Sapphire and ASUS to sell GPU cards made specially for cryptocurrency mining!

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I rememeber when in 2013/14 it was hard ot buy any GPUs due to whole boom on cryptocurrency. Currently due to raise of ETH price also loads of shops dont have GPUs to sell, and people sell overpriced cards on ebay and alikes.

It took few years but now Sapphire - the best AMD cards producer decided to make cards not for gaming but for mining and market them this way!

NVIDIA had rumours of making headless cards but Sapphire just announced they have them almost ready.

There will be AMD Radeon RX 470 and 560 cards tweaked for cryptocurrency mining usage.

They are currently available for preorder.

Sapphire Radeon RX 470 Mining Edition 8GB
Sapphire Radeon RX 470 Mining Edition 8GB(Samsung)
Sapphire Radeon RX 470 Mining Edition 4GB
Sapphire Radeon RX 470 Mining Edition 4GB (Samsung)
Sapphire Radeon RX 560 Mining Edition 4GB

To reduce cost of making they will be withotu display outputs. The Samsung chip cards are said to overclock better than usual. Card will have just 1 year warranty due to expected overuse ;)

ASUS Joins

We dont know many details yet and its not officialy signed by NVIDIA or GeFOrce brands but its already listed by using their system at MINING-P106-6G. Details below.

They also gonna sell ASUS MINING-RX470-4G based on similar as Sapphire system with ports on the card but not usable.

I expect soon this GPU companies may start producing ASIC chips and this is where its gonna get interesting.

Current Best Coins to GPU Mine

Ethereum and its a likes with HUSH (based on Zcash) looking good. NiceHash auto choose of coins and algos works good as always too. Just register to their site and download miner - it will auto choose best coin and best alog for your computer setup (on windows!).

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Finally they are catching up with the crypto craze.


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I have not mined in a few years but would consider getting back into it as a hobby. Would be a great project to do with the kids. Where I live electricity is expensive so it's not highly profitable but it's certainly educational and fun!


I have been trading cryptos for some time now but I am thinking about setting up a rig... Does anyone on Steemit have any recommendations? I am making a shopping list of items on my wish list. Does anyone have a list of top of the line items that should be on list? Just trying to get into it as a hobby. Thanks mates.


It comes for a price similar to a GTX-1060 while the performance is almost the same. In that case is better to buy a GTX 1060 because you can also use it for gaming, or you can sell it:


Totally agree.
People forgot that those mining cards will be difficult to be sold.
Real 1060s are better for me.


That's true but, I have seen some old Bitcoin ASIC miners being sold for quite a bit on Amazon. Given many of them could not even make back in electricity what it costs to run them. Seems people are willing to pay for miners without doing the math first. Still like you said an Old legit GPU would probably be easier to sale.


I don't think math matters these days. People are buying for coin appreciation.


have you tried checking on a few profitability calculator sites ?

Could be worth taking a look!


The blue pills are 1 dollar the red pills are crypto's :


Time to buy some Asus shares then. NVIDIA and AMD shares when boom because of crypto mining cards.


you nailed it. At this point they are the only ones gonna get rich.


Make sure you pick a crypto that isn't about to get a difficulty bomb.


Yeah What do i need to set up a GPU rig i need that

This is awesome! I hope this also makes it easier for me to finally buy an AMD card at market price for gaming!!


yes it will be

This is genius, businesses that stay in business pay attention to the market. I live in the Silicon Valley and my 3 buddies who I workout with are at NVIDIA literally 5 blocks from my house told me last week Wednesday they had a meeting about an off campus NVIDIA mining building they were projecting this Fall in Gilroy, CA. BOOM!


I'm surprised they haven't done this earlier. If you go to your local computer store nowadays, it is very likely that decent AMDs are all sold out. The problem here is that the gamer market isn't able to get ahold of video cards, while miners are buying out video cards that aren't optimized for mining. This will be a win-win-win situation for gamers, miners and the company's bottom line.


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The claymore's zec mi is where it's at!




i get to know about it 2 week ago. that time i decided to invest in etherum mininng but then i found steemit... yo ho

the crypto world is getting more and more notice. I hope fb does not come out with fbcoin


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My GTX 1080Ti gets a great hashrate on its own.


1080Ti is in same range as Titans . Titans are ahead of 1080Ti but not much
My friend gets like 40 MH/s, what is ur hashrate ?

