Soferox ICO - Twin Blockchain and Proof of Pact Algorithm

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This is another interesting ICO i saw lately. What mostly interested me is their unique alghoritm called PoP and a new blockchain.

Not something run on Ethereum or Bitshares but a fully new chain with new technology.

Soferox Idea

Ths idea is complex but they want to make a blockchain that has no fees, allows swaps between multiple coins, has vaults, wallets and kind of blockchain banking inside. Hard to keep explanation short but this image shows functions in easiest way.

If you want to full read and check whats this about see their whitepaper at

Good summary

Soferox has been conceived and designed to bring
the first free way to send, receive and store the
most popular and favorite cryptocurrencies. We will
be offering individuals and companies the ability to
create invoices, send and receive payments, multicurrency
wallets, and act as a safe and secure
vault, all while charging no fees. As the project
grows and expands we look forward to adding
more features to open more avenues and appeal to
more markets to facilitate converting more fiat
currencies into cryptocurrencies.

Many Currencies For ICO (Currently 30% bonus)

What currently unusual is that the tokens value is pegged to USD so we are capable of using many different currencies to enter.
Currently they have 30% bonus on all deposits and this is so far what they got.

To join you have to anonymously register all needed is email.

As usual before buying do your research!


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I like the idea but as an investor I'm like, "Shutup and tell me how I'm going to make money."

Skimming the whitepaper I don't see how this is a profitable investment.


Now comes the important part, how do we make money to keep offering these services? Through the
investment of funds, trading on the crypto market, and returns on investments in other ventures we are
looking to ensure the continued funding of the Soferox system.

So trusting a third party to make money? Sounds like bitconnect

Why wouldn't I just use omiseGO as a multiwallet?


Nice find, i think (as ive understood it) its fully decentralized and just funds that you put into vault (not the wallet!) are kind of used for investment. But hopefully others speak and clear this part

Great that you actually did what i said and READ the whitepaper!


I would have to agree. With white-papers that are rich on technical detail but poor in exhibiting the business model with a demonstration of inherent token value, I generally pass. That said, even the general description I'm seeing here doesn't get me excited.


Cryptoguru in the making meets cryptoexpert, match made in heaven, thanks for the informative post. Cheers :)

thanks for sharing!!! keep it up!!!!

Thank you for the lovely post, wishing you all the best.:) information is sure to come in handy, but more than that, it gives me great confidence to know your hard work is being the useful.


I will second that!!

Let's see what they will do.

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Thank you for the information @kingscrown
I think really far ahead by it's technology good ico to invest.
Regards @oodeyaa

Another interesting post @kingscrown. It's possible to make the blockchain no fees for that. Thanks for the info.

Didn't hear about this one yet. Thanks! Nice post.

I think usually|this can be} often a useful post and it is very helpful and educated. consequently, i might would like to thanks for the endeavors you have created in composing this string.

This post intrigued me to check details for Soferox. This will help many if it does not do the same mistake that Poloniex did. Thanks for sharing @kingscrown. Appreciate it.

By the way, I liked King's gif:

Looks good

This really sounds promising I like the fact that it is an ICO that uses it's own new technology and not Ethereum

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good info, I will investigate about it, I hope it is decentralized as the blockchain BTC and ETH, thanks for sharing!

Best proof,
Nice, i like it the your post, thanks

Finally something which puts everything on the same place if I get it rigth. And a bless to say goodbye to all the fees for everything. In a way it could get a higher trade volume and atract new people to the cryptocurrency

Thanks for sharing an informative post...

First question: does this blockchain have its own token?

Second question: Is this token ultimately inflationary or deflationary?

This one sounds very interesting, is the ICO already running on their PoP blockchain or the Ethereum. If its running on their own blockchain then getting some actually stats on their scalability would share some interesting light...

Good post keep it up

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thanks for sharing keep it up

I think that the expectations are good... n should be...however the real test is TIME.... we will wait to see it through rough times ahead...especially when the market recovers...

good post @kingscrown

It's useful.

thanks for sharing

everyone should try this exchange .

Wow...this is very interesting..let's have a try..if we can do exchange with out any fees why not?

Thanks for this article and to a new ICO discovery @kingscrown

great decentralized opportunity again

Can't comment on the topic till I finish reading some of the White Paperbut I had to point out two typos I noticed while reading.
Ths idea is complex :: the
If you want to full read :: fully

A free of cost bank and exchange is great news. Especially when governments are focused on banning cryptocurrency.

Does a contraction occur if at one time?

Thanks for this one. I will look further into it. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks for shearing and clear explanation.

Thank you for sharing this information :)

what graet job, I realy like your post, upvoted and followed !
best for the next

how it compare to steem n steem dollar.. i think steem is much more better. and already implimented in good ways

Buen post amigo, Upvoted, pasate por mi blog, me interesa esa informacion. Saludos

thanks for sharing!!

lots of cool services it offers thanks for sharing about this ICO

I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash. upvoted and following you. please do same

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thanks for sharing, informative post

Hey where did you go. Bitcoin is like almost at 20,000. I'd like to hear your thoughts?