The Biggest Crypto Charts Site Equals Deonomination of USD/BTC with LTC/ETH/BCH/XRP

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

We all know the main pairs for altcoins that peopel recognize is fiat (USD or so) and BTC.

Sometimes theres also ETH (since loads of tokens initially are bought with ETH) but today the top checked site for prices - decided to add options to check prices of everything also vs LTC ETH XRP and BCH.

For charts another good site is with way more functions but still not as popular.

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This was Litecoin's Valentine's Day present to me! It really does love me!!!

This is great functionality. People are becoming less concerned with checking prices against fiat and happier to accept the value held by comparing crypto with crypto!


It is my opinion that Digibyte is one of the best crypto currencies and will make a lot of people wealthy as the adoption rate of Bitcoin grows. I'm not going to bore you with a technical analysis of the project, but rather provide my theory as to what the catalyst will be that makes the price of this coin rise in value.

The Digibyte team are geniuses from a technical standpoint. I'm sure if you are reading this you are already aware of the superior asset Digibyte is to other cryptos. The problem lies in marketing. With the adoption rate of the most popular crypto Bitcoin under 2% it is no surprise that very few people know of Digibyte and their nerdy crew. But no worries because Bitcoin is going to save the day.

As the masses become more familiar with Bitcoin and merchants attempt to implement it as a payment choice the faults of Bitcoin will become known on the big stage. I can see the morning news now talking of 10 minute wait times at Starbucks for a Bitcoin confirmation to clear. There will be a desperate search for a faster more secure payment method in the crypto space. And there with their big dicks swinging in the air will be Digibyte to the rescue. It is simply the natural progression of any new technology. Bitcoin is like Motorola and Nokia, but Digibyte will be Apple and Samsung.


Or Cardano... and they already have ADA ATMs in Asia.

Oh wow.... wonder how long until those become trading pairs on all the main sites.

hi i am a beginner in steemit

The first time I put CAD and didn't realize that coinmarketcap remembers your choice, so the next day I thought everything was UP UP UP lol right away realized when the % gains didn't match the numbers I was seeing lol

thanks for the post. didnt know about life coin watch till now, its good to have an alternative aside coinmarketcap.

Does this mean the added base currencies' prices should be expected to go up?


You look great.

Thanks, very usefulll sites

Haha exactly those two sites i use! Mostly using Coinmarketcap for a quick look and the only reason for that is it opens nicer on my phone so I quickly get an overview of the top 10. For specific search I use LivecoinWatch at my pc since as you already stated it offers more features and to be honest I do not like Cainmarketcaps graphs.
Still nice and useful that they added this!

Very good and this info is so helpful for all of us, but i have another site that is gorgeous when it comes to check cryptocurrencies prices, also you can compare your cryptocurrency to any fiat, even mine (i am from Honduras). you are welcome.

Interesting development for them to give us that option. I will certainly check it out when dealing with those specific coins but I think that at the end of the day the comparison that most people will care about is that to cold hard cash. It still drives what most people consider to be value. That is going to change over time but we are a long ways off yet.

Naow only if the major exchanges would offer cross trading in these pairs...

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news update providing.... i appreciate this post. i always your post, @kingscrown. resteemit

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Super , moc děkuji za užitečnou stránku

Am new to all this
I wish you follow as i have
Because we have good contents coming for you all

livecoinwatch is giving coinmarketcap a run for its money lately. With how much popularity and useage that coinmarketcap had there was bound to be a new site at some point.

I love the new features though it might help in letting people know there is more then just BTC!


Please upvote me. Am new here. Thanks

@kingscrown Thanks for the websites was looking for proper charts that have that will help my trading more.... Keep it up

Thanks a lot
very helpful

Thanks I use Livecoinwatch. Much more data as you said. I read that it is really growing in popularity. The coins are back! We are on a roll again. Let's hope it continues. Thanks for the update.


