UPs and DOWNs Today in Alts!

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lets check todays markets and reasons for them'


All coins look good here, i dont know Time New Bank at all. Funny that XRB is IoT coin and raced prices of IOTA everywhere.


All of those are good coins, try to catch them below this levels even at -50% or more.

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Huge correction :) but i think it might go up faster ;)

Very possible. Since last month, an ever increasing number of people had gotten into the market. Thanks mostly to bitcoin breaking past $10k - and staying above this. Plus in exchanges making it easier to buy BTC with fiat.

The newcomers would later discover the market is more than just bitcoin. They get interested in altcoins too... which they can easily trade with the BTC they now have. The price pullback will be seen as an opportunity by many to come in "at a discount". Whatever direction the market takes, the price of most coins right now is better than buying 24 hours ago :-)

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you are all wrong

The alts are coming back strong. That was a bumpy ride!

Its been a free fall for btc and alt. Is a good thing i will say as it is the best time to enter the market. I hope it rises as fast as it has fallen.

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crazy ride

I will not be surprised if we see $6,000 BTC in January.

It is a volatile market, everything could happen.

do not know most of the up wise coins

I know for sure
It gonna bounce back

Bitcoin is being gamed in the futures market by wall street. Same story for gold. It is the only way fiat can keep its head above the water

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right, arent the sales supposed to be in January?

Thanks for this update on prices. Its indeed a great time buy the coins that are down at the moment.

Unfortunately we have to deal with red days like today. Luckily, there are more green days than red, and the gains (normally) outweigh the losses. Glad to see XRP swimming against the current !

We are watching the price.

"All of those are good coins," <--- I beg to differ with Reddcoin (despite antagonising those holding it).

Its idea is good - something like Steem/Steem Power where contributors at social media (Twitter etc.) get rewarded by others upvoting. But the window to implement this had passed.

Reddcoin has become a pure speculation play nowadays. Not that one won't make gains. For this he only needs for other speculators to bid up the price, and cashing out. But project-wise, I doubt it will ever achieve its stated goal of existence.

Today, I think the market will adjust in the direction of bringing bitcoin to its real value should have. But steem will increase prices until the end of 2017. Thanks @kingscrown

Waiting for the bounce

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Bitcoin is being gamed in the futures market by wall street. Same story for gold. It is the only way fiat can keep its head above the water resteem and upvote.

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ripple is taking off.. and steem!

Despite the downturn, I am very hopeful it will rise again. I guess this is the right time to buy. I don't see it plummeting lower than this

Last 12 hours are very bad for crypto trader

It's just another buying opportunity. No need to sell!

Good news about cryptocurrency , thank you

"Bitcoin can take hours to complete a transaction." It's actually10mins per block, if your transaction is taking hours or days it's because you didn't pay a transaction fee. The system is designed so that the highest tipper to the miners gets the fastest transaction.

STRONG HAND PEOPLE!! Buy and hold!

Indeed a buying opportunity as it is on sale! With it being on the futures market the Bitcoin stock price will be manipulated so there will be NO PRICE DISCOVERY MECHANISM to know the real value. It would be better served to but STeem dollars.

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The previous month was exactly the same, and this has been several times this year so.
Now it's the case that a single large player pulls out his money everywhere where he can, and then he's going to put back right away next 6 days.

Thanks for the Info, may God Bless U

Nice post. Fluctuation in Altcoins is a normal phinominal, you win some, you loose some. I follow and upvote you. Pls do same for me.

It has been a tough day for traders for sure.

Great information. Amaizing that hempcoin remained up against btc at the top.

Just hodl.. it will go up again soon... Even my daughter know now what HODL means..

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What exchange do I have to be on to have access to all those different coins.

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Buy that dip!!!

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Bitcoin is unstoppable, it is the decentralized engine, though
transactions are public.

its already rebounding. Iota, Iota, Iota. I've been filling my boots with it

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