Top Gainers and Losers on this BTC dump and BCH pump!

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Yesterday BCH toughed magic 0.5 mark. Lets see how our gradpa of crypto BTC feels now along with contestor BCH and other coins today with my opinion and tips.

Top Gainers

SUB and HSR are Binance driven so register there and consider to snipe some. Theres opportunity with buying from HitBTC too. IOTA is rumored to be added to Bittrex, currently best to get some on Binance as well or BitFinex if non-usa. Minex was added to LiveCoin and rocks there so far. The coin is fully mineable on GPU.

Top Losers

All of this about Electroneum can be buys, mostly Binance again (yes get there fast, many promotions there with free coins!).

Bitcoin Cash Markets

If you are from KR amazing arbitrage from BitFinex.

Bitcoin Markets

Most traded pair is BCC/BCH (currently its said BCH will be official ticker) so for now capital runs between this two in favor of BCH.

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Bitcore ( BTX ) is doing its best to replace all this btc/bch drama.

Think the chance of flippening is over. BCH
has failed in their attempt because the difficulty will adjust around now and BTC will be more profitable to mine again. so they cannot use hashing power as leverage anymore. the hard fork later today will take care that this cannot happen again in future. It is bizar that a flaw in the BCH code can cause so much damage to BTC because a few rich pumping and hyping. I don't feel sorry for the ones that lost money yesterday in the pump and dump, cost for being stupid.

At this Point it gets ridiculous whats Going on with BTC und BCH.
A change of 1000$ in just One Hour is just too crazy.
Everyone Wants to Make Profit and enters the bch train. When bch Loses worth the People get panic und take their Money also off.
There is just Not enough trust in btc or any other currency yet.
The People just want to get rich quick and thats Why it will take a lot of Time until cryptocurrencies will be used in everyday life.
Just My 2 cents

This is very interesting. Thanks again for sharing this movement message with us! :)

Oh my god digibyte is still struggling :(

I think its a good buy short-term.

That was a crazy day for BitcoinCash. Drop back to $1500 from about $2500 was just as fast.

You got me all excited when I saw Substratum (SUB) at $0.23 and 94% growth, and I got ready to sell so I went to coin market cap to check.. but it's not at $0.23 and didn't grow 94% at all :(

Dash is just going crazy now!

what's the reason for the spike?

No idea, just saw it on
I'm already juggling enough coins to follow =/

Crazy few days for BitCoin Cash. I guess because Segwit2x got canceled people rebound on to BitCoin Cash. Maybe BCH will surpass BTC within a year. We won't know til next year now will we?

It's interesting to see how the Dash grow of 18,60% ! Nice post by the way

Well good work man keep it up i like your work keep posting similar content :)

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Muy interesante lo que esta ocurriendo

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The Gain/Loss metric is not good. It is based on last transaction price. I could trade a shitcoin in the Ethereum blockchain for 99999 ether -yes, almost 100000 ETH- but buying only a minimum lot, maybe 0.000002 tokens.

That's the free trick some shitcoins use to put their trash into the radar. Quite common, for example, in CREDO.

The metric is broken. Bid or Ask price should be used instead. In special as spread in cryptocurrencies are very often extremely huge.

Which lie? That BCH is Bitcoin..

BCH = Bitcoin cash
it's the small brother of Bitcoin.

If it wasn't enough that most conspiracy oriented people think that bitcoin is the NWO currency they've all been jizzin about we also have to deal with inter bickering and low jabs from inside the community! Can't sell all of your integrity just to make a bit of money!

thank you for the info

Very good post.
I have Resteem and Upvote your article for progress and forward together.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, both will rock in future and also do not forget Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. They will also rock. Ethereum will touch $5000 by December 2018 and Ethereum Classic will touch $1000 by December 2018. Mark my words ! Cheers and stay happy! Peace and love to all !

@kingscrown good work, it will be helpful if you keep updating on this report

excellent information BHC ..... great cryptocurrency

Had a feeling Neo was going to pump more than it did

am I need to panic? I'm in new student and was sponsored $100 for initial investment. I know it's not a lot but starting to ride the train, and with this I think the train gonna crush....

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haha, yes, i got a very short sleep time this last week end.... and enough to buy a new phone, pay my rent and a large extra to trade again......