Predict Next Bitcoin Hardfork/Split Price with Trading on BFX!

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I did not write about this but i think everyone knows - Bitcoin will split again. Actually to 2 coins possibly so we may end with: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin 2x.

While Gold will just be a split with new hashing algo, there is no way t know if Bitcoin 2x wont be able to become the main Bitcoin. There is many bets and opinions online right now.

BFX the biggest BTC/USD exchange decided to allow people to trade the 2x coins already so we can have small prediction of price before fork (or not) actually happens.

Now they added token manager so the system can be usable and BTCs exchanged. To reach it login to BitFinex and then:

Since it just started markets dont have much volume.



So for now it looks like BT1 is worth 0.8BTC while BT2 0.2 - which evens out to 1 whole BTC.

Current markets of BTC and BCC/BCH as comparison.


Bitcoin Cash

What to do? Be prepared for the date of HF/split as you may have extra money again.
Also i think it will be worth (and already is!) to leverage BTCUSD markets on BitMex or SimpleFX. Also notice how Korea and Japan rocks fiat volumes now.

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I learned the word fork from your post. Thanks.

BTC is going to keep forking itself into total obscurity. Leaving the runway open for some new alternate coin to become the main coin.

ETH? LTC? Other?

lo puedes refutar o solo es suposicion personal

you really think itll go down to nothing, like myspace?

Investment PLan - 3.60% to 4.50% daily (Monday-Friday)
1.00% (Saturday & Sunday)

Contract Duration - 6 weeks (147% total return)
9 weeks (180% total return)

Minimum Investment - $10 (0.005btc, 0.035eth, 0.25ltc)

Affliate Program - 1st Level (10% commission)
2nd Level ( 5% commission)
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Hi ,
Thanks for the great content

That is becoming interesting. Lets HF LTC, DASH and ETH/ETC to ETH-unlimited, you can increase your money by xx%. ETC and BCH worth more than $5B. Guys, in this respect STEEM will be 5-25B in 3-5 years once SMT gets wide adoption.

*IF SMT gets wide adoption

steemit still censoring me.... fuck this platform telling everyone not to buy steem

What got censored?

Dude, your rep is -15. YOu gotta write a story about that. hehehehe

that comment. gold. u sir, earned the first place on my follow list.


bitfinex is a uf exchange

Bitcoin has way too strong a lead to be overthrown by a forked version any time soon

Thank you so much @kingscrown for the info! I am a novice when it comes to crypto

if you have any questions let me know

Cryptocurrencies are very interesting as Steem is
Keep learning you will get your portion too

It would be wise to convert all altcoins to Bitcoin before harddfork to get free bitgold and switch back to altcoins after hardfork. You will end up with free bitgold coins.

The community will see for the 2nd time that coin value (say of the users) is more important than mining support. Miners will move to the most valuable coin to be able to earn most. So if the current pricing is still like this during the fork BTC legacy will prevail.

More bitcoin will be forked.

It seems that you have worked hard to write this post. People like you will be beneficial to the steemians. Thanks

This is turning into a futures and derivatives market. Trading coins that don’t and may never exist, or may exist only for a short time. Pure speculation! Great for gamblers, not so good for the adoption of crypto by the mainstream.

eso es bueno si puedes entender los movimientos podras sacarle provecho

why do we call it a split - its not a split it more like bitcoin will give birth to a baby bitcoin gold :)

Hold onto your Bitcoins and let the fork continue.

i agree with meyrep. don't worry what the next bitcoin will be, how much it will cost and what it will be called. I keep saying that there always will be one BTC and that is the first one the one that started all this. the one that Satoshi Nakamoto created. Always hold on to BTC and keep buying more. Cheers,

Nice job!! Do you have any info on Ethereum hard fork?

I tell you my position about ETH hard fork. I move to IOTA to Hold about 1 month.

