News from Exchanges (Whats up and whats Down)

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We start with Kraken. Its been down all day saying maintenance.

Lets see if it gets back.


Ethereum tokens withdrawals and deposits working again. ZEC still down despite they dont show that on website.


Buying and selling works again. Sadly all prices dumped.


ETH (and tokens based on it) deposits and withdrawals still down.


Still no withdrawals or deposits allowed. Will run again on 20th january.


They get 250 000 new users a day. Registration is open now - REGISTER ASAP!


You can win Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0T in their RPX trading contest (previous ICO on NEO).

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Many exchange is down. I am so afraid of it.

Todo se trata de estudiar todas la monedas y jugar con los numeros, esto es para todos, hay que ayudarnos entre nosotros mismos

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Good update. The market is shaking the exchange.
You did not talk about some other exchange. any worthy news from them?
Keep on steemit.

I don't use kraken but I have faith that they will come back soon.

To enter it with the highest interest debt vehicle possible (short of borrowing from Fat Tony the leg breaker) is mind boggling.

They better my coins are all in the red and I can't get in to sale my tokens ...

You can trade cheaply and easily on BitShares, that's what I do... But not all coins are mapped to UIA's yet.

I‘m glad they will. Poloniex had also quite often these kind of troubles and at the end it always worked again :)

Hope so too. Got some $$$ there ... :)

But overall the main problem (my opinion) is lack of information's from Kraken. Now some will say what you want faster recovery or prompt news what is going on ... Well ... I need booth. We all heard some bad things happened to similar exchanges before. They should predict scenarios like this one or do better in organizing, testing this kind of updates. Time is money as all like to say.... I truly hope they will sorted out so we users will benefit from this update. Responsive interface and smooth transactions with no hiccups.

Trying to transfer some bitcoin to binance and its taking forever! Hope it comes through soon :D

you would be better doing it with LTC

The maker/taker fee's might end up costing more.

or verge... and soon raiblock ;-)


I‘ve made the same experience when transferring coins from poloniex.

They are extremely slow compared to others. But it always worked out.

This is the major weakness of Binance at the moment

It’s crazy to me how in a decentralized environment, the exchanges can control so much. They can keep you from moving your coins. Keep you from getting in or out of crypto. Close down all functions etc. It seems the exchanges are the weak links in this system of decentralized economy. The exchanges will be where countries look to impose regulations and new tax laws.

Maybe the exchanges need to be changed? Maybe we dont need more coins, but a better exchange? Maybe we shouldn’t be worried about the crypto bubble bursting, but the exchanges popping with their tight grip of control? Maybe the exchanges are the things that are holding back crypto from being even more succesful and adopted fully?

Maybe I am just thinking too hard.... or maybe I’m not thinking hard enough... it seems like we are missing a big red flag waving at us within crypto...

Exactly. This is why I see BTS as a monster winner in the months ahead...

BTS is great in many ways. I’m trying to buy more soon

I have to check out TRON I'm getting the worst FOMO right now

FOMO alert!! TON the telegram ICO that's going to shake your FOMO even more ^^

cannot register for binance with German ID :(

It worked out with an Austrian ID...normally it should work. The only thing is that you just can type in a Chinese telephone number, so leave this field empty.... -)

wie fängt n bei euch die Pass-Nummer an?
Personalausweis: P37..
Reisepeass: D87...

jeweils Großbuchstaben.

Habs mit dem Führerschein gemacht. Ist eine reine Zahlenkombination...hat funktioniert

lol, mittlerweile ist Registierung ausgesetzt. Kann es leider nicht versuchen.

COSS is still at a higher volume now than it was two weeks ago. Also the volume has doubled I. The past few hours :)

Thanks for the post. I really hope that kraken will be back. Btw, my upvote doesn't worth anything 'cuz I'm a newbie here, but I'm posting this comment as a support. If you want, you can check my introduction post and leave me some feedback. And yeah, I'm 17 :) PEACE!

I'll upvote you.

Thanks for visiting my profile ;)

Win a Porche! Holy Moly, go Kucoin.

I know right. Binance was giving away a Lambo with Tron last month weren't they? Anyways I am loving these highrolla gimmicks that I will never win.

Who could afford to win a lambo? I guess probably whales.

This ups and down is just normal I guess. Besides, we know that cryptocurrency is a volatile asset in the first place.

It seems that more people are joining the exchanges.

