The Best Coins to mine with GPU/CPU right now (ETH algo rocking it!)

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

This changes often and you should be checking it if you have any CPU (processor) or GPU (graphic card) and computer running when you are away from it.


So XMR then we have ETH and its fork ETC then again ZEC and forks. Anon coins seems to be rocking.


As usual this guys mine XMR as main coin from their stash. They have easy app to do it with installs for WIndows, Linux and MAC. Just register there and run it for test.


This is only for WIndows but has best rates, currently, ETH is chosen.

What To Mine

Interesting that this site shows ETH and its forks as best one for efficency. The best is, of course, NiceHash since it spreads power over everyone mining the forks.

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Ok now this is really useful information! Haven't mined in years as assumed it was all a waste of time, but given all the alts I see more has opened up!

yeah even staking is profitable. You can make some good money in general in the crypto space.


Look for ICO/Token pre-sale, & when they are offered to the public on an exchainge such as; Bittrex or Poloniex. ICO's are great investment opportunities opportunities

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lulz so expensive!!! Made of gold or what?

I wish it was cheaper but this is the lowest price we can go for product that is fulfilled by a 3rd party dropship partner.

HAHAH are you using Marketing Heros methods for marketing steem related merch? pretty smart, but hey u should just print the stuff onto some sort opf cheap material like the mousepads are anyway

i dunno just keep going, im just suprised u got as many upvotes as u did lol u should have started your post wuith somethiong related to mining ethereum and monero and then g into the mousepad, create a segway!

ohh that's sad. Alright good luck on sale!

@kingscrown When you say ethereum is the best coin to mine on GPU/CPU at the moment, I think you need to check the Difficulty chart of ethereum how It's going up since last 2 days, keeping in mind that It's not profitable as much as It was 3 days back... kindly take a look !

yeah man i made 0.3 ETH prety fast but now it's taking me forever just to get to 0.32 , difficulty definitely went up recently, but whatever its supposed to do that, i should have just done more terahash at dammit i only goty 4 Terahash for life and i could have gotten like 10 or 15 and i would be making like $10 or $15 a day instead of just $5 a day oh well when bitcoin goes up ill be making a lot more!

Steem is where its at for pepopel who cant afford to mine! Mining steem with your mind is the best, its taxing and hard work and its just an honor to have the abiolity to do hard work !

I love the idea of mining steem with content, and it really is a good comparison seems like its a stretch at first but now I realize its true, and delegated proof of stake, its such an interesting concept and it seems to be working great, and eventualy we will see a massive surge in price that wont go back down liek we will get to $5 ad then it will never go back uneer, i cant wait, its gonna be amazing

the time will come when EVERYONE will be redeemed, so no matter HOW much steem you have or lost you will have your stem 5 x in value or so, something crazy like that, even steem going to $2 will double our money and that might be good enough, but imagine $3 steem yeah 3x our money, it will be sweet! But just imagine when we DO double and triple our money! It will ALL be worth it!


DO YOU REALLY think Steem will be $1 by this time next year???? hahaha dude in 1 year steem will be WAY higher! Also AL crypto will be way higher! Imagine 2 or 3 years My God Steem will be in the $100 to $1000 range! It will be SOOOO epic!

@ackza Dear these cryptos are unexpected & their trends are not like FIAT, in one hour the price of bitcoin fluctuates to the floor or to the moon. but surely this platform has something to invest in today. Good Luck & check my latest forecast for upcoming week, after 2 hours.

Is steem possible to mine in a laptop? I always wanted to try it or is their a cloud mining for steem? Thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Here is 10 cents for your question lol
quick answer no u cant ust mine steem on a laptop because steem is not proof of work like bitcoin or ethereum....u mine steem by making posts! steem is not proof of work like Bitcoin or Ethereum u dont mine like that,. Ther are Wutnesses who get paid to Witness transactions but its different u can apply to be a witness but u need to have people vote for u and u have to pay for server space etc but then peopel canget like 300 steem a day etc or depends, but yeah dont worry u cant find some shrotcut to get free steem by just mining it like that at least not in any eas way your thinking of

just stick to mining other crypto currencies like monero using Minergate on your laptop
thats the signup link forminergate go regiter and download the program to start mining on laptop PC mac or linux, and its safe u can look it up they have a huge mining pool for many altcoins, u can mine ethereum ethereum classic Monero bytecoin and a few others but ya monero works best for a laptop, if u have a GPUmine ethereum and use CPU to mine monero or bytecoin and ya just use to mine and for steemit just create post! make content

to mine steemit just create content! mine steem with your mind as @stellabelle pointed out to me!

