News from Exchanges - 12.06.2019 - Those may give you buy/sell tips

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The news i share from time to time when a lot of news come from many exchanges in similar time.

APH DEX Dead and Delisted by Kucoin

Aphelion was an DEX on NEO. It died once, got back and now KuCoin exchange is killing it by delisting. They have pretty much just their no vol platform left.

Btw to use this shitty DEX u need KYC.

ByBit the competitor of Bitmex Changes Looks

This site really rocks and has an advantage over top1 volume leverage exchange Bitmex, you can deposit and withdrawal ETH, EOS, XRP too which the other site cant do for you.

BitMax adds volatility product

Buy cards with fast execution times which let you win USDT.

All exchanges in this update are crypto exchange without kyc


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damn you guys dont use those tips?

Interesante, gracias por la información

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