Weed Marketplace from Israel Will Add Bitcoin as Payment Option!

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Telegrass is a bot based system for anonymously buying weed in Israel by popular app - Telegram.

If you have never heard of it, its a decent chat/voice application that syncs decent with computers/phones and is said to be anonymous and not broken by NSA so far.

Police did arrest few people but a really small % compared to steady users raise and new dealers joining the community.

To get started visit http://alhakefak.com/ which is the name of bot allowing to buy weed for non-hebrew speaking people and get started.

Until now app was used only by locals but now the bot whos translated meaning is

Price of cannabis in Israel is 100 NIS per gram which is around 29 USD.

Simple usage guide below.

Keep in mind ganja is illegal in Israel.

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Israel is a great country...Wish I knew about this when I went to visit...But is it illegal @td4m80? ;)

The best way to celebrate shabbat is with some mother nature if you get my drift.

Music to my ears )

Huh? Weed is illegal, the application isn't illegal though. Like the highthere app in the US, or really more like the ooiaterollcall subreddit. (Prolly gonna get some shit for mentioning the sub if any bropiates see this )

I know it is illegal. I was just trying t make a joke about it because it didn't seem like it lol.

@evanrvoss ohhh it wooshed me. My bad.

This is very promising for when I go back this Summer!

Let us know how it worked with a post :)

I'm going too, cant wait now!

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Some weird sh!t happened with the encoding or something. And just now: Transaction broadcast error.
Aren't there bots for countries closer to home? I think it is a great idea and start coding? Already looked at the API.

Upvoted myself for visibility

good post man, glad to hear that the weed shops are helping cryptocurrency grow, stoners do really have an affect on bitcoin a little bit, lol!

Very interesting that you talk about the telegram, I would like to continue learning about this subject

Get it, even to chat with real life friends. Its a decent app

Just don't sell weed to your friends ;)

Q: If someone finds me by username, messages and I reply — will they know my number?
No. Neither party will see another‘s phone number. This is similar to the case when you message a person who you’ve met in a Telegram group.
There is one exception to this: just as in the case of all Telegram messages, if you have somebody‘s number saved as a contact and you send them a message, your number also becomes visible to them. Just like with SMS. This happens regardless of how you open the conversation with that person — via the contacts menu, global search by username, t.me link, or from a group’s members page.

I didn't know it was illegal there. Regardless of that, that's still awesome innovation and application of the blockchain . Telegrass, haha, legit name as well.

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Great to see this! If the people keep pushing for what is rightfully theirs, their governments will be forced to accept the changing times and update their laws.

Don't forget the power of your vote! Let's end this refer madness prohibition worldwide!

Let there be freedom for them smokers!

amen! I just decided to free myself by moving to Oregon to become a cannabis cultivator. Check out my blog to see how its going

Everyone should be able to inhale the sweet fog of freedom in their lungs.

Legal or illegal, nobody has an obligation to follow unjust laws (in my opinion).

We have a similar thing running on the TOR network here in Sweden. A local shop where you can order some weed or other random substance (weed being the focus though), pay in escrow and get your product in the mail 1-2 days later as it is only local! (silk road anyone? hehe)

Funny enough this was actually what got me into bitcoin all those years ago, buying weed on silk road, and getting ripped off...
Thank god for the new Swedish shop, can be hard from time to time to get weed when you live in a country that has winter half the year...

Thanks for sharing this, if i ever go to Israel i now know how to get my tickle going!

You sir just got upvoted and followed!

Funny I commented today on @stan's Hero and Bitshares post saying just that; bitcoin also became (in)famous through Silk Road.

I know Bitshares and Steemit have much faster transactions but are they private? Like Zcash? Anyone? @kingscrown?

great, cryptoworld is expanding

Bitcoin might make you more vulnerable to being caught, right? Since it isn't anonymous and the police could trace transactions.

I believe that all dispensaries around the world should accept bitcoin it's a no brainer for them there money is way safer then the USD.