I don't know about this. Is it true?

good information thank you
my friend

super interesting, though im not sure how i feel about this 🤔

@kingscrown excellent! resteemed and shared. Thx.

good information I'm not good at this, thank you

Thank you! Great post! I don't think all this forks are helping bitcoin on the long run. upvoted and resteemed! @darius1993

nice post , keep the good work , can you tell us where we can get this free bitcoin gold with our bitcoin ?

Thanks you for helpful info..happen what may, crypto still the very best and what of its kind GREAT EXIT with the currency war..God Bless Us all..may peace and prosperity on Earth prevails soon..freedom from the power of The Evil Banker..

wait a moment
when it happen
let us know about it
overall fantastic content to share

@kingscrown Yes understand. My point is, you can do what you're already doing, but BETTER, with Bitfinex.

I am stocking up my BTC by liquidity altcoins to benefit from the forks

good information keep it up

Very important article

Thats a ton of information. Useful for people who are new and interested to invest in Bitcoin. BT2 will also gain momentum.

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Hopefully this fork will bring profits. Last month was pretty much like the meme below : )

keep posting insights to create awareness along with vision, thanx

I honestly think all these new things will RISE to the moon, but as soon as the hype ends, it will gradually fade. But that's really a good opportunity to get into crypto and make some juicy money.

Another opportunity to earn in positions and the extra BTC splintered coins.

New to bitcoin was hopefully gunna invest but little nervous why doing my research thanks for the post much help! plus new to steemit so gunna follow your blogs 5staR

bilgiler için tşk

Thanks to give us useful information about bitcoin.

All this forking is insane. What is the point when you have dozens of good alternatives out there if you find BTC too expensive or too slow to use ?

bitcoin top!

The fork is imminent so lets not sweat over it. Just sit on your Bitcoins and let the event unfold. When you look back at 2017 in 2020, you will thank yourself for taking no action.

Thank you @kingscrown

It is now becoming harder to understand the Bitcoin market for regular John Doe.

The good thing is I don't have to worry about it. I don't own a bitcoin, poor me :)

Thank you @Yehey

There is a lot of opinions out there so I'm aware that mine might just be another one most people will scroll through. But it seems to be that the smart way to approach the upcoming forks is to try to move most of your crypto into Bitcoin, get as much free coin from the forks... study the volume on the new bitcoins ride the pump if its there or just cash out asap. If you really wanted to play it safe, or in other words not participate you cold just go to fiat before the forks, but I think you would be missing out on the free coins... Its just my two cents. I do expect the alt coins to start getting a little thinner prior to the forks as more people might be making this move, but that could also mean a buying opportunity if its timed right.

Thank you @kingscrown. I'm knowledgable in cryptos but haven't read about these forks. Much appreciated.

Hi kingscrown,
Thanks a lot for the information! Very useful.

Hhhmm..another opportunity to earn free moolah!

Thank you for this info @kingscrown

They are just Bitcoin blockchain clones. B2X is, like bcash is and I did not even know about bgold...

So, basicly the clones are ripping value out off the original BTC pool, that used years of POW mining to give Bitcoin value. And get away with it?

Now, after the storm of forks that created a lot of Altcoins, the flood of ICOs that still drain the capital market, we now seem to have a new moneymaker in blockchain cloning!

At least the Altcoins took a risk by creating their own genesis block. Some innovating along the way. ICOs can be on the light side too, so why not start one, that is genuine.

But just cloning a blockchain, change around some settings and get a share of the BTC value, for doing just that!?

This might give others an idea to start cloning the Bitcoin blockchain too. Get a share of the BTC loot! And other ones will follow, hey does Dash already have a blockchain clone...? And how about Litecoin?

It is all starting to become a big farce. Why not clone it even more. Let's do a 64M Diamond Bitcoin with SegWit, of course.

Anybody yet understood that SegWit sidechains makes huge Bitcoin mainchain blocks a laugh?

Anyway, dear reader, seems that efter the flood of the Alts and the ICOs we now have entered a new one: the flood of the clones...

