New freebies from China - min 5 USDT max 1 BTC, no investment

in bitcoin •  2 months ago 

Those Chinese exchanges know people want freebies and they give them.

No investment or ID documents or anything else needed. Just do the step by step to earn 1 BTC.

Right now they run fun promo where for login every day you get points and in 30 days there is a draw where you have guaranteed a win.


Guide to win min 5 USDT max 1 BTC

  • Create account on BiBox - CLICK HERE
  • Click email, check spam folder or use different email if you wont get message
  • Login to exchange
  • At end of url add /signLottery
  • Click there claim everyday for 30 days
  • Roll the board below.



Yes you have 50% chance to win and investment is... 15 cents (!)
Imho hard to not win at least few times when investment is 15 cents and you have 50% chance.

Also if you buy BIX token on their site every day you can bet if BTC will go up or down and win part of 100 BIX+ pot. Today its 730 pot. Max 1 bet and max 1 BIX to do so.


Want to join these promotions or get part in future ones? REGISTER TO BIBOX TODAY.


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How the fuck is this earning $75?

you can earn 1 BTC with this post! (and no, i dont know how the fuck it is earning $75 - seems people like it)

hey nice i actually signe dup, and i saw the wheel lets you win at least 5 USDT

hey man when weill we pump SBD again? Im gettinG SBD added to steem engine and then SBD on EOS soon!

so far loads of my STEEM and SBD is locked on openledger..

Wagering btc prices... Classic.

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You. Have you won the 1BTC? 🙄

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takes days to collect for the roll

I tried to sign up but I never got the confirmation e-mail. I tried twice and even checked the spam folder but nothing ever showed up. Hmmmm

@brianphobos can u pm me somehow the email that u used? ie on theres my contact or you can join my discord group above

can u try other email? im aware of this problem.

Regarding the "50% chance to win and investment is... 15 cents (!)":
Even if the chance is 50% it doesn´t say how much the win is, if divided by the hundreds of people who also won! So still not better than any other dice gambling, just with the difference that there is no transparency how the wins are calculated.

ill tell u today as ive bet that BTC will go down and it did ;)

for bettin 1 BIX i got 2.20945946 BIX.
not superb offer but can be fun..

Great post

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