I don't think there is anything that the NSA can't access. Those guys are on top of their game.

That sounds like a great way to start a delivery buisiness!

good post man .very interesting

I loved the information, I hope to continue seeing post like this.

umm very interesting!

Nice post...its very useful to me...thank you so much sharing your valuble knowledge with us.keep it up.GOD BLESS YOU.

I used to live in Nyc with some israelis that told me that weed grew in ditches there like in the wild and that everyone preferred hash, is that true?

There's a lot to say about telegras, good things and bad. But they changed the israeli cannabis market. A civil ligalization. ☺
Are you from israel also?

cool :-D

one irrelevant correction though - telegram is said to have been 'broken' by the NSA. not by breaking the encryption, of course, but was something to do with the nature of smartphones and apps being insecure by design.

I guess big pharmacy companies aren't gonna be happy for this :D

Good to Israel!

Funny, i thought it's legal over there. Equally funny seeing a piece of app uberising the product xD lol

I hope the other market places add bitcoins too

Great job!!!

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Anyone know If hash is cheaper there than flower? In college my friends from Saudi always talked about how flower was much more expensive than hash, due to hash being much easier to smuggle.

Considering the flower was 29 USD a bloody gram I'd say so ... shiiiit son what self respecting heavy smoker can pay rates like that.

Amazing, thanks for sharing. Will post something about this on ISMOKE, the UK's No.1 Cannabis Channel!

Please do!

Well a lot of people seem to already buy drugs with bitcoin.
I guess that is the beauty of BTC haha

Hello @kingscrown it is possible that same thing start in asia also.

We are eagerl

Im sure it is

Craig Wright wants to make Bitcoin THE merchant payment method of the world. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@belerophon/in-defense-of-craig-wright-part-1

That's silly, the fees are way to high for that.

good post. informative

Need to buy bitcoins?

Damm that's some exspansive weed, in our country it is only around 8 to 12 euro per Gram.

Congratulations! Nice material :)

I would like to learning this tropic.

There are even cryptocurrencies for weed community like CannabisCoin, CannaCoin, KushCoin that what I can think of. I think cannabis industry will increase the demand o f Bitcoin and other Crytocurrencies more or less.

Very interesting development. I heard it here first!

A lot of stuff you can hear here first since i sail the internet in many languages to find for us daily goods

That's cool man, originally I came to see you because of @aggroed since somehow you get most of the funds (according to his graph ;) But by this comment and post, I reckon you deserve them.

Thank you for the update on this crypto. I find this quite useful!

I have been watching yours posts and comments @kingscrown. I would like to work with you on this project I am offering you an invitation of free ongoing access.

You have been invited to STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project, https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@jordanlindsey/i-think-i-ve-built-something-incredible

Hahahaa weedcoin exists

The future is here folks lol this is dope man! I'm surprised I heard about this on Steemit first... looks like the tide is changing!

Following you for updates! :)

Sweet ;)

Great post very clever!

30 bucks a gram, I would have to cut way down if I lived in Israel

nice post

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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Impressive! Great to hear....
They claim they sell around 500k$ worth per day and growing (literally).

Interesting... Curious how Israel will react to this...

Really ? This price?

Wow, interesting on how bitcoin and other crypto-coins are been put into good and promising use.

I guess people will keep adding the coins for any purpose. :) thanks for sharing

We are talking with the makers to get Ganjacoin added as a main currency stay tuned!

Israel is state of the art. Its only a matter of time before weed becomes legal in Israel as well.

Hahahah so weed is now peer to peer? Vary nice. Check what I've found about today - clitcoin :D


Curious about the strains in Israel.

Interesting post......following... we just received our licence for our cannabis business here in colorado... https://steemit.com/cannabis/@medicalsecrets/todays-product-review-from-the-farm-dubbya-deisel this app looks interesting..

Nice! <3

Is weed legalized in israel

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