SegWitx2 Cancelled It Seems!

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

So after all disruption and problems on BTC seems Segwit2X devs decided to not fork the chain for now.

Markets already decided this is good news and BTC is going up in 8k USD direction and then instant dump came.


BFX as usual drives price, BitMEX also going well for leverages.

Predictions ?

BCH aka Bitcoin Cash should raise now since Segwitx2 camp si mostly there. LTC may loose a little since it was mostly counting on BTC disruptions.

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Sheesh. SMH.


I feel like Jon snow would feel if he lived in Florida and realized that winter is not coming!

Let's start the party now! volatility mode: ON

Bitcoin to $10k 🚀
Lovely news. Let's go. Now let's see how the alts takes this news. I was waiting for the fork. Guess that's probably no longer gonna happen. Thanks


$10, hehehe, maybe in the next world of ours. However, the market is booming now.


@gunneresq Oh. You missed the k in front. Get better glasses next time 🙂😂


lol, i literally need the glasses.


Ok. I'd supply you when you are ready.

I just made a post regarding this as well.Does that mean we see a bull run continuation to 8000

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I'm kind of glad about the announcement but if the fight rages on, it's only going to make more investors nervous! Anyway, I enjoyed the ride so far. Please also check my articles:

This is really a good news. I think I prefer BTC community together and acting with one mind rather than frequent forks. People keep buying just to double their coins. I would prefer the value/price of BTC rises naturally rather than via hype and pump news.

In my opinion, BTC prices may bear down soon. I think it will pull back. I totally agree with your prdictions for Litecoin and BTG.

Thanks for sharing @kingscrown!


Agree. Good news. Market seems confused though. Up to 8000 and then down to 7500. Guess everyone was ready to buy alts from the fork, and now they're sticking to the plan..


Yeah. I knew it was just a matter of time that alts will always win. So for people that bought the dip....they should get ready to moon!
Full throttle!

i personally dont like forking.. before 1 month of forking, altcoins start to bleed badly and need to stop trading completely... so after long time we will see some positive movements on altcoins..

A sad day for Bitcoin, indeed: the corporate takeover of Bitcoin has been successful thus far. May there be a flippening in our future, so that we might have a dominant chain untainted by SegWit.

thanks a lot for the update my friend.

IMO more new coin split will hurt the creditably of the whole group. The limited supply argument is pointless if each fork there is some extra coins created.

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Not really sure how I feel about this. I know a lot of people say this is a good thing, but i'm still mixed. I know a lot of people transferred alt coins into BTC to take advantage of the hardfork. Now that it's cancelled, I expect people to transfer back to alt coins. But BTC hasn't dropped as much as I thought it would. I guess it wasn't that big of a deal?


Literally me right now

Excellent news for bitcoin! Confidence level should rise for investors but not so good for those after free coins ;)

Isn't the most important thing here that FEES will remain still so high? Most people counted that fork will change it, now we have to wait.

Great post

Guys interesting market follow up and earlier intuition.. will prove to be a good read... follow the post if you can..

Great is goin to affect etherum?

@kingscrown, great news for crypto industry. always hope for the best. thanks for updates.good luck.

I think this is a good thing. Thanks for the info..

Great post and good news

That it's much better.
The things were going crazy with that forks.
Altcoins are going down because of it.
All together much better, like a good family.
Thanks for share!

Are you kidding me? What kind of devs are running the show

Bitcoin will fall down...and all alt will go up!! Buy alts!

thank you for this informations

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The source is legit. Confirmed by Erik Voorhees on Twitter:

And also by Charlie Shrem which was also retweeted by Jeff Garzik:

NO2X, No Hard Fork! Huge news!

Bullish news for Bitcoin Cash!

Not sure if the fork wont take place @kingscrown


thats why i say "seems" :)


With more emphasis on "not"

Luckily I was holding a handful of VTC & ETH at the time and was paying attention on my lunch break! Increased my portfolio roughly 17% in the span of 1hr :)

Now I dumped it all back into BTC...hope it goes up from here!

Great news. I thought it will achieve to aim. Now, bitcoin can run for 10K.

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This is the best news we could get. There was no way Bitcoin forking would have helped with all of the drama.

Thanks for the informations

Nice to see some of the alts pump though

I see no reason to stop a bear run after the cancellation announcement

But i agree with your prediction on litecoin and bitcoin cash for the short run

Thank you buddy for sharing information! This is really a good news.

forking adds altcoin sadness ... I became dizzy

I also do believe that bitcon will go further up.

the storm is over^^

Is there an exchange which Supports Steem and iota?

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Imagine this fork actually did happen, what a nightmare... "IMPORTANT: to keep the community together"

The main question is: Where will BTC price go in the next few days. Those expecting dividends in the form of a new coin might sell, but reduced uncertainty should increase demand.

Hey kingscrown,
Nice work sir

The cancelled Seg2x its a very good news for crypto world , the decentralisation is the most important ! long life BTC

I guess this means no disruption for my Bitpay card... they sent out emails saying that during the HF not to charge up your card- good news indeed (the whole thing sounds completely unnecessary to begin with!)

This is like big scam

I guess we haven't seen a heavy "all in" in altcoins because people haven't received the "free money" we expected

One thing gives me pause: They are suspending the fork, not canceling it. Lot's of wiggle-room in that statement.

Much better because it only double the transaction fee.

Does this mean that things might get back to normal? Cheers

Bitcoin dropping like a Hot Potato lets hope altcoins see a rebound

Segwitx2 was meant to be doomed

Bitcoin go baby go. Reach $10K before Christmas.