Is that a link connected to your mining account? That sure would be deceitful if it is as you didn't inform anyone that if they use it they will be contributing to your miner account.

To the moon!


whattomine is just a snapshot of most profitable coin to mine on particular day. It doesn't means its practical to mine for a long term. I agree with @cryptogenius. And Metropolis update is near, it's meant to make the difficulty so high that it's not mineable anymore aka Ethereum Ice Age. Refer to my post!

100% true. Since the last update, ETH has become exponentially more difficult to mine. Stay away from mining ETH for the time-being. I'm sure it'll go back down soon when the next update rolls out. hopefully,... For now I'm just mining BTC and some Zcash. Even BTC is becoming more difficult. SBD and STEEM still seems to be pretty strong, especially since SteemIt has made its' place on the net. Whoo hoo SteemIt!

Minergate is a great software for inexperienced miners. I used it to mine monero in January when monero price was just about 4 dollars. It was quit easy even with ordinary laptop core I5 Cpu

Why did you stop mining?

Shhhh more for us!

))) I have tried to mine yesterday on my notebook Verium.... notebook become too hot and I stopped it

LOL cant take the heat! hahaha see mining brings in the POWER of the universe! you can melt snow! it is like a nuclear reactor! hah just go on spend the money get a 1 TH lifetime plan u will make $1 a day for life u wont regret it :D or go ahead and buy some ASIC miners but seriously thats pretty crazy

im thinking iof investing more money in bitconnect since theyre giving really nice daily returns on the volatility trading of bitcoin, seems liek a great surefire way to earn

but instead i want to create my own bitconnect, make my own to see if its even possible and put all my loans on a blockchain everyoen can see and inspect, anyway i think we need to just stick to steemit instead of mining

if u really want in the mining game maybe we should do the whole refgeralthing with genesisi like @craig-grant or @trevonjb i dunno why we wouldnt just try to copy their success or at leasta small fraction of it...we should be able to create youtueb channels getting people to invest in genesisi mining referal links!

i like the excitment :)

ASIC miner is better than It takes a half a year to back investments. I am not crazy about mining. Just trying to understand who mining works.

no asic miner takes up electricity and it can break then ur fucked, with u let other people worry about that u just get truly passive income

TROLLS. Stay away from Bitconnect.

Awesome post!! 👌🏾

Definitely looking into mining but still deciding what to invest in...

At current price at ETH, GPU mining with small rig is not profitable that much. However, there is another way of DPOS mining with Masternode. @kingscrown, I hope you will make another post on Masternode,

ouh my god, so much crap coins. Do you hold any of them? If yes, did you make money with staking?

I like and few others :)

as Ethereum transitions from proof of work to proof of stake we will see a lot more people getting interested in proof of stake , and Proof of take itself will grow as a vioable means, like better than fiat and inflation haha its better than the federal reserve! shit maybe federal reserve will switch to a proof of stake premine :D anyway we will see a LOT of people gettiung intertested in steemuit and steem blockchain because of our delegated proof of stake system!

Steem and Steempower will be worth SO much! When steem price goes up the upvotes go way up too! hah just wait guys just waut

@kingscrown you will be in charge of like a dozen writers and youll have your own steemit MAGAZINE it will be epic youll have your own SubSteemit "community" like a subreddit yeah man u will need writers! youll have like a magazine on steemit more so than uyou already do!

bro $10 steem price this year just wait :D:D:D:D

Thank you for this great post! Really wanted to start mining, however, the difficulty is very high!

This surely needs to be resteem for others to be aware 😊

Again, thanks @kingscrown

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

Has anybody tried to mine Civic?

It is not possible to mine Civic, because it is just a token on the Ethereum Blockchain. I think you can earn some Civic if you do some stuff for them(facebook connection for example).

It's good time to buy Civic right now

Good question

Hey Kingscrown, have you experimented with the intensity or Xintensity for nice hash legacy v1.8.1.3? I love my rx 480's but I was shocked when I hooked up mys sons old 290x and it runs at 31.6 mh/s on eth/decred dual! The fan is loud as fk though lol

damn i just have a laptop :(

I've never mined. Can a powerful laptop do the job?

My 4770k gets around $10 a month

And it only costs you about $24 a month to run that laptop. what a deal!

I'm running it with 7 rx 480' it's gunna run anyways. X a 500% increase since I posted. SOOOOO ...ya it was a pretty good deal. Your a thinker lol

Hi, not really, you need to buy and build custom miner

yes just use minergate and you will mine something nice but not much u need to use ASIC miner or use service like i have 4 TH i paid $600 for and i get like $5 a day its great lifetime contract (while profitable) its amazing i never have to worry its REAL passive income!