Thanks Kings,
In Addition,
You might have to wait to upgrade your graphics card. The increasing popularity of the Ethereum cryptocurrency has caused "miners," who essentially earn units of the cryptocurrency by having their GPUs solve complex math problems, to buy out many mid-range graphics cards. Prices are rising, supply is falling, and now companies like Asus want to appeal directly to miners with new graphics cards.
Last week, the problem was mostly limited to AMD's RX 500-series and Nvidia's GTX 1070. It was nigh impossible to find RX 500-series graphics cards anywhere, and the price of GTX 1070 graphics cards almost reached parity with the more powerful GTX 1080, which have been mostly unaffected by the mining craze so far. The lower-end GTX 1060 also had its price inflated into the $250-$350 range, but was less affected, as miners focused on the GTX 1070.

Hey Kingscrown, can I ask where you had your gif/pic made at the bottom of your post? Did you do it yourself? Very cool haha

@kingscrown , It has been very difficult to find new or used (inflated prices) video cards. I wonder if this is due to complaints from their core market (the gamers), rather than a calculated interest in the future of GPU mining. Recently I have been pondering what may come of the Ethereum switch from PoW to PoS. I believe that miners will continue to mine another PoW coin, and it appears that major GPU manufacturers are betting on that too. Another great post! Thx again


haha sorry @kingscrown , I forgot to ask what you think?

It's about time that one of these card manufacturers actually picked up on this and are focusing on it. Although I am sure there are some Gamers grinding their teeth at the idea of using a video card for something other than gaming, way to tap into a growing Market on the part of Asus.

Very cool!

Honestly, more competition in the ASIC realm would be great for crypto, everybody basically shackled to Bitmain and their antics... first with the LTC Segwit Signalling game and now with the BTC Hard Fork threats....


I think this might be next move for this companies


I got an ASUS laptop and Cell Phone so if they start making rigs... im all the way in on that!!!


I'm still not sure what the true VALUE is for crypto. I get that it's supply and demand but there has to be some value at the end of the day.


i think crypto has more intrinsic value than a Federal Reserve Note


yeah, me too. It's open market supply and demand not something printed out of thin air by a keystroke.


the value depends on the coin itself, what utility it has in the marketplace, and the cost of electricity and minting equipment to mine it. All of these factors are then reflected in its open market demand, partially measured by the volume of its daily trading, as well as any new applications that the marketplace may use it for.


What is the VALUE of your countries' fiat? In the US the counterfeit Greenback known as the US Dollar or the Federal Reserve Note is made of paper and cloth. It's not backed by gold. The government is in massive debt (owed, in labor, by the taxpayers that already paid for it several times). The international banksters that print/inflate the counterfeit Greenback at will have loyalties to no one country. In fact, the whole reason they put themseleves in the position of money lender to the governments of the world is to siphon off their citizens' wealth through usury. However, since 9/10 slaves agree that this fraud is worth something, it magically is. If they wake up and the illusion evaporates, so does the VALUE.

The VALUE for a crypto currency, like anything else is "what it can do for you" or "what you believe it can do for you". That can be as a currency only, as a store of value, as a hedge against bankster "money", as a short/long term investment, and all the features some of these coins purportedly provide, like decentralized cloud storage, smart contracts, etc. The list is long.

Also, if you fail to do research (or you convince yourself you don't care for perceived short term gain) and financially support coins/platforms that don't respect your freedom, privacy or security, the VALUE (to someone) will continue to be how well it manages to enslave you and your offspring.

Nice info :)

Too bad all these cards and energy or only going to be used to produce waste of energy, while it's possible to use them for the benefit of mankind in science power like gridcoin/boinc does.

I think this wasting should drastically be altered.


Check out FoldingCoin


Thanks for the hint, defintely gonna have a look at these coins !


Awesome! I remember using Folding@Home waaaay back in the day, glad to see the project is still going.


while i can sympathise with your overall goal, as the end user i won't accept full responsibility for the fact that we don't have open source, free/sustainable home energy generators/stations and i have to buy my electricity from a closed source vendor who uses unsustainable production means. just like i won't concede that my biodegradable dish detergent is more of a hazard to the ground water than the huge companies fracking the whole place to hell like the top down brown shirts in my area would like me to believe.

thank you for your concern though. maybe you can use the science mining to come up with open energy designs. if the good people at the CDC and socialist indoctrination centers(universities) are not too busy building bioweapons/mind control drugs with your computer. :)


I don't really understand what you mean by 'open source' energy. Energy techniques are just basic science and therefore there isn't any 'closed' or 'open' source really its all just 'Open' source. For example the vendor you buy your energy from gets their energy via electromagnetic generators which can be viewed by anybody in scientific articles/design. The problem is not 'closed' source companies it all comes down to consumer money. Consumer's money are funding dirty energy instead of clean energy. You could power your home with a small solar panel array and there are companies that are willing to assist you in doing this however I suspect that you like many others will not put forth the high initial cost to do so. Instead you and others just pay the power company for their dirty power every month so you don't have to worry about the high initial cost of clean energy. There have even been companies that will install solar panels for free on your home and just charge you per month like traditional power companies (See SunEdison however they have gone bankrupt due to the high initial cost.

