Poloniex Fighting for Users

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

As my readers know ive dumped Polo around year ago due to their problems. I still have loads of friends with tickets not fixed, deposit not coming (myself i also have there missing deposit of XLM but ive quit fighting).

Today they sent emails with new fees.

Trading fee tiers will be based on 30-day volume in US Dollars, not Bitcoin. We want you to have reasonable expectations for the fees you will pay based on how much you trade, regardless of drastic movements in currency prices. Going forward, we will be calculating your rolling 30-day trading volume based on the daily average of the BTC-USD rate found here.

We are lowering trading fees across the board. To bring our pricing more in line with the market standard, we're lowering our starting taker fee to 0.20% and our starting maker fee to 0.10%.

We are lowering volume thresholds for fee discounts. Fees for makers will go to 0% when they trade $7,500,000 in a 30-day period; fees for takers will go to 0.10% when they trade $30,000,000 in a 30-day period.


Im not really coming back there for now, since we have other spots like Bittrex, Binance, KuCoin and BiBox +, of course, decentralized places like OpenLedger.


Notice BCN is excluded due to possible over-creation of coins.

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Poloniex has a very easy way to pick up followers.

All they have to do is stop discriminating against their user base and fix the STEEM and SBD wallets. If they keep discriminating as STEEM platforms grow, the problem will only get worse for them.

Imagine when the various STEEM user base grows to millions, the power of social media will be devastating to their business. They will have to accept us or go out of business.

THey lost me a long time ago!

Yeah, I read that too.. by the way.. what do you mean by?

Notice BCN is excluded due to possible over-creation of coins.

are they not run by the rothchilds or something now


Yea, they are under new management but from what I've heard everything is still the same (at least at the moment).

Tbh I am amazed they have lasted this long. They are awful. Their customer service is the worst I have encountered anywhere, ever (not just in crypto). There are now several decent exchanges so absolutely no reason to keep using them.

Thanks a lot for keeping us all informed on the situation out there. Many needs to be aware of it and make sure they won't fall for this exchange option...

Namaste :)

Did they fix their transaction and trust issues? That's more important than lower fees.

It is under new ownership but damn are things still super ass slow there! In not only change but also the fact most coins are impossible to withdraw because they say they have issues with them.

I gave them a solid month after circle picked them up and I still could not withdraw my steem so I sold it for BTC transfered it and bought it on another exchange. I went back today to find they STILL have a message saying they have issues with steem. I wont be going back to that exchange any time soon.

Well someone took over Polo,it's not the same polo team that was 1 year ago.At least this team works something...

It's probably too late for them to turn it around. I will not be going back their either. Once you treat customers badly it's very difficult to get them back. Binance is by far the best exchange I have dealt with and they are also the first major exchange to announce DEX to be coming. I believe once these DEXs get more established there will be no turning back to ol' way centralized exchanges. Binance leadership sees the DEX revolution coming from miles away and they wanna prepare for the future. I am also very excited about what 0x Protocol is doing for DEXs.

Good post sharing bro

Yoloniex... meh I would rather follow Jerry Banfields investment advise than trading in Poloniex.

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Thank you @kinscrown

thanks a lot for the information and it is a very good news for everybody that poloniex care so much for their users

Yeah... I’m not going back ever even if they have free trades. I remember they locked up my coins for three months and no support 😂

Trying to woo back lost customers who used to head there only because there's nowhere else to go?

Sorry, not going back to Polo ever again.

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Did their new ownership finally kick in?

Seeing that they don't have a bitlicense I was never able to register with them to begin with. For a while I felt like I was missing out on a large part of crypto trading, but now with all the alternative markets that's really not the case anymore.

This is probably to little, to late for Poloniex. With others doing right and not leaving people hanging, it will be tough for them to come back. They will have to do something big to attract investors again. Thanks for keeping us in the loop @kingscrown!

Can they polonix fixed their transaction issues .Because there is many problem in transferring first they fixed this issue then fixed the fees issue..

I lost 108 EOS. I hadn't used or checked coins I have on Poloniex in like a month, but wanted to move them to Binance because they are taking care of the conversion to the new coin. What, no coins... I just chalked it up to the cost of investing in cryptos.

I hope Circle got a extremely good deal on their purchase of this hunk of junk exchange. What a missed opportunity for them to be apart of this incredible blockchain tidal wave.

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