Try Binance and get Some Chinese Coins for Almost Free!

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I wrote about Binance many times, its currently one of my favorite exchanges and @czbinance is even here on Steemit since some time. Now they made again a fun way for you to use exchange and get some money for free on top of it.

Markets & Volumes

Now for pretty easy tasks you can get some free chinese coins.

For starters register to Binance and then you will be able to earn this numbers of tokens:

LRC is still cheap 1000 LRC is 170 USD and you get 20 on top of it.

On binance you dont have to verify yourself but if you do and deposit HSR you will get 0.5 for free. Buy HSR @ Cryptopia [on LTC pair you can buy it even 3usd cheaper) and send to Binance do KYC. 1 HSR is over 10 USD now.

This is the easiest so no special tips needed.

Why to do it ?

If you look at current prices of the coins in USD it may not be special but remember Binance and China were pumping all those coins liek crazy before the ban, i wouldnt be surprised that when everything gets back to normal and BTC stops rally some of this coins will go up 100-1000% up. So worth doing this few things and registering to this cool exchange just in case.

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so basically your saying we should get some binance because china is going to pump it?

im saying for simpel tasks you will get "free" coins and you never know what they can be worth in future.

for reference i got my first BTC for free in 2010.

i see. thanks for sharing @kingscrown. Will check it out.

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The BTC faucets of 2010 are worth tens of thousands of dollars now.

@kingscrown hmm seems to be in the right place at the right time, you sir deserve a follow Join Binance! Great new exchange with much lower fees when using the binance coin.

get some binance?? Binance is the Exchange, thats like saying get some bittrex or get some bitfinex,
i think the guy is genuinly trying to help people out, thanks for the @kingscrown

yeah I understand him now.

Nice info! Thanks for sharing!

Yeah binance is awesome, simple interface, alot of new coins added and low fees.
Thanks for sharing

Well said

Biance open to USA traders? Some Exchanges do not accept U.S traders.

Yeah binance accept usa traders, the only country banned is China

Great information you shared here... I appreciate it, will look into Binance, they got some good list of coins to trade inside.

@kingscrown I will have to look into taking advantage of this. Thank you for the great TIP !

Nice info! I will look into it, Binance and LRC token, earlier I was not aware of it, thnx for sharing ☺

Thanks for this boss, I had sen this before, but itwas while I was in a public transit and dint pay much attention to it. Ill try it out now.

BTW, are you in lisbon for steemfest? :)

Hi kingscrown,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

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It's cool that they're giving away coins and all but you have to look at the conditions in which they want that to happen. For example you have to be a top "2,500 trader holding LRC" and you get 20 LRC..... you need thousands of the coins in the first place. There's no point buying these coins for a minuscule handout.

Furthermore these coins are (excuse the french) pretty shit. The best coins to hold if you're hoping for a Chinese pump are NEO, BTC and LTC.

Sure there's a hope of these coins turning out well but the initial investment is not worth it. These coins are stagnant, maybe if you start seeing an upward trend buy in. Definitely not now though.

tl;dr Don't just buy into some coins for a free payout. This is a long term game. Do your research, be smart with your money.

If only someone hadn't talked me out of buying BTC in 2010.

Thanks sir u r given important information.

Thank you. Your shared info is always valuable to me

thanks for the information, good information

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thanks for the information, good publication

thanks for share Free coin topic....Thanks for your good info

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I always loved binance :)
My go to exchange when it comes to coins

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Thanks for sharing.

Markets in China exchange are going to open up.

It's seems like a new great exchange and as your idea may help many investors.
Well sir if possible do a visit on my blog.

what's your referral ID mate?
I'm doing an account now

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Nice, ty for the update @kingscrown I joined binance as soon as I saw them listed as a partner for Neo back during the rebrand.

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wow thats amazing...i want to try it..^_^ thanks for the info..@kingscrown

Hi all?? I like you .. if there is time please see my blog ok .. thank you.

I am ready to invest now for tomorrow

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Good to know about free coin. TY

Thats a lot of free money someday.

nice photo & super blog.

thanks this was very informative ive been wondering whether or not to use this exchange ill try it out with a small amount at first thanks

FREE i ❤that. Mama told me never turn down free stuff

Good Info for beginners !!!!

Loopring is going to totally blow up sometime soon. I've been blogging about it for a while now, it's really undervalued.

Thanks for the tip.

Well said indeed!!!!

Awesome information thank you very much! Upvoted.
I was using kraken but this sounds better and more noob friendly :)

good information

Is there referral program?

Interesting , will probably try it , but it looks like some of them require you to own some coins for the airdrop to work

Buena recopilación de información y lo mejor es gratis

I completely agree with you.

So for the TRX, do you have to have BTC balance or any balance that is greater than the equivalent to 0.003 BTC?

Thank you. Looks like I found a way to get some of those sweet TRX coins for free. Yay!

Just published my introduction post... Check it out if you want to and follow, Ill folow back! :)