Sneak Peek at New Bittrex Design

in bitcoin •  last year

Today richie of Bittrex trolled people with a tweet.

People got mad in comments

But the stuff you forget is Bittrex is an amazing business but these guys still have a sense of humour. Actually, he meant new Bittrex is coming to be live soon and currently on you can see how it's going to look and work like (we do expect more features than this sneak peek).




Also, you will be able to load back history of trades in each window (it was cancelled on Bittrex right now)

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I also do think there will be more features, and more functionality. But yeah they roasted them on those tweets. LOL. I started my crypto journey on Bittrex and it's been good to me. I have since moved on to use Binance more but I still have a few coins on Bittrex, I still think it's better than a few other platforms out there, functionality wise.

The New Bittrex:

50% will love me, 50% will hate me, but none can ignore me 😆

Looking good. It could have done with a refresh and this looks like it will hit the mark.

Welcome to the new design, hopefully will also bring new situation in the future global economy with Cryptocurrency base

Wow..... I love the new interface its smooth and simple. Thanks for this info @kingscrown.

Very neat and simple. I like it. Upvoted and resteemed. :/

Very nice post @kingscrown..nice to know you..This is a good information.

@kingscrown Not bad...not bad at all! Steem on and best wishes to you always :D

Yeah, I agree with the response it got. There are more important things to do than that. Like allowing new sign ups for instance.

Very nice post.thanks to share brother

Binance rocks! Done with Bittrex. Its no wonder they grew into biggest Crypto exchange in just 8 months.

How come that you almost got 500 upvotes with only 12 comments? People use to talk ehen there is a post like this... I suspect that it is the lack of activity on Steem that makes its presence sensed.

All make for the convenience of their customers and users.))A very good idea for the goods ... I signed up and voted forward to reciprocity)

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I have read a bit about bittrex and I share with you that it will have many more functions and more functions

I am interested in making an investment in Bittrex in cryptocurrencies but I am from Venezuela and it has been difficult for me. In Venezuela bittrex is the most used platform for crypto.

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