Next Bitcoin ETF dates

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If you are not aware accepting or not accepting ETF is the usual pump/deump news. Well none was accepted but closer the date it pumps, if its rejected - dumps. So here are the next dates.

Aug 23: ProShares ETF
Sep 7: Bitwise ETF
Sep 21: Direxion ETF
Sep 30: CBOE VanEck / SolidX ETF

So we are 3 days from the next date.

Where to trade this news? Well BitMex pretty much since BitFinex has closed registrations.

This post is short but can make you more money than anybody writing an ebook.

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Oh great, now I have 4 dates to sweat instead of just one. My head hurts.

I'll just forget about the dates. Its best if we forget dates and focus on the tech.

Thanks for the update, always great content from you!

I though there was only one coming up (CBOE). Didn't that know that there were three of them in line.
Thanks for sharing man!

There is no way that the SEC approves any kind of ETF for the foreseeable future. The most recent rejection (the one everyone was convinced would be approved) was rejected citing price manipulation concerns.

The problem is cryptocurrency is not regulated. There is nothing stopping a kid from going onto Twitter and tweeting out a false announcement or hype. There is nothing stopping a group of amateur fraudsters from creating a pump and dump group, then doing coordinated trades on exchanges to artificially raise and lower the price of different cryptos.

The price manipulation problem in cryptocurrency will not be solved for a very long time, if ever. I can't ever see the SEC approving an ETF unless some kind of regulation is introduced to make price manipulation of cryptocurrencies illegal like traditional regulated markets.

thanks for sharing this news

In terms of potential volume if accepted do you have any idea which of the proposed ETFs would have the most impact?

Even if we don’t get an ETF, I’ll be happy :)

Before reading this article i thought that only date for ETF is 30 September 2018. But now i hope these all three news can affect the price of Bitcoin. But if i say not only Bitcoin, it can affect all the crypto currency market. Kingscrown what do you think these news effects on other crypto currency market.

Anyone else noticing the decline of STEEM account 'value'? Mine has gone down every day for 90 days+ from well over $1500 to just $225.18 now despite pouring every penny of earnings into powering up up and "up". Is someone laughing their way to the bank at all of our expnse?

  • your thoughts . . .

Thanx for bitcoin news

Very nice