Reddit Bans /r/DarkNetMarkets - Chance For Steemit to Show Power of Decentralization

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Our biggest strenght is - its impossible to shut down the blockchain. Today Reddit has banned popular sub /r/DarkNetMarkets among many users of it.

/r/BazaarMarkets is banned too.

This markets use cryptocurrency as their payment gateways and its users are well aware how blockchain and privacy work.

If we went with some marketing targetting the niche, we could get a lot of loyal supporters and new users on STEEM network.

Maybe some reddit promotion banners would work or twitter.. Give ideas in comments.

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You are missing the reasoning behind why those bans occurred.
H.R.1865 FOSTA

This is not as good for steemit as you might thing it is.

With every ban they only encourage the decline of their own centralized systems.

Correct me if I am mistaken but as far as I know there is no law that obliges any US based internet company to delete free speech off of their platform simply because it doesn't conform to some kind of social standards that nobody even knows who defined and what the standard is.
I compare it to two people having a discussion and one of them sticking his hand on the others mouth because he doesn't like what is being said, he has no damn right to do that and you best believe that can result in a violent altercation.

Yes, Yes it is!

Damn Diggity Doos Doggle! Spread the WORD!

Yes when steem communities finally comes out we can have ad all the other banned subreddits :D haha it will bring so many problems to steemit

no. they can't. not on a highly visible publicly accessible blockchain. FOSTA is in legal terms vague and overly broad. its a fucking sourge to free expression and horrible legislation. watch the admin machine spin up in high gear and the angle workers make a fuck ton... again. No to censorship No to banning No to prohibition PERIOD. but until we learn this its going to get far worse.

Agreed, this year more people will move from all these platforms. Mastodon is an interesting micro-blogging solution I am looking at, would like to find a solution that has tokenization built in.

I like the idea, but over time, I fear gaining too much notoriety/infamy for being the go-to marketplace for illicit goods will ultimately cause blow-back and will get us the wrong sort of attention. I'm not convinced the expected loyal following will offset the potential damage to the brand. Besides, we want users that are loyal to the platform, not just loyal to a convenient marketplace - what happens if/when that goes away? They will leave if that was the only motivation for joining. I'm quite libertarian in this regard, just worry about the future of the platform, that's all. Some things should stay underground and out of site, IMO

The whole purpose of blockchain is freedom so if you want to sacrifice that in the name of good branding you're missing the point.

No way! It is just a valid worry friend. If I had to make the choice between branding or a freedom-loving blockchain, I'd emphatically choose the freedom loving blockchain. If you think any government will simply watch as you overtly (emphasis on overtly) break their laws, flawed as they may be, then you sir, are missing my point. This is a good debate though!

No doubt governments will try to act, but if you rest idle because you're afraid of government actions then you're letting them win without even putting up a fight. Blockchain platforms are ideal for dark web information and if its truly decentralized they won't be able to shut it down.

I highly doubt anyone will be selling anything through Steemit, it's way too public. What's wrong with people discussing those topics?

Nothing "wrong" with any of this, but this is a world of perception, not idealism. So what can be done is not always what should be done. I like your freedom-loving mind though!

The internet is rife with porn, gore, fraud and many things that are worse than people discissing drugs.

I dont see a problem with it. I doubt youd ever see it on trending and hot pages.

It is an opportunity yes. This is where we all advertise to all out Mainstream social networks!

Facebook shares are going down!! Yes. Steemit will only grow with all of the censorship and eyes watching. 2018 may be a great year for Steem after all. Go Steemers!!

Again, this is an extinction event, not just for the oligarchical banking psychopaths but the social media barons as well. They are going to eat their own limbs and appendages because they are all connected to the same beast that Bitcoin is attacking. They are going to starve themselves of their own user base to kowtow to the party line, thus extincting themselves while all the intellect and content of substance comes to Steemit.

If steemit had set up a marketpace, we'd easily replace them. But there is no marketplace, and there arn't any subreddits - so trade is hard to do on this platform.

I believe the time to act is now. We have our window of opportunity, let's grab it with both hands. The world must feel the impact of steem, steemit and all of us too as steemians. Let's take the gospel to them.

It feels like all the mainstream social media sites are sabotaging themselves on purpose to give us a shot... either that or blockchain tech got popular at exactly the right time.

Well this drama of Facebook, Reddit, Youtube is good for steemit. If they keep annoying users more and more then people will start looking for alternative solutions.

Wow.. this is big news. I kind of saw this coming honestly. They shut down r/opiaterollcall a few months ago. There are a few others like Chicago anything goes which is even crazier. It's literally just people posting what they will sell to people in their area.

How do you think the Steemit community would react to this a movement attempting to bring that community here? I personally would support it.


Same here, a lot of the chats are just mentioning deals on tor based markets.

I dont see the big deal.

steemit is the way forward

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So sad for the the who were using that @kingscrown

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where goes to the future of crypto? any suggestion plz.

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If reddit has banned them than steemit is an opportunity for them. Blockchain is future. Decentralization is best.

Since fb and google adsense prohibit us. Then do it on reddit, bitcointalk, twitter and other crypto related website.

This is actually a great news for Steemit. Time to create more and more quality content in our beats and attract maximum audience.

Reddit is too strict, it's no wonder the admin of (a site like reddit) bears the username "exredditor."

Very smart. I also promting on Facebook right now after they took a big dump on all of their users.

The Norwegian darknet market page is also banned today.

Yeah but we don't really have "subreddits" per se. Tags have a different feel to it. IMO there needs to be something which users can subscribe to.

Regulation will eventually come to all of us...

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It's time for Reddit to go away. It's less freedom every day, and more mainstream sellout.

More and more decentralized services without random sue-happy CEOs will be good.

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Postingan yang sangat bagus..
Salam kenal.
Saya sangat senang bisa mengenali anda.

Since its creation, blockchain is accepted as a worldwide legitimacy technology. Recent bans and controversies related to major social media companies are creating a big gap between the users and the networks. These news stories have created distrust in the market, where all those services based on the blockchain are gaining confidence from its users, such as Steemit:). Blockbasis tries to push this positive trend within finance and transacting, allowing users to send and receive cryptocurrency with just an email address. The blockchain allows Blockbasis to keep user and transaction data secure at all times.

I send messages via Twitter to people who are being banned at an alarming rate on platforms including Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. I tell them about Steemit and most have never heard of it. I've noticed that I've been getting quite a few grateful replies lately as the censorship problems have increased. These people are desperately looking for a new platform and Steemit is the answer.

Good for steem but also bad for steem

In the long run I feel like the govt is using the excuse of wrong doings by a few to justify regulation. As always lol

It would be great if Steem management spent some time and money on marketing during these events. It wouldn’t even take much money to hit certain influencers in these communities. But we never do!

Honestly, what are they doing in the office all day?

The more bans and control the Mainstream tries to impose the more they squeeze out through their fingers. Blockchain is better tech- they know and see see their fortunes dwindling away as we speak
Crypto: Let's go to work!

Well I think the first move would be to create and foster a community around a new Steemit category, could be called DarkNetMarkets to keep it simple. Then spreading it through the darknet forums themselves would be a good move. And then maybe you could do a post once the new category is ready and offer to spend all the Steem received from it on some ads.

On a side note, I'm new to steem but it seems like creating new categories like creating subreddits isn't a very strong feature. Seems like its not as straightforward and easy to build niche communities on here compared to reddit.

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