Sandblock ICO - Convert loyalty points, Coupons and Vouchers into Crypto Assets

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I believe at some point almost every local business or global company will have their tokens or will give some sort of assets to their clients. Its fast, cheap and can get you new clients or keep current ones satisfied.


Imagine people getting incentives for buying stuff at your shop but not usual "buy 10 coffees get 11th free" but they get tokens that can be exchanged all over the world. You buy a sandwich, get a token and at some point, the token is worth another sandwich. Using the Satisfaction protocol developed by Sandblock, businesses can autonomously reward customers for their engagement and loyalty using cryptocurrencies.

The video below explains this nicely.

More Technical Info

  • Blockchain & Smart contracts - this way system is trustless and transparent with no negotiations needed.
  • Data analytics & Privacy - Anonymous data about customers are available to participating businesses. All of it is encrypted and only analytics part gets extracted
  • Rewards /Surveys /Games - Sandblock mobile app will allow businesses to easily integrate cool engagement things for their users to get their attention and love

The SAT is a tradable ERC20 token made on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a bridge between a firm and the rest of the world's economy. Each Business creates its own Branded Token pegged to the SAT. To do so, a business needs to first buy SAT tokens from the ICO or later on free market (exchanges).
Branded Tokens give various rights and capabilities to customers such as paying, voting, rating or accessing premium features.

Get SAT Tokens

As you can see they also allow buying with credit cards which is very unusual for ICOs yet usual for day-to-day business customers which means they are already doing something right way.
Token price:1 ETH = 3750 SAT
Tokens for sale: 8 000 000 SAT
Currently there is 25% bonus for the pre-sale.

Whitepaper: (there is also version in Chinese and other languages)

This post is just an information. As always remember to do your own research before investing in anything.

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I like the idea and it will get good popularity but I feel the price of token is a bit high and It makes many not to participate because many tokens are below ICO price so people wait for tokens to be listed on exchanges and then buy.

Great research. It's an Informative post.

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This looks like a pretty cool concept, I 100% upvote and Re-Steem for this once:-)

Sounds good. Loyalty points is an obvious area that crypto could do really well and should be able to move into relatively easily. зачисление токенов за покупки от 100 до 250 монет @

Nice one, thanks for sharing.

This is good information, I think. Do I have to buy some coins? :(

Good information, thank you for sharing. I'm really glad am into the crypto currency trend actively now. Because i have a dream that very soon the worlds economy will be taken over gradually by crypto currency. I may not be here to see it but it's a good foundation to build on for the future of our loved ones.

Informative as usual.

It seems like Steemits upcoming SMT's have some overlap except I'm not sure if they are tradable. Also Omisego (OMG) is a crypto for making gift cards, hotel points, rewards, airline mile, all tradable assets.

Since SAT is only in their ICO, I wonder if the head start that OMG has or the overlapping with SMTs will leave any room for them?

no I dont think so:)

Very, very interesting ideas Sandblock are coming up with.

I really like the idea but we have to becareful we don't full in to the same trap the miners and other working folk from the old west did where a town was run by a single business and the company would pay thier workers tokens that could only be used at the company stores at inflated rates.
still got my upvote and follow nice blog.

just like the dollar? зачисление токенов за покупки от 100 до 250 монет @

Good post .
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good post. thanks for sharing

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With the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, one needs to really take his time to know which project to invest in. Thanks for providing insight on sandblock. I'll do my due diligence before investing зачисление токенов за покупки от 100 до 250 монет @

Great Post! Keep up the good work!

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Very nice information, that is interesting.
Thanks for sharing.

That look good

its looks like GATcoin has done....

Good share convert points information. @kingscrown

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I think that is awesome! Think about that... I need to get a airplane ticket, but I don't want to pay a whole ticket, so I use my miles that I have, but I need a thousand more, so I can use sandblock to buy the quantity that I need and travel with less costs. Thanks for sharing @kingscrown!

Muy buena información, me interesa saber mas. por supuesto que investigare, pero tu información es muy clara.

Thanks for sharing this, am not yet active in this crypto currency business but i hope to get into it soon, your most made me understand some things about how it works. Please keep up with what you are doing, you are really informing some of us here, thanks.

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Looks interesting i will have to check it out.

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