Thanks for putting this all together.

As usual, XMR is most profitable for CPU and ETH is most profitable for GPU.

It will be interesting to see which Currency will take over Ethereums position after they move to POS.


Oo nice and very useful info :)

I think i should set up my own operation at home! thanks for sharing this its very valuable info.

You should first check how much you pay for your electricity. If you are trying to mine Crypto in Germany most of the time it will not be profitable.

yes, unfortunately here in Uruguay the electricity costs are very high so it would probably not be a wise move. But I have joined a company online and they do the mining for me.

you should just get some contracts at all the hardware and the electricity costs and the risk of the hardware breaking its SUCH a headache and the heat and noise its a HASSLE bro WAAAAy nicer just setting it all up with buttons remotely with a service like i paid $600 for 4TeraHash and i get $5 a day its so fuckin awesome, its not as cheap anymore

but look around u might still find some good deals, try finding each Bitcoin lifetime mining contract 1 Terahash for $150 or less but $200 is still ok if you cant find one less, even $300 is what u have to sopend on now, but i giot em for $130, fuck i shoulda bought more when i could a few months ago

we need to really just need to create more high quality posts on steemit, THAT will attract the users

Real solid information

Just setup Minergate to mine XMR

yes use my affiliate link to signup to Minergate free :D haha

Haha I already have an account :P But others if you are reading this please use the link above (y)

The ETH algorithm maybe goes gold with AMD GPUs, but it isn't that profitable with Nvidia cards.
With Nvidia you should go with Equihash or Lyra2REv2 algo.

I have a few Asic miners I could break out. I wonder if they still work. Thanks for the post, very informative.

how fast are they? Try em!

Nice post with lots of information.

Hey @kingscrown thank you for the information.

Nice hash is only for 64bit windows based system and minergate is not much fast I used this but after 2 weeks I didn't get any earning CPU mining is totally west of time so go forward and buy some good graphic card :)

Great post thanks for the mining info I currently use minergate!

First I really don't know what is GPU/CPU. After reading your post I know about it Thanks for this information Knowledge:)

The Best Time To Buy and Hold BTC

One of the big online shopping site Amazon going to accept Bitcoin(BTC) next month 1 October.
So the price of BTC going to increase next month. The big Trade Marketers are hoping that next moth the price of BTC will be $5000+
So everyone buy and hold BTC.

It is a lot of signs to buy Bitcoin now. I wrote yesterday ONE MORE SIGN TO BUY BITCOIN NOW

CoinWarz are the best!!! :)

This week is Zcash time to mine with GPU for 30% more (on the spot) profit versus ETH. Good article for the writer, and don't forget to check daily the difficulty in order to adjust to best profitability !

Thanks for posting sounds good I might give this a try!

nice information.....thanks

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I am mining Zencash :)

It's a coin with great potential for miners and already profitable

This is well done thank you for the mining info. I'm trying to find ways to max my mining profits at the moment.

No doubt day by day bitcoin is booming around the globe
Even i tried minergate to mine cryptos but didn't get the good response
Anybody have idea regarding to this. What to do to get more


your post is always worth to read....thank you for recommending us what to do ..looking forward for more post

The best coin to mine with GPU is only XMR and trust me guys I had tested it by myself, or you could go for cloud mining like genesis, you could make some bucks with cloud mining but GPU..!!! Not really a good idea my friends.

@cryptonia Not really, it depends on what brand of GPU you have. I got 4xGTX 1070 and I will make more mining a equihash like zcash or hush. Then XMR or ETH. So it is all depends on your GPU.

Better to go with genesis, you can seriously make some bucks with that.

verium is exelent for cpu exclusivity too

Thanks for sharing with us.

I'll give a try to all of these, lol.

If you're going to mine Monero, I recommend you use xmr-stak which exists for CPU and GPU (AMD & NVIDIA) versions. Using minergate is easy but it isn't really the most optimized miner.

I had 210H/s CPU and 60H/s GPU in miner gate app, with xmr-stak I got 240H/s and 100H/s respectively. went from 270 to 340H/s (+25%)!!

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thank you!! good posting

Mining is a pain in the ass when your a novice like me at computers

good awareness. Last time ti tried NiceHash but was not supporting my CPU

That was quite informative.
Thanks for sharing.
I have never mined before and I am thinking of doing it.
Any suggestions?

Great post . Thanks for the information ...

