VTC vs LTC vs BTC (Segwit Coins Comparison)

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This infographic goes around web now, obviously to promote VTC which is not a bad coin at all.

Personally i prefer anon coins as investments not 235235 clones of segwit but lets check markets of those.

VTC Vertcoin

Just 2 good exchanges.. Or for me, just one ;)

LTC Litecoin

This is just top10, happy to see BitFinex there since we have leverage to use.

BTC Bitcoin

This is king, not even worth comparing but interesting to see peoples favor vs LTC. BCC/MONA/ETH got spots here but fiat rocks pretty much.

There are other SegWit coins too ie VIA, SYS, MONA, DGB...

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this is a vital information.

yes I also think so, important information should not be wasted... thanks @kingscrown For important information, you are very helpful.

@zaaalim This blogpost was about Crypto Currencies. What about girls being licked by dogs and bears is relevant to this?

Nice to have

yep. I wanna much info about other cryptos.

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Down with the ghetto conspiracy trash!! Enjoy the Flag!

Nice breakdown. I own all three. Always good to diversify. VTC is having a great day today up around 26%. The halving in December should also help the price. Feeling good about all three.

I think BTC remains the best.
How about you, what do you think?

Litecoin target is $174, I call it the Jaws of Wealth!

Vertcoin is on a huge up trend! Massive potential growth in the next year. Don't get me wrong, I bought Litecoin at $4 and am super bullish about that as well but Vertcoin has some big moves ahead.

if so maybe i will try to infest in vertcoin, although i prefer bitcoin.
thanks for the information, this is very helpful.

same...If the fees were lower the graph would make bitcoin look the best.

did you create that on yourself, or whats the source?


good info thank you :)


Most "coins" all do the same thing or run on the same blockchain, so the only thing that provides value to the others is how well known they are and the news around them such as support, people interested in buying them etc etc. But all the blockchains are similar they all do the same thing besides perhaps size of the transactions that can fit in each block.

That being said other coins like Ethereum offer a unique blockchain with more features and another important keep a central development team that can alter and adapt the coin to markets and changes in the future which is very powerful.


Nice comparison,

I think STEEM is the best value because it pays people for their content...Bitcoin burns energy.

Long all 3 ;-p

i up voted ur post to the top of this post by @kingscrown who I saw in the steemspeak.com chat!
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lets make these for steemit! just download the ditty app on the google play or ios store

These Alts can't even keep up with Bitcoin. This should be the only coin people are truly HODLing. If you find a good project and see that it is undervalued, then by all means throw a nice percentage of your stack into it, ride the wave up and sell back for BTC. Bitcoin is king.

It is all about popularity, first mover advantages and network effect. BTC>LTC>VTC.

Great post

This coin to me looks a lot like bitcoin gold. Thoughts?

Rare to find an article I feel I need to print out. Good job!

Wow... Nice information
Thanks for the support

This is much needed comparison and you did it at the right time. I really appreciate it. Good job @kingscrown.

I'm planning to invest in some coins but I have bit confusion. I think it's helpful to get some expert opinion before taking this step. So, here is the scenario:

I want to invest in 3 out of these 4 coins. What would be your choice if you were on my place:
Bitshares, IOTA, RIPPLE, EOS

Keep sharing, caring, educating and inspiring more. Stay awesome. You got my unconditional support.

Steem On!

IOTA, RIPPLE, EOS good choice

As a Technical Analyst, here is my take on RIPPLE with target of $0.54

I am also in favor of IOTA and Ripple. Still thinking of EOS but not decided. I check this site below, if that helps.


I've never heard of vertcoin, looks interesting! Will this become the next 'Bitcoin' ? @ironshield

I'm definetly going to check out vertcoin.

My Technical voo doo chart shows Vert target of $9.27:

Totally agree! Im buying lots now while its cheap!

BTC is the best in my opinion and always will be ,what's your opinion ?

My portfolio consists of 25% vertcoin. I'm confident it will do well in long term. Asic resistance should be built in in every coin IMHO. Here's to a more decentralized future

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In order for me to be honest, I need to be decentralized inside and out as well. No matter, how hard we try to be decentralized not everything has been decentralized as of now. I can brag about Bitcoin to be decentralized and how good it is, but the thing is this government and all this company that I'm dealing with every day will never allow me to be decentralized. Do you really think that we are decentralized even after utilizing all the technologies that are decentralized. No, just like that what I can believe is that VTC can never outperform BTC because of our centralized thoughts.

I have upvoted this comment for visibility

These BTC transaction fees are too damn high

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I have been trading vertcoin for long now .and it's not a Bad one. thanks🙌
For the update #king

As a Technical Analyst, here is VERT Chart with Target of $9.27
This is called a cup & handle bullish pattern! Nice!

There are currently so many ways of earning online these days that people tend to get confused about all the different cryptocurrency being used.. This is really a subject where light needs to be shed on. Thank you for trying to enlighten us over the differences..