Nice didn' t know you made a post about this damn. Well if you would be so kind maybe I added something else to the mix.


big fan of claymore's zec miner.


Oh that guy rocks!


Agree. Does anyone know how much Claymore makes in a day?


Im getting 0.05 eth every 5 days at the moment which is £2 a day. also getting about 333 siacoin over the same duration which is about another 2£ a day.

Using claymore dual miner. with r9 390 in my gaming pc.

i think the electricity cost is around £60ish for the month. which leaves £60 profit.

I know my cards not that efficient tho, looking into making a 4/6 card rig!


Hehe, I meant the developer of the claymore mining software. I've never followed the trail to see how much the wallet holds. Everyone uses that software and it takes a percentage. I'm curious how much he/they have made.


imo, it would be better if we would support FLOSS miners instead. what have we gained with crypto currency if we let slaveware peddlers weasel their way into everything?

cryptocurrency mining caused the amg and nvidia stock price to go up, this cryptocurrency community is growing and getting the worlds attention


Yes, but I'm a bit scared that there will be a huge drop as there isn't a true value behind it... Kind of like the US dollar. :/ Maybe that answers my own concern.


I wrote about this idea in my investing journal on June 13 and took action on both NVIDIA and AMD - read all about it here which links to the Steemit post

There has been a lot of talk recently about how mining is inluencing the graphic card industry. Both nVidia and AMD have rising charts and are out of stock everywhere. To see how the hardware sellers react to this new demand is promising for a possibly future with specialized cards with a dedicated mining GPU.

Do you think that could happen?


i also think AMD stocks raised due to mining, thats why ie SimpleFX added their trading


of course, manufacturers will go wherever that can secure a marketshare in a niche, especially if they have the engineering to be a first entrant at a favorable price point.

Waiting with baited breath.

It's really very interesting topic, i will do my research on it. As it seems very promising.

Great news for mining! Thanks for sharing!

Hey you all! Anyone knows if it would be profitable to mine in Croatia?

What kind of rig and investment would that take? Right now I'm on:

Name: AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K Quad Core Processor
Manufacturer: AMD
Speed: 4.0 GHz
Category: Performance
Generation: 14th
Brand: Athlon II X4
Cores: 4

Name: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
Chipset: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
Manufacturer: ATI
Memory: 1.0 GB
Category: High Performance
Generation: 11th
DirectX: 10.1

SSD hard 240 GB


you can mine on this maybe tommorow ill make a guide on how to mine easily, today i have other post planned ;)

? Near the same Post as mine but on german. ? Why you get so many Dollar for it?


For beginners it seem as fake.


digging and digging.. hard life of a miner

Can't wait for these, then maybe my struggle to get a second GTX 1080 card won't be so pricey lol and keep selling out when I get close to the funds lol. These I must build a rig with, ready set put em on the shelves lol. Great post

This will be cool. Struggeling for more than a month now to get stock of a card that can mine.

What about samsung?

Awesome, i cant wait for this. RX480's are getting difficult to find now.

Wow thats new things about that graphics cards as i only know till today that is use for high graphics programs and gaming but its specially made for cryto mining is cool as i never heard like this before. I work in diamond industry and we also need high memory graphic card so its good to know new things about it. Thank you for sharing.

Stellar post @kingscrown!
Quick question: where/when could one purchase those GPUs?

Good job.

In my experience, Nicehash is not the best choice for profit mining. For beginners, it's great! Do it. Just do some research while you're at it.

kingscrown, thanks for this info

Are there any info on the expected prices of the GPU cards?

Wow, that's great. It's good to know that there are products that are meant specifically to mine cryptocurrencies. This can only help to make miners more efficient and achieve higher return on investment rates.

So cool. Can't wait for these to become available!

Ive been drooling over the titan cards for quite some time now... Mostly for gaming not farming but they are extremely expensive honestly.
Why is mining done with gpu when its block proccesing?
Cheers and much love

Thank you very much for this post.

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Good stuff. Thanks.


real stuffy stuff

This is great news, any speculation on hardware prices?

Good step by Sapphire and ASUS ...It is natural and a part of cryptocurrencies revolution...

Ok this works for me I was thinking of getting into this I prob will now.

I'm glad they're doing this. Makes me want to buy one.

Great towards Crypto revolution, Hope it will save time , electricity and the whole cost of mining...

This is a great advancement. The issue i see is the limited use of the cards when you get to upgrade time as your only market is other miners looking for older cards, unlike now where you can re-sell to gamers as the cards at least have multiple uses.