Do you have any ideas why the price of Ripple still going down?

Ripple is the only digital asset specifically designed for banks and what's differentiates ripple from the rest of the cryptos is that it's its supply is largely controlled by just one company, San Francisco-based Ripple. While the company has the control and it's not mined or created by the community every little drop can really put a pressure on it's price. Because it has a large supply and the fluctuation in the market price was high, Many people dumped it, and continue to do, because to them, it does not look like the price is going to rise again, the plus is that mainstream media is thrash talking about cryptos down fall, more and more.

waiting someday my post will be have upvote like his :D

I have Poloniex account & i always exchange to convert my SBD.

we now need decentralized exchange one that won't go offline leaving as with so much FUD

Ive used bitshares which is working as intended. It just needs ore liquidity which I'm sure will come eventually.

you can try bisq

Whew I made it on to Binance finally yesterday. Kraken, Binance, Coinbase all are advertising Customer Support Positions if anyone's interested! I seriously am looking, earning a full-time living from crypto might start with an entry level job, supplemented by side consulting and investments.

I want to do the same, but feel see a couple of major drawbacks. 1. Government intervention 2. Global competition. Everyday there is something new in the crypto world so it takes a lot of man hours to do one's due diligence.

For me I want to stick with not using house money. I may not become a millionaire by taking bigger risks but I am not use to seeing 30%+ crypto prices drop in a day. I would rather play it safe so that I could hold coins for eternity and still not worry where I can get a steady income.

Either way good luck with your endeavor. It would be interesting to hear from you if you do proceed with your plans and see what makes of it. Competition is fierce as crypto is popular amount all ages and ethnicity. Thanks.

Kraken was in desparate need to upgrade their back and front-end so I really hope they are going to fix the massive issues that have existed since I signed up with them in July. Does anyone know the context of the maintenance? Hopefully not an attack.

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Wow Great..
thanks for this informative Post.

Congratulations and you are blessed to enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. @kingscrown

what about HITBTC?? @kingscrown. I cant transfer from main to trading balance and it says "undefined" when you try to create a new account and people have been bothered by the fact that they cant withdraw from like 50-75% of coins ... they are consistently getting a error message that says "please retry for a live session" and it shows a cloudflare logo. I think its a Ddos right?

But thats been on and off for abut 2 months.

they dont work too good. SBD is like that since months

good info @kingscrown. keep up the good work!

Thank you for the update! Appreciated.

thanks for that information sir. Hope you could follow me someday

Lol bittrex and polo being left in the dust

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This is a great post. Good work mate. Keepup the good work

I dont how pridict yet but I think btc will fight bck

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Thanks for giving us this vital information, I equally observed the half-hazard and doward performance of networks crypto business generally.

Still waiting for a good DEX

It looks like the exchanges are trying to keep up with all traffic. I guess it could be a good thing but problematic for some at the moment

It's very systematic...👍...

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Another shakeout by the big wigs to load up for themselves. All these new crypto investors entering can cash in if they can sign up soon.

Kraken is broken for days and weeks, I hope this time they will sort it out. Like much other exchanges I believe that a big part of their problem is the fact that they are flooded with new customers, and often that is something that a company cannot deal thru scripts and bots, but you need real employees and that takes days to set up. I have faith in Kraken.

Hey all!
I have put together some picks. They are low market cap coins that I believe have great potential for profit. Obviously there is risk and do your own diligence before buying. I am not a financial planner or advisor.
In no particular order:

  1. AirSwap AST (Binance)
  2. Lamden TAU (EtherDelta)
  3. Loopring LPC (Binance)
  4. aelf ELF (Binance)
  5. Luxcoin LUX (Cryptopia)
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loopring is LRC :)

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just curious, saw ur link, does binance have an affiliate program?

Thanks for sharing this info...

You can also get free supercar easily :) Only if you trade Ripple for like 20 USD. Check out:

Very Good Post.

Binance Cryptopia and Poloniex Registrations are open So anyone can register as fast as possible.
On Poloniex the new user has to verify his account if he wants the withdrawals.
Any one interested check my blog as well for more info.

I use Kucoin for my trading and the transfer are quick and easy. Stayed away from Kraken they cant put an email or contact number on their site. Kraken here today and gone tomorrow.

Very informative and useful blog.
Thanks for sharing this information.

postingan mu sangat bermanfaat bagi semua yang melihat
sukses selalu untuk mu
salam kenal dari aceh

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