Well, I'd say go for it, I will cash in on any of those clones and buy the original Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash and so on.

Welcome to the crypto circus, now let's bring on the clones!

Anybody interested in creating the Diamond 64M Bitcoin blockchain clone, just let me know...

New to bitcoin was hopefully gunna invest but little nervous why doing my research thanks for the post much help! plus new to steemit so gunna follow your blogs 5staR

Wow, people really like chain split after seeing it's profitable. But, i think BT1 will be minority even compared with BCC/BCH.

Thanks a lot for this valuable info. I really appreciate this.

HI..thanx for the gud content

Thats the weakness of crypto world!

Still don't understand until which date should I move money from other coins to BTC in order not to miss the fork.

JP said he wanted to tax bitcoin, wonder why?? :) ... it will get rollycoasty now but after the 25th of October it will rise even more...for those that hold bitcoin ( not in exchanges wallets) you will get extra bonuses!! hopefully I can make a few bucks out of steem before that date and transfer some bitcoins in my external wallet which I have yet to make!! lol any suggestions for good wallets that works for third world countries is appreciated!! Wish you all independence and prosperity!!! signed kingyus ;)

Nice update and info about bitcoin

The price of BTC rocketing up because most investor are buying and hodl BTC to get there fair share after the fork. However, this will resulting the dip for other altcoins.

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Thank you sir
Plzz sir upvote me plz..plz..

Thanks. Your information is very interesting.

Super app...! Looking at the past track record it's hard to argue with the results. I'm impressed, keep up the good work donation coming your way if this keeps up


Greatjob, Kingscrowm. I found this really useful. And I'm thinking if you would be available to be a mentor to me on this blockchain technology thing. Thanks

it should not be forgotten that the BTC and the father of crypto-currency. he's just going to make little kids we saw the first Hardfork everyone to panic and now the BTC price and at $ 4440 right now I'd say the 2nd Hardfork X2 will cause months of damage (personal opinion) :)

do we need to have our btc in certain wallets to take advantage of the splits?

I am not into leverage or margins. But I am just buying more BTC at the lows, waiting for peaks during hard fork selling some off at the high and buy again at lows. But @kingscrown when do you think the 2nd hardfork is going to be? The end of Nov? Also I am not clear. Which is going to use segwitx2 and which is going to increase blockchain?

Thanks kingscrown its good information, and definitely something to keep an eye on.

Thanks for the perfect post! @kingscrown

Thank you so much @kingscrown , Isn't it scary to image about more and more splits of Bitcoin. In case of split the fairy-tale which says Bitcoin has only limited number of supply seems to be unreal and its not good for cryptolovers. In every Segwit Bitcoin giving birth to a new Child with same capability, I don't know how many siblings Bit coins Cash will have ?

How many will be paired with alt coins at exchanges ? How many will have over a billion dollars in volume daily ?
How many will be accepted example at Amazon ?
How many will disappear because you can only have on true king?
No different than having a ico , all are copies of BTC .,
when you see majority sell their free crypto after fork to buy more btc , then all is good ..
What will happen this fork is TBD

Thankyou for sharing @kingscrown . . 👍


Look it´s like a bubble moment created for China to increase their capital in Altcoin.

what date the fork will be?

may be 25 october

Thx for the information!

Another fork...should we be happy or concern. But i thinkhappy first cause we have extra

no bitcoin silver yet !

Probably money to be Made if you convert and get free bitcoin gold. But Will iT be good thing, how Manu bitcoin splits are we gonna see, or is this it. Thx for the article!

Well this is an intriguing feature.

well, I believe, we don't really need to wait for that.

Instead, join the rally before it's too late.

We sometimes call things bubble, but they keep moving forward.

great topik

man, tanks for the post. i didnt know about the fork. i gotta do tons of reading now. your post is super extensive thanks again.

Fork is inevitable but that doesn't mean that every fork into alt coin will make you money.

Thanks for sharing :-) @kingscrown I am following. Best of Luck !

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