I would still prefer gaming gpu over mining matter what happens gaming cards wont lose value overtime

GPU ....Asic chips at home
Can't imagine how world is changing so fast
Earning money via this was dream around 10 yr back

GPU power is god these days 😎

I saw an article last week talking about this as a rumor. This is the first I've seen with concrete details. Thanks for the heads up.

This is great news! Hopefully we'll see more of these big companies get into this.
Cryptos are here to stay!

I'm hooked on ETC right now, it has been a good investment for me so far. Thanks for the info!

where i can find any stock for cheaps rx 480 ?

If businesses are willing to risk on crypto, crypto is here to stay! Lets go! upvoted and followed!

thanks for sharing

Interesting, its gonna be nice to have dedicated cards for mining.

wow i need it this is genius

VideoCardz publishes photos and features of the first graphics cards from Asus and MSI for cryptomoney mining. Using a GP106 GPU, they confirm the arrival of models using the architecture of the GeForce GTX 1060, as indicated by the rumors of last week. They also corroborate yesterday's rumors about the development of new drivers.

Interesting indeed, companies taking advantage of the mining... Lets see what they bring to the table...

how much bro?

Awesome work man, I can't wait to build another poor man's rig this time im gonna build two.

very nice I think I will buy some of those and get back to GPU mining again :D

Makes sense. I tried to find a Geforce 1060 6gb and couldn't find it anywhere. They had 4 left at Walmart , the only place I could find one.

I need more cards for my miner so this is absolutely fantastic news!!

Any idea when these are scheduled to release? Great post, thank you! :)

the Vega coming keep that in mind

It also seems like Nvidia is in on the action as well -

@kingscrown I see suppliers & retail outlets here by me are really cashing in on this crypto mining with their graphics cards.

Excellent article. Upvoted AND followed Sir :)

Finally they have thought of doing this. Maybe they thought crypto wouldn't last long. They got into the game now. Better late than never I guess.

But I think, ASIC is still the best thing to use when it comes to mining, correct me if I am wrong.

We will not be able to mine ethereum. Ethereum will shift toward PoS, this year Q4.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on these!!!

This all sounds great, but everything I have read (albeit not as much as many of you) indicates that the ROI on mining tech diminishes over time. So while these cards and processors might be an improvement on whats already out there, I can't help thinking that a year from now they will be considered too limited in their mining capacity.

One of the reasons many of us are on Steem in the first place is to obtain crypto currency without expensive mining tech!

Why don't they start mining themselves?🙂))


minning requires some commitment

I also got a GPU card for minting two different coins. You do need to make sure your power supply will handle the extra load, and the speed the card operates at. What isn't mentioned is your potential payout for minting, as the two crypto's I'm minting will pay a max of 5% coins based on how many I have in my wallet. If you don't have very much in your wallet it may not pay to pay an expensive GPU because your cost of electricity and the card itself could mean a very long payback time just to break even.

I hope to have a dev version soon, I have several friends that work at Nvidia and in the past we built bitcoin mining hardware, so I'm always curious and have access to software/hardware before releases.

Nice post as always....

I think this is a real good idea. I had heard about it earlier today in fact. I just hope though that they are not sky high so we can actually afford them. I have a 4 gig card on the way right now that I ordered online so I'll be glad when it comes in.

Awesome, thank for sharing. Any idea on the release date?

Thank you for shearing this post

Amazing it took them this long. Thanks for the info! Followed

Good work broo nice GPU

Good work.....Earning for the next gen.

Sweet post @kingscrown a friend and I were just talking the other day about there being a good market for this product! Keep up the good posts :)

Wow!! this one is cool...

very cool thanks for sharing

This is both good and bad.Good that you can use them for mining bad that market is overpriced right now and hard to find high level models.

Hello king , can you upvote my musics ? ( I am a music producer and singer ) , thanks for your help

Really great to hear that, I think now it will be more efficient and thanks for the post.

where did you get the 'best coins to mine' from?

im amazed they havent done this earlier

Maybe now gamers will stop crying about GPU prices :D


Guys guys With proof of stake on its way and the next gen Chips just around the corner , I promise you whatever you got or buy now, will do nothing with 12 months ,
walewski correct , gamers going to get a woody of the the cheap GPU hitting the markets with in 12 months

This is very risky to purchase. What this does not take into account is a possible crypto crash or even just GPU mining getting to a point where it is universally inefficient, in which you will not get a dime trying to resell these cards, whereas a normal RX 400 series or GTX 1060 would still retain plenty of value.

omg i creamed my pants.



Could be considered as a sign of adoption/acceptance , as a Graphics Card company creates a tailored-to-your-needs solution. I was considering for some time to start doing a mining rig... :) maybe soon