people post so well..
Love You dear..@kingscrown💘
carry on..👌

That Fido dude seems interesting. Not really sure who he is he was never on Swedish television! But it looks like he may be related to those the Red Bull give you wings ads. It all seems to be 1 big giant happy family of random characters!

Very interesting to see those pumps like with U.CASH. If I understood it correctly you could make some serious money in some altcoins if you get lucky? But damn it exists so many! I want more Ether. I trust the geeks behind that project! And buy some EOS of course since the team behind that. Wish there was more time to research each coin!

thank you friends have shared informos, good post


thanks for the fascinating news.

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Simpson not Fido didoDQmSzd1Vo8ZhicxY43xf9Kyek2eHTCz6ZJvqojdrZdTdBdb.png

hahah @kingscrown, love Fido Dido

very imfomative,,,,

good thing that the price is much increase now.

que bien Fido, mi top 7 es otro, me gusta Populous... BTC Gold no me gusta mucho... thanks

The great Fido Dido, I'm leaving my Satoshis and I'm taking them to Steem

I think Casey Neistat looks like him.

I remember that guy! Sooo cool

Love it, I'll follow you, can you follow me?

realmente disfruto esta publicacion