Which altcoin Your buy

In general, the use of coinmarketcap is more known and effective ... certainly the capitalization continues to climb

Okey, thanks

Ohhh my God people out there need to know about all this thanx to steemit we can acess some information and spred it out there

Thanks for news update

Happy to see of increasing the Cryptocurrency rate...

All fingers ain't equal Kingsy, probably not as known yet just like Steemit, but it will definitely get up out there. improving, that´s all great for us investors and for everybody that is interested in good information about the crypto markets. follows the same basics as coinmarketcap but it looks more clean, and as you said it has some others functions that are usefull.

The crypto markets have begun the week on a positive note, with the total market capitalization of all currencies consolidating around $430 billion.
The price of bitcoin high and going to $9,000 as the crypto markets continued to show signs of regained poise.


Yea it's interesting to me to see people in a panic over significant drops. This technology isn't even a decade old and you hear people talk like the train left the station. idk to me it seems like they're still building the train. Thanks for sharing the positive news


Crypto is going to be mainstream in 2018! There is no other way! :)


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greatstuff, brow !!! :)

Coinmarketcap = legend of cryptos!

Thanks for the information. I didn't know about the existence of

Good stuff dude, I am giving a small amount of sbd in my blog

I typically look at the ETH pairings myself. You just cant argue with the transaction time speeds in my opinion.

Thanks very helpful

This is Great functionality keep it up

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check out the best new crypto tracker at

....I made it from scratch so let me know if you have any questions or issues!

Thank you!

Thank you for the recommendation of livecoinwatch, will be sure to check it out! Anyone who has a phone should use Crypto Market as an alternative to check prices, and anyone who wants to trade on the phone use TabTrader. Very useful apps when you are on the go.


Price Analysistt.png

i up voted , followed and resteem it , i would pleased if you would to appreciate

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

I strongly believe that things will happen on a large scale too. Until years ago we did not think we could put a computer into a phone. Or use the internet freely. The new era is now set and it is glad that it continues at a pace that favors all those who believe in the system.

Everything is a matter of approach and what is needed at the moment.
On my profile free Bitcoin & motivation - please support ;)


A great update. Glad you mentioned livecoinwatch, as i haven’t found a real good site other than coinmarketcap, I really like the mobile layout of livecoinwatch.

Great, I'll follow you, can you follow me?

I just hope this positive beganning will continuous , the bitcoin is really impressive but it doesnt mean there is nothing behalf it inportant, great post

Considering the constant fluctuations, this is a very handy tool.

its very helpfull sir.....i found it everywhere....thanks for sharing......



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Thanks for the livecoinwatch recommendation, definitely checking that out! At the moment I still use Fiat as I know exactly where I stand with the conversion. I trade in BTC pairs but fiat just gives me a point of reference!

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

This could be such a positive thing! If people begin to stop attaching BTC and other coins values to dollars and begin to just compare it to other cryptos (it would be like comparing idk dollars to pesos) then we can really start to see some interesting progress. This is a small step forward, but, I think it's a small step in the right direction

great article buddy , kee the good worj , me i love tradin with fiat like USD and Euro

Hopefully exchanges will start pairing alts will LTC soon as well

I've always prefered CoinGeko for info, it has many features that no other have like: Developer, communty and Public interest, you should chek it out! :D
My blog too, but that's another kind of thing <2+

it's amazing how how far we have come but nevertheless whats more amazing is the fact that soon the $ will no longer be recognized as a reserve currency since the crypto assets will have taken over.


I hope to see something along those lines monjan. However, if we wish for this to progress as we want it to, wide-spread adoption is fundamentally necessary. Seeing more user-friendly interfaces is a positive sign, similar to the PC's in the late 1900's. At first only early adopters hopped in, but if we continue to see improvements in the user interface, I believe wide-spread adoption could very well happen.

Interesting article! Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

I always use coinmarketcap to view update charts on crytpocurrency,