Thanks for good information, i'm also a big fan of vertcoin too.

Bitcoin or nothing, bitcoin ftw

Yea @kingscrown i agree to disagree. Because the only reason btc is still standing is because other cryptos are not decentralized and because which ever alt coin u want to buy u must get btc inorder to purchase and until when this stops btc will remain @the peak.....happy sunday to u all

Thats the perks of being the first mover


Vertcoin is a great project, I hope it continues to the rise and the information you release in this post is vital to make good decisions, thanks for sharing, greetings

good information. Thanks for shareing @kingscrown.

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Have not looked at it yet. Sometimes I buy a coin without looking at it, hodl until I can read up, then decide to sell or buy more.

comparison looks genuine.i really love btc.crypto currencies have changed the world.

Woww.. Bitcoin is the best investation.

hey @kingscrown,
Nice analysis buddy and hope it will get an uptrend & reach higher destinations.

hey I have 1 vert coin since it was on poloniex and cheap i bought at least 1! always good to just buy 1 of everything

Oh and look what some guy id to troll jaime dimon!

And Jaime dimon BACK again! With that broken arm seems like bitcoin kicked his ass! Or the Universe fuckin taught him a lesson lol

good information

excellent work!

I am also intreased in it. Nice.
Follow me plz.@technicalgurujee

Bitcoin avg. fee $5.17? Even bitcoinfees.21.co say fee for next-block confirmation is only half of it.
Even so, nice comparison.

Thank you for posting such great infos right here @kingscrown
I just followed you.

I only knew about this emerging coins from this post.
I hope I could invest before it goes up!



Vertcoin is one of my favourites, great team and always active on twitter. I remember in August they updated a tweet "refueling the 🚀 rocket" and went up 30%. They actually care!

That's a very interesting comparison table. I wish we could have a site with that info from most of the coins to be able to compare them and decide if we want to buy.
Thanks for the post!

Hi. Really nice to read about you.Best of luck on steemit. I have followed you and now you can follow me too. Do check out my page. It's good.

I definitely going to check vertcoin.

Verge Currency is the best anonymous crypto currency.

very informative! thanks for sharing

Thank you for good info.

All three will implement stealth addresses eventually, though Bitcoin may be last to the party with that (similar to SegWit).

It's neat to see how cryptocurrencies are evolving, as we slowly winnow away the inefficiencies and, by degrees, create true masterpieces. Even Steem has undergone a few metamorphoses, as it slowly advances towards perfection.

LITECOIN Target $174:

Steem is much better than those mention. High transaction fee and very slow.

Thanks! I'll have to pick up some VTC! What's the safest way to store VTC?

Good... Informative..!!

Good info......

Even though VTC got a little more advantatages over LTC, they are pretty important. Thanks for the update!

thanks kingscrown what a valuable list of information you have provided..i hope it will help all steemians..thanks for sharing..

I love such comparisons! Nice work

HI @kingscrown. Thanks for the solid post. It is always cool to read the different aspects of popular coins. Forgot that there will be 84,000,000 lite issued. Do not know that much about VTC. I will read up on it after reading your article. Thanks again.

So its not a pump and dump coin afterall

Thanks for posting. Great information!!

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing!!

Wow. I feel like all the "bitcoin-or-nothing" people are closing themselves off to a lot of good opportunities in the crypto space.
But, to each their own. It takes all kinds, I guess.

cool chart, cool information.

Functionally there are so many coins which are better than Bitcoin and it is surprises me a lot how people like to tangle themselves with old shit, to make repetitive forks instead of just change payment method from BTC to a lot of others which are more functional

Nice analysis. I am going to check it out myself. We don't always have a chance like this one.

Thanks for sharing... But for me the best still Bitcoin... I did invest in new ICO such as Eroscoin and Bitbase... Hopefully it will give me good payout... But the best and still untouched by others is Bitcoin...

Thanks for the info!

good post my friend
really good work
my friend

Decred is one to look at, although AFAICT is doen’t Have SegWit, it could easily get it if the community saw the need given its solid governance capabilities. LN and DCR devs are pretty tight and Charlie Lee has publically done cross-chain-atomic-swaps with DCR-LTC. In general, the smartest guys I know really love DCR and say it is undervalued long-term. Disclosure: DCR is one of my top 5 hodlings...

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Pretty decent data, and highly important. Also fascinating how many people upvoted such worthwhile information. I upvoted this post myself!!

If they add it to BitShares DEX I would probably buy some. :)

i am glad i came across this, thank you

BTC is in a correction now but will peak and jump back up.

sometimes it is hard to find optimal coin to invest, finally practical / real usage will be the most important

Been holding for a while now has to start catching up to litecoin soon!! Go vertcoin


Thanks a lot for sharing! Sharing is caring, as they say. :-)
What are your thoughts on ICOs? I have recently started reviewing some with my own thoughts on how I think they fit the market.

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nice information. thanks for sharing

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