Upvoted and resteemed! Have you guys checked VirtCoin? It's growing steadily right now!

I tried to download Minergate's GPU Miner but the interweb says that their security certificate expired a couple days ago.

It is interesting that the price of the etherium has sharply increased over the past three days.

@kingscrown : Thanks for the information man. I have installed minergate in windows 7 64 bit ,but somehow after it got sucessfully installed ,it's .exe file is not opening,any idea what's the problem?

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presentation of article with attractive graphics, impressive.

Thanks alot.. This is a good information.

nice post, really helpful.

follow and upvote me, i will do the same to you. i really do.

This is incredible! Love it. @kingscrown

Thanks pal, but this seems a good summary.
Currently, nicehash returns is not bad with various algos, it mine mostly Equihash & NeoScrypt lately, returns bitcoin by default (current version: Legacy version v1.8.1.3 & I am mining with it along with EWBF for zcash. Probably will try out Minergate since I am quite positive for privacy coin's future.

This is great. I was just checking for the best mining options right before you posted this. Thanks for sharing the information. ETH was one of my top choices.

Thanks pal, but this seems a good summary.
Currently, nicehash returns is not bad with various algos, it mine mostly Equihash & NeoScrypt lately, returns bitcoin by default (current version: Legacy version v1.8.1.3 & I am mining with it along with EWBF for zcash. Probably will try out Minergate since I am quite positive for privacy coin's future.

Hi, nice to read about you.
i am, Jahid Hasan, from bangladesh,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you. so, can also follow me plz.and plz upvoted my post.
best of luck...

is btc cash not good right now ?

It ca not be mined with GPU/CPUs. You need to have ASIC miners to mine that, which are not easy to find.

I have been mining Ethereum with Gtx 1060 6gb cards for three months. Due to the recent outrageous difficulty increase, I finally decided to switch to Zcash. According to mycryptobuddy, ethereum mining with current prices with a single Gtx 1060 brings $30 monthly, while Zcash brings $37 and Monero $25. This calculation may change in any time with a change in coin prices, that's why I am planning to decide which coin to mine in weekly periods.

Having my major investments stuck in BCC and LTC I regret not putting in more money to invest in ETH, I feel like when OCT update hits , the price might shoot up as well

I appreciate posts such as this one because it makes life a lot easier for us who are fairly new to cryptocurrency but looking further into investing time, energy and currency. Thanks

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Helpful info. Thanks

comment gagner de l'argent euro bitcoin dollar facilement 300 $ par jour a 2017 .2018

Thank you! Your posts motivated me to start to mininig

i interest woth minergate...

Gracias por la información, hay muchas cosas por minar!!!

Ok now this is really useful information! Haven't mined in years as assumed it was all a waste of time, but given all the alts I see more has opened up!

Hmm, thank you for your recommendation

I have just dipped my toe in the world of cryptocurrency. I found this post very helpful and have just started to mine with nice hash (literally the app is setting up my site). thanks!!!

Does mining coins do any damage to your Computer/Laptop?

It might do some overheating if u r not careful.

Wow, I was yesterday thinking about finding CPU mineable coins only. Thanks for providing this info. So Monero is what we should be mining from our PC.

Still a bit lost on the nicehash mining as I’m using the new software. Question, so I can mine other currencies using the legacy software?

I have a 12 gpu rig. I have tried mining all sorts of things... But I always come back to Ethereum. Not only is it doing really great right now... But I believe the value is set to increase rapidly. %268 this year a lone. That's pretty intense. Considering the upcoming forks and the fact that it is still heavily in development. I think we are just beginning to see the value of Ethereum approach even reasonable levels. Appstores like Toshi and what not are already up and running. I believe we could see a real break out and that, of course, always puts a smile on my face : ).

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Can you prove that this algorithm works? The phrase "randomly generated dataset" doesn't sound much confidently.

Zclassic ZCL is the most profitable right now 1/26/2018

Building a rig as I type


great ideas and suggestions!

Thanks for this wonderful information, I know just one of this platform mentioned. Will definitely look into others to see how it goes.

This great post, Thanks

Thank you for those great information mate !

Thanks for the info. I use Minergate and the smart miner recomends me XMR, but it's more difficult than they say.

Thanks for posting. Mining is still pretty much a mystery to me so I'm trying to go over as much info about getting started as I can find right now. Will follow your account to learn from your posts.

Just a great man who dares to do that and only a great person who keeps traying and traying lagain .I am very impressed with this article.Thank you , check this :

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Currently #1:

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Why does antivirus block most of these miner files? It's frustrating. Anybody else facing this?

Not really, what are you using?